40 Year Old Mother of 2 (19 Years and 2 Years) - Lipo of Upper/lower Abs, Sides and Flanks - St Louis, MO

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I just had my preop appointment today (8/19/14)...

I just had my preop appointment today (8/19/14) and am very excited for my surgery date of 9/3/14. I live a pretty active life style and workout with a trainer 2-4 times a week. I have a 19 year old and a 2 year old. I gained about 25 lbs with my 2nd pregnancy but lost it all plus 5 lbs. I'm 5'1" and 120 lbs. My weight has been consistent pretty much my whole life, but I've not been able to get my midsection where I want it since my 2nd child was born. I'm not devoting the same amount of time to working out as intensly and eating right like I did before. I'll post more pics plus a write up once my surgery is performed 9/3 (upper/lower abs, sides, flanks).

Surgery is tomorrow (9/3/14)!!!

My surgery is scheduled for 9am tomorrow and I'm excited, nervous and can hardly believe it's about to go down! I've been on Vitamin K for 9 days. I will take half an Ativan tonight before bed and a whole tomorrow morning, plus I'll also start antibiotics in the morning. These new pictures of me in the bikini are standing regular and flexing really hard.

Home from surgery

Arrived at 9 and was taken back to OR . IV was inserted but never used. Took almost 2 hours to numb upper/lower abs, sides and flanks. The numbing was probably the most uncomfortable part of the whole thing but it wasn't too bad. Needle pricks of numbing med which allowed the nurse to make a small incisions and insert a tube to fill me up with the numbing solution.

Dr Wright came in and started the procedure as soon as the numbing was complete. Hard to describe what the cannula suctioning felt like. It was a vibration. There were a few tender spots around my belly button and upper abs but I would communicate that and he's back off a little. I was moved to different positions and at the end stood up. When I was standing I was given a mirror to see if there were any spots I thought needed more. It was kind of hard for me to tell since I looked pretty swollen but I pointed to 2 spots above my groin. There were 2 nurses that also pointed to a spot each and the Dr saw another spot. So standing right there he inserted the cannula and suctioned the areas. The whole suctioning process took about 2 hours.

They let my husband come back while I was being wrapped. I was awake during the whole procedure but pretty high from the ativan and other pills I was given. The nurses made sure I was drinking water and eating small snacks during the procedure and couldn't have been nicer. We all listened to music (Classic Rock Party on Sirius) talked about everything under the sun and the time flew by.

I have 15 puncture holes and am currently wrapped with absorbent gauze, a very thick binder, and a crotchless body spanks type garment from my shoulders below my knees. I can take a shower tomorrow morning. So far there has been no leakage. Just to be careful we put a shower liner in the car for the ride home and also on my side of the bed. On top of the shower liner on the bed we places puppy pads, but like I said so far there has been no drainage escape from my bindings. I did throw up when I got home - I think it was from all the pills I took pre and during surgery. Felt much better after. On a scale of 1-10 I'm about a 6. It feels better to lay down then to sit up but I'm able to walk around and get up and down find….just need to take it slow. The only meds I'm on now are antibiotics, vit K and Extra Strength Tylenol. I will post pictures tomorrow after my shower. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Day 1 Post Op! Very happy with results so far!

I had zero leakage come out of my compression garments over the night. Sleeping was a bit uncomfortable but I was able to roll from side to back to side. Our bed is tall so it was hard to get in and out. I'll use a step stool tonight. I took a shower this morning (FELT GREAT!) and only 2 of the 15 puncture marks leaked. And by leaked I mean each shed a pinkish teardrop. My husband bound me back up with absorbent pads, gauze, the compression garment and the spanx-like unitard. Out of 10, pain is at a 4. Minimal bruising. Very tender and still numbish is some spots. I'm taking antibiotics and Extra Strength Tylenol every 6 hours (7pm, 1am, 7am, 1pm). I don't recall a lot from yesterday as I was pretty jacked up from the ativan and pain pills. Felt good to get up and walk around the house this morning but I definitely started to get light headed after a while and am chilling now.

2 more pics - 1 day post op

One more before & after (1 day post op)

2 days post op & things are going well!

I had my 2 day post op appt this morning. Dr Wright was so impressed with my before & after pics that he's going to use them for future marketing. On a scale of 1-10 I'm probably a 3 or 4 today. Very minimal bruising is starting to show up but it's very faint. My puncture wounds are starting to scab & 2 (lower back) out of 15 are minimally weeping. I started putting silicone scar repair on scabs tonight. After today I move from the compression garment to spanx. I will only wear the compression garment if I start to notice more swelling. Still taking antibiotics & Tylenol every 6 hours. The whole thing still seems so surreal. I'm blown away with the results and it's only day 2! I can't wait to see what happens over the next few weeks. I don't go back to see my Dr for 6 weeks...no need for a 2 week check up unless something starts to go wrong.

4 days post op

Noticing a little more faint colored bruising today. My pain level is about a 2. I'm able to pick up & carry my 2 year old (30 lbs) with no issues. Just have to take it slow. I'm finding that the more active I am the better I feel. I've been grocery shopping, cleaning and took my son to the park. I also sat outside with friends last night to have some drinks since our weather was so nice...after 3 glasses of wine I felt pretty bad this morning. Have short spells of light headedness when I clean my body or think about the actual surgery. I just sit down for a moment & it's gone.

Got a new compression garment

I want to share the link for a new compression garment that I started using a little yesterday. I'm primarily in spanx since ystrdy but I've worn this garment because it feels good.

3 in 1 Breathable Elastic Postpartum Postnatal Recoery Support Girdle Belt for Women and M... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EE30O9Q/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_MDkdub1RRMQWG

It comes in 3 pieces and I've been finding ways to combine the pieces that work for me. I'm a size 3 but the belts adjust to serve many sizes.

A week ago today!

This time last week I was high as a kite sleeping in bed. 7 days out and things are going pretty good. Pain is probably at a 1-2. The soreness seems to be moving around my mid section. Very minimal bruising. All puncture woulds have fully scabed and are starting to get itchy. Wearing spanx from morning til bed time. Wearing the compression garments I posted above overnight. Thinking about starting back to working out next week.

Sharing a thought...

I didn't tell many people I was thinking about getting lipo but pretty much every one I did tell had a reaction like "Why?" or "You don't need that!". It dawned on me that there is a misconception that lipo is only for people who are overweight. All the negative feedback I got before surgery sort of made me feel bad about getting the surgery. I'm a very open person so only telling a handful of people that I actually had it done made me sad a little. This was such a unique process and I wanted to be able to share it (I'm glad I have this board!). I do workout (I could workout harder) and I do eat pretty good (could eat better). I'm 40 & my body has changed. I also noticed changes to my midsection that were hard to shape up after my 2nd child was born (17 years after the first). I say hard to shape up because I don't devote the same amount of time to working out & eating right. I spend it with my toddler & husband & friends. Lipo was an alternative to get my midsection where I wanted it to be without changing my lifestyle. Simple as that. Did I need it? Of course not & neither does anyone else. Did I want it? Hell yes and I'm glad I did it. Lipo isn't only for folks that are overweight...it's for anyone that wants to make a change to their body.

Almost 8 weeks post op!

This coming Wednesday will be 8 weeks & I'm very pleased with the results. I wear compression garments when I sleep & workout but that's about it. I still get swollen on my sides when I workout and I have a few areas that are a tiny bit tender to the touch. I lost about 1lb & 2-2.5 inches from my stomach & hips.

11 weeks post op...

I'm 11 weeks post op and feeling really good. I've gone down from 120lbs to 116lbs and can really see a difference in my lipo areas. I look leaner. I'm no longer wearing compression garments or spanx. I still have a tiny bit of swelling and tenderness in my love handle area. You can see the minor swelling in my frontal view picture. Some entry marks are visible but a lot of them have faded away.

1yr 3mo post op

Still very happy with the results.

Dr. Thomas F Wright, St Louis Lipo and Vein Center

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