45, One Child, C-section, tt, and bl possibly with implant. Can't Get Rid of my Overhang and Belly - Saint Louis, MO

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I've been on this site for four months. I have...

I've been on this site for four months. I have been beating myself up over a stomach that I can't burn off with jet or exercise. My stomach is the most visible thing that I see! I'm the fittest I've been in my 45 years of life, strength train twice a week and cardio 3-5 times a week. Mentally though I feel obese because of my stomach. I'd like my stomach to match up with the work I've been doing.
I gained 60-70 pounds with my pregnancy over 8 years ago. I had just quit smoking and really relied on food to keep me from smoking during the pregnancy. Success! I'm still smoke free! After having my son I lost 20+ pounds at the hospital. I thought, cool, this will be easy. I'll breast feed and lose the rest of my baby weight. I did lose 20 more after that, but it also made my boobs go super flat, totally deflated! Also, had a c-section and I've had an overhang of fat/skin over the scar. I went on Medifast, on the recommendation of a doc, and lost the rest of my weight. Everything got smaller on me EXCEPT my belly! I said to my husband, do I have to drop down to 70lbs in order to have this belly fat burn off?!!! I think I could die of starvation and still have this protrusion,I'll never be flat without some surgical help. I'm 5'3" and 138 lbs at this point.
So, I'm starting to document my experience. I think this will be a great outlet and will help others make their decision as well.
I have a surgery date scheduled. And because I'm paranoid I have had an EKG and I'm meeting with an internist to make sure there isn't anything weird going on internally with me. EKG is good and I'll see the internist this Thursday. Getting a 2nd consult this week as well, although I'm pretty sure I've decided on my doc already.
Can anyone help me with Tips for rotating pics on this site? And moving pics? I'd like to put some pics side by side...

Mommy makeover, tt, bl and implant?

So, I found out from the internist that I do have a very small umbilical hernia. Three other docs couldn't figure this out, over the last three years! Maybe because of its small size. So, now I have to make some decisions. Do I have it repaired or leave it well enough alone?!! My ps said he could fix it, just pop it back in. The internist surgeon said he would repair it with mesh. I spoke with a friend, who is a doc, and he said if it doesn't bother me to leave it alone. I'm leaning that way. I only notice it if it gets knocked or hit directly by something. My 6 year old son's classmate layed her head on my belly, kind of hard, and I saw white, it was so painful! Thats when i decided i needed to figure out what it was. I guess I'll discuss all of this on Tuesday at my pre-op appoint.
The surgery is happening in 12 days. It's not reality yet for me. I'm getting nervous, but also excited. I see how great most people look after the tt. I'm hoping for a great result as wel!

So I remember what I looked like in clothes

I thought I'd post what I look like in clothes. It's not bad, but it's not what I expect to see.

One week away, nervous now

Had my pre-op. reality setting in. Wondering, am I really that bad, do I really want this? But, also thinking about how frustrated I get when my reality doesn't match up with my mind's image of myself. Like the opposite of body dysmorphic disorder! Any time I see a photo of myself I zero in on my stomach. Usually I place my son in front of me for pictures! I could probably be a little flatter if I lost some more weight, but I'd still always have that c-section lip/overhang. And it will only get worse with age. I know it will bug me even when 80! So, I guess I'll get this done and hopefully it will be worth it. Also, the doc will repair the small hernia, without mesh.

A few more pics of before...

Do any of you remember the pregnant Barbie doll? You could remove her pregnant belly and replace it with the "normal" Barbie belly. I feel like that's what I'm doing with this tummy tuck!

Massage oils, to be avoided before surgery?

I treated myself to a massage today, to help with my pre-op nerves. I chose a great smelling oil to use. Then I realized my doc told me not to drink any herbal tea or green tea before surgery. Soooo, I asked the masseuse if there were herbs in the oil. To be on the safe side we decided to just use the regular fragrance free lotion. Boy, the things you have to watch out for!!!

Last "before" pics

I'm posting more "before" pictures. They are taken in a different mirror. I feel like my other mirror makes me look skinny. I want accurate pictures for memory sake. I'm down to 134 pounds and am three days from surgery!!!!

Surgery done!

Mine went over 6 hours. I had an anti nausea patch behind my ear. Stayed overnight, which was necessary. I have slept on and off 14 hours. My pain level is about a 5. I think the painful areas are from the lipo.
I finally look 7 steps, to the bathroom. I was able to pee. Man, it hurts like bitch when I cough! They are going to teach my husband and me to give the shot ( blood thinner). Will post more later.


I was released from sugery center yesterday. This is my 1st full day at home. My husband has been great, logging my meds and measuring my drains.
I dont have much of an appetite, but I am hungry. I cut up two cantalopes before the surgery, so I've been snacking in that with some cottage cheese.
I'm trying to walk once every hour.
My main pain is the Lipo areas. If I cough though I sure feel it in my abs! Oh and of course I started my period today!!!!!

Coffee please!

No BM yet, even though I've been taking Colace stool softener since Monday, it's now Saturday. And Metamucil fiber therapy at night. My last BM was an hour before surgery. Soooo, I realized I haven't had any coffee since before the surgery. I'm going to try that route 1st. If that doesn't work then onto a laxative.
I drank so much water yesterday, possibly too much? My weight before surgery was 134, today I weighed in at 142.5!!!!! Wow, that's a lot of fluid! I'm not going to stress over that though. I'm trying to get my nerve up to shower. Was feeling very weak this morning. I think I hadn't been eating enough. Feel a bit better now after some turkey and corn.
Did anyone else's doc say they'd have swelling in the legs? Remember pregnancy cankles? I don't have them yet, but I'm glad I won't be surprised by that amount of swelling.

Shower, what an ordeal!

I had my 1st BM, so I guess all that prep helped. It was easy. So, I decided to take a shower. I'm a bit squeamish about stitches, when it comes to myself, so I was really trying not to look. I swear, even after the shower I dont really know what my tummy looks like!!! I do know that the whole mons area was very swollen. So much so that I didn't want to look. But, I did shower and wash my hair and with the help of my husband we put all the pads and gauze, bra and compression garment back on again. I said to him"isn't this sexy". He said, " you know, without the drains it would be ok." These guys are angels, really. I probably won't post pics til I can stand staight up.

Going backwards?

So, the shower took a lot out of me yesterday. Not sure what happened overnight, but early this morning my stomach was really upset. I felt hot and cold and knew I had to get to the bathroom quick. I had another BM, then two hours passed and I had another, then another hour passed and I had another! So, not sure if I didn't eat enough while taking my meds or if it was the laxative I had taken the afternoon before. Either way it's made me feel weak and shaky today. Trying to get up and move but I feel so weak. So I do a few laps and come back and sleep.
A bit depressed, shed a few tears, I thought I'd be recovering better at this point. The 1st two days seemed good. There is one change I've made over the two days and that was switching from Percocet to Tylenol. Drains are putting out very little compared to the other days. I really have no appetite for anything. Trying to eat bananas, apples, protein drinks. I know I need the fuel to help me heal, but it all grosses me out a bit.

Best day so far!

Woke up with lots of energy, little pain. Took one Tylenol. I finally stopped pooping. I may run into constipation but I'll take that over what I went through for the past two days!! After lunch I finally geared up for my 2nd shower. I did it by myself, but needed help after to get my cg on and all of the drains arraigned, I have four drains. They are barely producing at this point I have an appointment to see my doc on Thursday. Hope to say bye bye to the drains that day!
My husband went to pick up our son and I thought I should really try to look my best before they returned. So, I summoned energy and blow dried my hair and put a shirt on over my drains. My poor little guy has probably been horrified by them the last few days. He came home and I gave him a very enthusiastic, "Hi honey!" And he returned my hello and said, "Mommy, you look great are you feeling a lot better?" I held it together, but at that moment I really realized how much this had been affecting him. I told him I was feeling much better and I'd feel better each day. So, today was a success.
I'll take a real pain pill at bedtime, to help me sleep. And now I just look forward to Thursday!
I still can't get myself to look at my results. I think when the drains are out I'll finally feel less squeamish.
My dog hasn't left my side and comes running over and herds my cat away when he tries to jump in my bed. It's very amazing the animal intuition.

Wondering if the pain meds ever worked?

So, anytime I've had pain in my life, cramps, post-op c-section, I always take Motrin. And it takes care of any pain I have. I had zero pain issues with my c-section. I was in the hospital for three days and then went home, maybe took one Motrin. I had read some women's reviews on here saying their c-section was way worse than the tummy tuck. So, since I had no issues with my c section I thought this would be a breeze. Boy, was I misinformed. This is some major pain.
I was told to NOT take Motrin for two weeks before my surgery. And I was prescribed generic Percocet. I also opted for the Experel shot, during the surgery. So, that being said, I religiously took the pain pills for three days. The Experel numbed my stomach skin, not the muscles inside. I still can't feel my skin. I stopped the Percocet and started Tylenol. But, frankly, I feel the same when on the pain meds and off the pain meds, maybe I should have mentioned it earlier, to see if there was another pill that would have worked better for me. Percocet is supposed to make people sleepy, nope! The opposite for me. I took it at midnight last night and I was awake til 4 am. I guess I'll discuss this with the doc tomorrow.

Flipping Out, Don't watch comedy

Oh my gosh, I've been watching home remodeling shows and court shows so that I don't laugh, too much pain. Just started watching one of my favorite shows, Flipping Out, and I have to stop. I'm holding my stomach cause I'm laughing so hard!

Finally photos, 7 days after

I know I'm swollen. Looking foward to not looking so thick. It can only get better with time.
I have a bruise around my upper rib cage from the tight bra!!

No more drains!!!!!!!!! Miraculously feeling better!!!!!!!

So, I guess I'm seriously squeamish, because now that the drains are gone I feel sooooooo much better its hard to describe. Like they were keeping me in a semi nauseated, anxious state the last seven days. But, they are out, there's no more pulling on my skin with the stitches, I can more freely and I am doing more already! I just have to remember to eat, I get weak and shaky if I don't eat enough or go too long without food. I cannot express how much better I feel! But now, I will nap, lol.

What a difference EACH day makes!

I'm seeing a huge difference in swelling. I can see changes in my stomach already!
Today is the 1st day I don't feel the burning sensation where the ps put the 3 stitches in my lower left abdominal., where I had some weakness. He was concerned for future hernia issues.
So, pretty much pain free so far today! I think my digestive issue will resolve itself when I'm done with my antibiotics. The pain meds cause constipation and the antibiotics can cause diarrhea! So, I guess they cancel each other out! Will be happy to be done with both by tomorrow.
I also will be happy to be done with feeling so frumpy!! This was a major reason I did this surgery. I am still young, yet I was feeling matronly and frumpy, all of the time. Even with the major changes in my strength and weight loss I always felt less than. I just looked at my stomach 9 days post-op and actually thought I might actually consider wearing a bikini at some point! Never in a million years would that have been a consideration 10 days ago!!! Talk about motivation to keep up on a good diet and exercise! This surgery is going to have such an impact on my outlook in so many ways!

A little about the boobs...

I have been focusing so much on my stomach, my primary concern, I realized I haven't even mentioned the changes in my boobs. I had them lifted, with an anchor lift. I really didn't want to touch my boobs, the less stitches the better. I thought maybe i could just do an implant. No way, i was way too droopy. So, of course I needed the lift that required the MOST stitches! But, I went for it. Also, my doc leans on the more conservative side and did not recommend an implant with the lift, at the same time. He likes his patients to heal for at least 6 months before introducing an implant. I kind of tried to fight him on this, but I gave in to his experience and recommendation. I've never been an implant person anyway, but it was tempting since I would be out and making all if these other changes anyway. I figured I should stay true to myself, and that maybe I'd be happy with just the lift result. So far so good! Although with all of the stitches I feel a bit like Frankenmommy!!
I do find it interesting that while my boobs are repairing themselves, the feelings I feel really remind me of when I was pregnant and my milk coming in! The little pings and pangs of feeling letting me know something is going on in there. It's amazing to me how similar the feeling is! Never thought I'd feel that again!

10 days seems to be the common # for feeling functional

Before my surgery I read many posts from women who had tt, lipo, and bl. I wanted to see the average number of days that it took to recover and really start to function again. I noticed two significant numbers that were repeated over and over, they were 7 days out and 10 days out of surgery. Although I know everyone's recovery will be different I wanted to know an average. This is day 10 for me and I have been on my feet since I woke up. I took one Tylenol. I have done many chores and made easy meals for my family. It's about 2:00 pm now and I'll rest for a little bit, while I wait for my dryer load to finish.
Don't push yourselves, ladies. Your body will let you know what it's ready for, and what it's not! On day 5 my ps office questioned me over the phone about my activity level, "have you emptied the dishwasher? Dryer?" Etc...I actually chuckled and said, "no, not even close. I'm jut trying to walk 50 steps every hour at this point". There's a turnaround point for each of us and you'll know when yours is, don't stress. It does get better everyday!

What a week!

So, ready or not... My husband had to leave town on Monday, my parents are out of town and my bf had no car, due to an accident (she was fine though). So, I had to be self sufficient, no choice! My son and I took a practice drive, through our neighborhood on Sunday night. Lesson: get in and out of car slowly! And I got him all about town and did my errands all week, no problem!
We also did tornado drills that night as we had bad weather. Our tornado sirens went off 5 times that night. I cracked myself up thinking, I really don't want to have come through all of this just to die in a tornado! Jeez Louise! We were totally fine. Played solitaire in the basement.
I went to see my doc today, belly button stitches removed. He says everything looks good. I'll see him again in 3 weeks. I asked him about the skin and fat he removed. 2.2 pounds of skin/fat from belly and a bit over a soda can full of lipo stuff. So, not a significant amount. But hey, that's more weight than I've ever lost in a few hours, lol.
Doc said I can start with some lite cardio after three full weeks. I can't wait to get back into that habit again. I'm really missing it. Weight training after four weeks. No abdominal exercises till after 6 weeks, maybe 8. I forgot!
Only taking Tylenol now, if I remember. I find that I'm pretty stiff if I don't take it. Need to ask my doc when I can start taking my drug of choice, Motrin! It's the only thing that really helps me with pain.
By the way, I only told about four girlfriends that I was doing this. They were all very supportive and also very curious! They were nervous for me too, but held that back a bit as to not freak me out. A good support system is key in this life!!
I hope everyone else is hanging in there and healing up!


Just posting some "after" pics. Not showing a huge difference, but I can notice. I guess that's what matters.
I took one photo, looking down at my stomach, to show the weird pouchiness and swelling.

More photos

How I look standing/walking

Seriously, this is what I feel I look like while I'm walking around!!

Very slight complication

It's Tuesday today and last Saturday I noticed a teeny tiny bit of blood on part of my incision. I saw my doc on Monday about it. I told him I was freaking out envisioning necrosis!! And he says, "We'll, technically, it is." He also explained its nothing to worry about, because its bleeding. That means there is still healthy skin and blood supply. He'd be worried if there was the opening and no bleeding. So, it's all good, at this point, I guess!! I have to keep Polysporin and gauze over the two areas while it heals.
Also, the area on my right hip that's been sensitive, since the operation, I noticed has a stitch working its way out of my skin!!! Yikes.
Other than those things, everything is going great. I can't lie, the swelling is tedious, and that's only just begun. I'm figuring, at least 3 months more. So, I just have to deal with it.
And I'm done taking Tylenol. I just don't think it really does anything for me.
It's been three weeks, so I can start lite cardio, but I think I will wait one more week because of the little openings. I really don't want to aggravate those while they are healing. But I am so ready! I miss it, never thought I'd say that!

And another thing...

My son wearing my compression garment. He is age 7 and 50 pounds!!! Why are these things so freaking tight?! It's an x-large by the way.
I was very tired today, like post surgery tired. For no reason that I can explain, except its been pretty hot here lately. Maybe that's it. Anyway, going to bed now...


I've been looking over some other reviews, of breast lifts and tummy tucks with lipo. I have to say that I am really grateful that I had minimal to no bruising. Thank you Dr!

Serious swelling

I'm adding a picture of my swelling. It's so big. Like a front butt! I'll be happy when this resolves itself!

On the other hand..

Even with the massive swelling I still like how I look better in clothes, post tt!

Just realized...

I am standing straight up!!! Although, I do need to focus on pushing my shoulders back, instead of curving them forward, it's a posture thing.
I had my 5 week appointment with my doc. He said my scar opening was healing up nicely. And I got the go ahead to start working out again, cardio and weights. He said to stay away from ab exercises at this point though.
So, what did I do? I came home and mowed the lawn! And I realized that a self propelled mower would be really nice, lol. It took a bit out of me.
Then my son and I put together a prefab shelf organizer. I had to sit on the floor for over an hour putting this thing together. I was a little stiff after but really it was more in my hips than anywhere else. It was a good day and I don't feel like falling into a coma!


I worked out this morning. I couldn't lift my legs as high as I did presurgery. And I didn't do any push ups or crunches. But, everything else was pretty much the same! My energy was a little low, probably a result of my week long head cold. One interesting thing I noticed though, my balance. My balance was incredible! I thought I'd have to work up to it, but I think it was even better than before the surgery. My theory: my abs are now centered! Pulled and stitched together, literally giving my core the strength it needed to stay more balanced. So, this will be interesting to see how many other areas this will effect!

I posted some pics. Mostly just to show my 5 week mark, and some swelling. This was afternoon, so not the highest point of swell!

More exercise

I'm 10 days into a head cold, so I'm starting to feel much better. Should be over very soon. The sneezing stopped much to my relief.
So, I worked out again today with some renewed energy. I wasn't as timid as my 1st workout and I feel great. By the end of the week I think it will feel second nature again. And boy, is it way more motivating doing it without that monster stomach that never went away! Now I can understand how people get addicted to working out. When you can actually see the fruits of your labor it's easier to continue!
And by the way, I'm still super swollen. There is no doubt it's post surgery swelling. It's right around my old button incision, and the more scar tissue (?) the more swell. It may actually be the dissolvable stitches, not scar tissue.

Breast lift concern, question for others

I had a breast lift, no implant. I'm guessing they may still have some swelling. But, I have a little concern with my nipples. They seem really flat. Like they were pulled taut. And the nipples were not reduced. I'm wondering if they will have the capability to become erect? Like they did before the surgery.
Has anyone else encountered this issue with a lift?

Wondering if my posts post?

I feel like only people that follow me see my posts. But, I will try posting another...
Here are some pics of the ends of my incisions. At both ends I had a stitch coming out. And tender, even still, in that area. One of them was long, and would get caught on my clothes! That really hurt. My doc snipped them at my last appointment.

Time to go shopping...

I'm still swollen and I'm wearing my compression shorts in this picture. These pants are now starting to fall off me now. I've bought some tee shirts since the surgery. But, I guess it's time to look for some pants now!

Feeling (and looking) lopsided and not uniform

So, I've been holding back about a concern I've had since day one. I'm now at almost 7 weeks out of surgery. So, at this point the worst of the swelling should be over. Soooo, I've noticed, since the day after surgery, that my right side is nice and smooth, good contour. BUT, my left side is a different story. I've posted pictures. My left side breast is not rounded out (at the bottom side) and I have an overhang (dogear) on my left side tt incision, over my hip. My left side definitley didn't get as much attention (?) as my right side. I have no complaints about my right side. But, I'd like both sides to match!!
Also, I'm wondering if my incision is extremely low? Maybe this has to do with how much swelling I had? The incision is almost where my leg meets my torso.

Time flies by! 7 weeks!

The time has now gone by so quickly I didn't even realize I'm almost two months out (of surgery).
Things I've noticed: my abs, specifically in the very center portion, feel tight, like a pulled rubber band, by end of the night. I feel a little hunched over then. But not during the daytime.
My incision opening looks exactly the same even though I've been treating it as my doc recommended. I kind of want to stop putting Polysporin on it altogether, to dry it out. I'll wait and ask the doc though.
As for swelling, the majority of my swelling still lingers at the center most portion of my belly, under the incision opening area. It pouches out a bit there. I'm still wearing compression shorts. When I take them off I have a weird shape, where the shorts have been cutting into my abdomen. I'm going to sleep with them off tonight and see if that resolves the upper swelling. I'll post a picture.
That's about it for now.

Not infection?

I had my doc look at the redness on my incision, the area that he told me to treat with Polysporin twice a day and keep covered. I have been doing this for 6 weeks. I haven't seen any improvement and over the weekend the area turned really red.
He said he doesn't think it's infected, although he gave me an rx for antibiotics. He thought it was a reaction to the Polysporin and to stop applying it. I'll check in with him in 10 days.

Products I use to help with incision healing

Here are the items I found worked best for covering my incision opening, while it healed. You can't really see the tape, bit it's made by 3-m.

Setback that's kept me busy for last 2 weeks

I tried the micro tape two weeks ago. I only used it 4-5 days. When I took it off it was quite painful, like skin was coming off. My boobs feel like they were even burnt! Not so much with the abdominal skin though. Even the shower stung. A couple of days later, boy did my boobs start itching. I think my left was worse than my right, and I think my polyester bra may have irritated my skin more. Six days later I noticed some wetness and redness. So, I put Polysporin on it and covered with gauze. Ugh, the Polysporin made it so much worse. My doc thinks I can't use Polysporin at all anymore. So, the redness and irritated areas started weeping, all the time. Even my nonstick gauze pads were sticking. Finally, at bedtime, I slept without a shirt on, so everything would dry out. It has taken three nights and its finally dried out and the redness is going away.
Also, ive read that paper tape is used on people who have extremely sensitive skin or allergies to adhesive! So, I don't know what the heck happened. One step forward, two steps back it seems sometimes! Also, lately I have felt like I'm just one big bag of pus, lol!

Successful silicone scar therapy products

I have bought and used these products, with success. No allergic reactions, although I have not tried to silicon tape on my breasts, just abdomen. I DO NOT use these products on anything open or healing! Only on closed incisions.
I wound up purchasing a csection scar therapy strip to use, because it was much less than the tummy tuck product. So, when it arrived, i used clean scissors and cut it in half, lengthwise. As I cannot use the silicone sheets on my T-junction (while its still healing), this works perfectly! I use one half on one side and the other half on the other. I saved around $45 doing this.
I use the Mepitac tape when I've washed my Oleeva strips, and I'm waiting for them to dry. So, just about a day or so.
Happy healing ladies!

Scar therapy

So, I used the Mepitac tape for 2 days. After I took it off my incision looks a bit red, and oh boy, I'm itchy! So, I guess if I use that product it will only be for a few hours at a time. I'll stick with my Oleeva products. I have never had a reaction to them. It's worth the investment!

Incision update (t-junction)

Yesterday was the 1st day I didn't cover my incision area, and it was fine. No weeping or leaking. I think my skin is finally allowing itself to do its own job. I have something of a scab going on. The redness has really gone away.

I don't know if this is related to anything post surgery but, I'm really itchy the last two days. I think it may have to do with wearing polyester compression garments 24/7 for over two months!! I've used a little Cortizone-10 for the itching. I'm going to wear cotton shorts to sleep tonight.

Almost three months post surgery

I'm posting some updated pics. I still am overall pleased with my results. I'd like to lose some more weight, I think then I'd be really pleased with my overall look. I kind of went a little haywire with my diet while I was recovering. I was letting myself have dessert more than I should have. The fat was creeping back on, so I stopped that nonsense pretty quickly. I didn't want to sabotage myself. I have a knack for doing that!! I think I felt so slim, with my new abdomen, that I was feeling invincible!! Who knows, maybe I really needed the carbs while I healed up. My scars are still really red. I will post a pic of the redness another time.

5 months update

Wow, time flies!
So, what have noticed...no more swelling, haven't had any in two months or so. If there is residual swelling it is minimal and rests only right above the pubic area. I still cannot feel the area from my new belly button and below.
I do have tightness over both hip bones. Almost sensitive or tender in that area?
After I work out my right upper abdomen feels extra tight. This is also an area that, recently, seems to swell out when I'm bloated or constipated. I've included a picture.
Not happy with my scars yet. I can see faint white lines, but there is still a lot of reddish area underneath the incisions. This is much worse in the areas where I had slight necrosis. Not sure if it's a result of that or the reaction I had to Polysporin.

Scar at 5 months

I'm ousting two pics of my scar. It's really showing the worst area, where I had my slight necrosis. Again, I think the wurst of it was caused not by that but by continued use of Polysporin And now I think the pics look much better than in real life! Ps. I can't edit my post. Sorry for the mispellings!

8 months

I had my eight month appointment with my doc. I had decided to bring a list with me of all the concerns I have had since day one. Mind you, I have mentioned each of these concerns at various appointments starting from my 2 week appointment.
The biggest concern has always been this upper swelling/bloat. Unfortunately, he agreed that I probably wasn't pulled in as tight in that area as the lower area so when I'm bloated that's the area that's going to expand the most. And there's really no solution. He said there is so much scar tissue there now that even redoing the surgery couldn't guarantee the result that I was initially looking for. I'm really disappointed. I feel very distorted now.
He will redo the dog ear on my left hip and my left breast. He also mentioned injecting some steroid into the scar where there is a lot of scar tissue build up due to the slight necrosis. Kind of bummed. That's my update.
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