2.5yr Update: Mom of Twins Drainless Tummy Tuck and Muscle Repair in St. Louis, MO

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I'm 5'6", 38yrs old and 175lbs. My highest weight...

I'm 5'6", 38yrs old and 175lbs. My highest weight was 230lbs when I was pregnant with twins. I'm 175lbs in all of my before pics. My goal weight is 160lbs. I've been trying for awhile to get down to 160lbs but I seem to be stuck at 175lbs. I consulted with three different doctors. I decided to go with the last doctor I consulted with. I was referred to him by a co-worker who got breast implants through him. I liked his before and after photos and the fact that he does the drainless procedure. He has a surgery center connected to his office. I will go home the same day as the procedure. I'm ok with this as I'm afraid of all the infections you can catch in hospitals. I scheduled 4wks off from work but from looking at all the stories on here, I'm thinking I should have taken 6wks off.

My surgery is in 5wks. I haven't had any test done as of yet. I'm assuming they do all of the testing during my Pre-Op appointment which is 2wks prior to the surgery.

Pre-Op Visit

Had my Pre-Op visit last week and I was surprised to learn that do not perform any testing. Is this normal procedure for Tummy Tucks? I asked and was told that they normally take the patients word on their medical history. How do they know if you're a good candidate or not for surgery if they aren't doing any testing?

1 Day Post Op

Holy Moly! This ish hurt. I have never been in this much pain or discomfort in my life. I've been taking the Muscle Relaxer and Vicodin for the pain. I've also been using the ice pack on my stomach. On a scale of 1 - 10. My pain is a 20. But it's done now. Three of my fingers were numb from laying out to the side the entire surgery. I finally got feeling back in them around 10pm last night. My surgery started around 8:30am and I was out of surgery around noon. I didn't wake up until 1pm from the surgery. I left the surgery center around 2pm and headed home. I do not wear a garment until after I go back for my follow-up visit which is in 3 days. I don't think I could stand having to pull a garment on and off to use the bathroom. I also couldn't take being on my period as I've read some ladies will be. I've started to feel a little bit better today but yesterday was rough.

3 Days Post Op

Went in and my bandages were removed. I was told to start wearing my compression garment all the time now. I can also shower and use a moisturer on my scar. I go back in a week for my follow-up.

I'm very swollen and the internal stitches (indentations on picture) hurt if I stand up too straight. I'm still taking my prescription pain meds for now.

7 days Post Op

My stomach looks to be the same size as day three. I ran out of all my prescription medication yesterday. I'm taking extra strength Tylenol for the pain now. I use extra virin coconut oil to help with the swelling. My store bought compression garment causes me too much discomfort so I've only been wearing it for about 5 hrs/day. I'm still in my recliner. Still walking hunched over.

2 wks Post Op

I had my 2 week follow-up with my PS today. He said everything is looking good and that I need to wear my CG for two months. I have been wearing it longer but not 23hrs yet. I can tell the different in swelling since I started wearing it longer. I can have an alcoholic drink now. My PS said to try walking for exercise and to massage my stomach & scar from the bottom up.

I started feeling better around day 8. I drove for the first time on day 10. Now I have a cold with coughing and sneezing occasionally. It's not to bad. Just pressure. I'm still taking my muscle relaxer and a pain pill occasionally. My PS wants me to stop taking those and rely on OTC medication. I stopped using my walker & shower seat around day 10. I notice the more I walk, the more upright I get.

3 wks Post Op

I'm 3 wks PO today. I started walking straight around day 18. I didn't do anything special. I think the more you walk around, the more it helps you to walk straight. I also developed Acute Bronchitis (a cough from hell) around day 18. I ended up going to the urgent care and they prescribed me an antibiotic & cough syrup. I also started wearing my compression garment more. I noticed that my stomach pulled in more once I started keeping it on longer. One more week before I return to work.

Compression Garments

I have three different CG that I use. I have issues with each one so I rotate them throughout the day. The swimsuit style, I wear during the day. The waist corset, I wear during the day when I get my period. I wear the shirt style at night because I can't stand having the buckle between my legs while sleeping and the waist corset is not comfortable when sitting.

My PS recommended wearing the swimsuit style for two months starting 3 days after surgery.

1 Month PO

Had my one month follow-up visit yesterday. I was told that I'm off all restrictions now. I can swim, workout, etc. He thinks my swelling should go down completely by the two month mark and the lines & dimples should smooth out. I don't go back for another three months.

I returned to work today. It was fine. I was ready to take off the corset that I wore. It was poking me on my sides at the bottom & top.

I still have swelling everyday. My incision on the ends is tender to the touch. I'm still not comfortable sleeping in my bed so I'm still in the recliner chair for now. I've been taking Advil for pain & swelling.

2 Month PO

I started using scar treatment (silicone sheet ordered off Amazon) at 4 weeks. I think there was some improvement. I used them for 2 weeks before stopping. I noticed a red bump appeared after leaving on the strip for about 3 days. I think I should have kept taking it off daily and switching to a different strip. Now, I’m afraid to use them again. Now, my scar hurts if I have anything on my waist and I bend over.
I weigh the exact same as I did on the day of my surgery. I started working out around week 5. I use the Gold’s Gym stomach garment while working out. It makes your stomach sweat so I can’t wear it any other time. I try to work out 3 days/week. I usually do 30 mins on the recumbent exercise bike followed by 15 minutes on the treadmill.
I wear my corset waist garment the majority of the time now. I don’t like the hook in my underwear area or the shoulder straps on my other compression garment that looks like a swim suit. I’ve started to wing myself off of the compression garment. I think our bodies naturally need to swell in order to heal.
I slept in my recliner up to the 6.5 week mark. Initially it was painful when I slept in the bed so I usually ended up on the couch. It’s like I turn to the side too far when in the bed. I think my body eventually got use to being in the bed so now it’s not as bad. I still can’t sleep on my stomach.
I still have swelling every day. Most of the swelling is around my belly button and above. The lower portion of my stomach is loose when I bend over or sit down. It looks tight when I’m standing so I’ll see how it all turns out. I think the more you move and exercise, the more it helps with your recovery so get to moving ladies.
I'm not a water drinker. I've been averaging about 4 - 5 glasses per day. I really do try.

Almost forgot, I got a lymphatic massage at 7 wks. I didn't notice a big difference so I don't know if I'll get another one. It was $100 for about 50 minutes.

I’ll post another update at 4 months PO.

4 Months PO

I started back using the scar treatment sheets but I only wear them every other day now. I was only using them on my side scars because those are the ones that you can see really good. I just started using the sheet on my pubic area the other day. That is the most raised part of the scar now.

I still have swelling every day. I have not had a single day where I didn't wake up without swelling so I still don't know what my stomach will truly look like after all the swelling is gone. The swelling is right in the center around my navel area. I wear my compression garment whenever I wear something that may press too hard against my scar.

I do not like how my stomach looks currently. It looks bigger than it did at 2 months. I have gained 2lbs so I don't think that would make my stomach look this much bigger. It is that time of month so I'm hoping that's why.

I had my follow-up visit with my PS and he said everything looks great. He thought the protruding skin on the side would go down. If not, he said I may need liposuction. He has never mentioned dog ear. I only know what it is from being on this site. I asked him about the skin wrinkling up when I bend over and he said that has to do with the elasticity of my skin and that they have to leave enough skin so that you can stand straight. I also asked him why my stomach protrudes out so far. He said that if I diet and exercise, I could get closer to that flatter look that I was hoping for. He said that he pulled my muscles in as much as he could so it could just be fat that I have in there around my organs, etc. I go back for a follow-up in 4 months.

I stopped working out. I just don't like doing cardio. I'm planning to start back up at the gym lifting heavy weights this week. My plan is get down to 160 – 165lbs which is my goal weight. I'm currently at 175lbs.

6 Month PO

Hi Ladies

It has been 6 months since my surgery. I still have swelling every day. It's mostly in my mid section. It's worst after work. The compression of my work pants tend to not help with the swelling. I started back working out at the gym. Mostly lifting weights. I do some cardio but not much. I weigh around 176. From my pictures, I wish I would have gotten Lipo at the same time as my tummy tuck. I think that would have reduced the fat look when I sit down. My stomach still bulges over my pants a little.

I go back for a follow-up visit with my PS in two months.

2.5 yr update

Hi Ladies

It's been awhile. I have gained around 15 pounds since my surgery. I currently weigh 187 pounds. I'm contemplating getting a scar revision and maybe some liposuction suction. But then I start to think that I'm being a little vain. No one other than my man will ever see the scar. What matters most is how I look with clothes on not off. I think we get so consumed on how we look with our clothes off that we worry ourselves with things that are not important.
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