Sono Bello in St. Louis, MO (Upper and lower abs and waist)

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I am scheduled to have Smart Lipo done Dr. Dillon...

I am scheduled to have Smart Lipo done Dr. Dillon in St. Louis in two weeks. My pre-op appt is this week. I have a list of questions to ask but just wanted to see for anyone who has had this procedure done are there any certain questions to ask. Also were you satisfied with your experience and results? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

Today is my Pre-Op appt!!

So today is my pre-op appt with Dr. Dillon. I am starting to get nervous lol. I have a list of questions I plan to ask him. Hopefully all my concerns will be addressed. I will post my pre-op pics shortly.

Pre-Op Appt done and Soo ready for this belly to he gone!!

So just left my pre-op appt and it went well. Dr. Dillon answered all of my questions. He kept the mood light and joked but still answered my questions. Also he said if I had anymore to dont hesitate to call. He thinks based on my skin type I should have great results so we shall see. I got all of my pre-op instructions and Arnicare pills and cream. Have to fill my prescriptions before day of surgery and take with me. Also was able to take some pics while in the office.

Pre-Op Pics

Pre-Op pics

T-Minus Countdown - Less than a week to go

So less than one week away before my procedure date. I am excited and nervous at the same time. However, the more I look at my stomach the more I am ready to get this done. I feel like this will jumpstart my road to getting to my ideal look. I haven't been in that place or felt that way in years! I was doing some research on ways to help with recovery and read that pineapples are helpful with the swelling. So I plan to start eating them like 3 days before my procedure and also afterwards. Did anyone else try this? Also Bromelaine I heard was good to use as well? Any feedback or other suggestions?

2 days to go! It's becoming more real!

2 days left until my surgery. I started taking my Arnicare today and went and filled my prescriptions to take with me the day of. I am just hoping I am not in too much pain and can't move around after as I have a toddler. That is what worries me the most. For the most part I am excited and imagining how my body will look after. Also I have taken the steps already to improve my eating and my workout plan. I ordered the 21day fix. So after I am able to workout again I plan tostart that program! It's a journey but if I can do this and get my desired results I will feel so much better!:-)

I am really about to do this!!

I am at the office about to get my procedure done. They just gave me my pain meds so should start feeling a bit loopy here soon. Here we go!

I made it!!!!!

So everything went good! You all were right when you said its not that bad. I feel sharp pinches here and there but nothing to bad. As a matter of fact on my side's it actually tickled some! I had to stop from giggling. Dr. Dillon was very cool and has great bedside manner. I am all binded up now so can't see what its looking like. I can take my shower tomorrow so will see then. Pain wise I am doing well. I can tell it is starting to get sore some. I need to go and get some Ibuprofen or Tylenol as I dont want to keep taking the Vicodin. He took out 2 1/2 containers of fat. Overall it.went very well. Anxious to see what I look like underneath!!

Night of Surgery and 1 day Post Op

So let me tell you last night was a doozy! I had to roll to get out of bed. All which was painful. I got up like every 4 hours and walked for 10 minutes. This morning I took my dressing off for the first time. They had me binded up pretty good I tell ya. I am of course very swollen and my stomach looks squishy but even with that I can see an improvement. I have stopped the Vicodin and just taking Extra Strength Tylenol now for the pain. I am good when I am walking around even though I am moving slow. It is just painful when getting up and down. Still taking the Arnicare and eating fresh pineapples seems to be helping some.

Day 2 Post Op- So exciting!!

Last night was not as bad as the first night. It still hurt to move around turn over from side to side but bearable. It is more deep soreness now. So what I am really excited about is I took my garments off to get in the shower and wash them and I can literally see a big improvement from yesterday. My love handles are gone and I actually have a waistline. Even with all the swelling so I can only imagine what it will look like ina few mths. I will post pics again when I got to my one week appt but I am already feeling so good about this decision! It is exciting to seee your body changing and progressing the way you want it too!!

Day 4 Post Op

So each day the pain/soreness is getting lesser however I am still very much swollen still and some parts still feel a bit numb. It seems there are certain times of the day where I swell more. Also today I went to the grocery store and afterwards putting the groceries in car etc I felt more fatigued than usual. Is that normal? I felt a bit of shortness of breath have any of you experienced this post op? Of course I was reading about blood clots and pulmonary embolism and started freaking myself out. So I put a call into the office but they were not in so left a message. Anyone else experience this post op? Other than this I can feel myself getting better day by day and looking forward to my one week appt.

1 Week Post Op!!

So today was my one week post op appt.It wwent well but I was kind og bummed I didn't see Dr.Dillon but the nurse. They gave me my scarguard and ordered my second stage CG. Which I am happy about because this first one is now digging in my sides. I forgot to ask some of the questions I wanted like when can I start massaging these lumps and would it beneficial to go and get a lymphatic massage. So any advice on that or feedback is welcome. I asked how much fat did they remove and she said 90 percent or 2205 ML of fat. I am excited because I did the side by side before and after pics and I can def see a difference especially from the front view. It can only get better I hope.

Compression Garment and Hard Spots

This compressiom garment is driving me nuts!! They should have known better than to use this one with zippers. I cant wait until my Stage 2 gets here!! I have only been wearing this one for the 12 hours and not sleeping in at night because it digs into my sides so bad and is leaving imprints. I don't want them to become permanent dents. Not the best sleep without it on but better than the digging. Just had to vent on this lol. Other than the garment the pain is getting less and less each day. Still swollen but not as much. Lots of hardness. Anyone else? What are you doing for it?

Stage 2 Garment!

Thank the Lord my Stage 2 Garment came today! NO MORE ZIPPER PRINTS LOL!!:-)

2 weeks Post-Op

What a difference a few weeks and a different compression garment make lol. I am feeling better each day. My stomach still has a lot of hard areas but it definitely is getting smaller each day. There is a big difference in my love handles. I worked out for the first time last night since my surgery it wasn't too bad but can tell I have been off two weeks lol. I didn't do any of the ab exercises. Just trying to be patient and wait as the transformation takes place. It's a process!

Updated pics 17 days post op

Here are some updated pics front and side view

3 mth Post Op

Hey everyone! I know it's been awhile. I had my 3 mth post op appt today and I can see a big difference!! I still have a few hard spots here and there but overall I feel back to normal. I am watching what I eat and back to working out on a regular basis. At my appt they said I still have some healing to do so I hope I continue to see more progress as time goes on. As of now I am happy with my results so far!!
Dr. Dillon

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