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I've been on this site for 6 months now, just...

I've been on this site for 6 months now, just taking it all in..I've completed all of my requirements and tests. I've been approved by my insurance and I 'think' I'm all ready.. So my procedure is October 27.. In 5 days. I'm nervous, but ready. Are there any tips or anything you guys wish you had known PRIOR to having the surgery? Any advice would be appreciated!

On the other side...

Had my surgery Tuesday. Today is Friday. Still in pain, but I feel much better than the day of! I'm back home but I'm having trouble keeping anything down. I take a small sip and it comes right back up. I've been trying to get my liquids in but I can only manage a few sips a day..hope this gets better..

The 'numbers'...

My 'HW' (heaviest weight) when I began this journey 6 months ago: 276
My 'SW' (surgery weight) Oct. 27, 2015, the morning of surgery: 254
My 'CW' (current weight) Oct. 31, 2015, as of this morning: 244

Still trying to get my liquids in and I've yet to even get to a protein shake, but the sugar free Popsicles and jello cups are my best friends. The broth was beginning to make me gag at the thought of them until I put a slice of onion in it for a slight change in flavor! Worked like a charm! I still don't have an appetite for the most part..I'm actually not hungry at all, really. The pain has pretty much gone away, I even slept on my stomach last night..accidentally, out of habit I guess lol...I'm hoping I made the right decision in having done this..there's no turning back now though lol..stay tuned, folks..I'm sure it only gets better from here!
Saint Louis Bariatric Surgeon

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