Coolscuplt a good investment - St. Louis, MO

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I had CoolSculpting done one week ago. I wish I...

I had CoolSculpting done one week ago. I wish I had read these reviews prior to doing the treatment... I would have been better prepared. As it is, maybe this will help someone else. As most others have said, the flanks aren't bad at all. I noticed less discomfort on the side where I have a bit more fat, but all in all, the treatment itself wasn't bad. The pain came immediately after when my skin started "thawing". The burn was fairly intense. The hardest part is laying on your hip for an hour....get comfortable.

The stomach (lower) is a different matter. Mother of god the first 10 minutes were miserable. Without a cold compress on my forehead and constant fanning from the nurses, I would have passed out. The device was pressing on my hip bones and making me feel as though I couldn't breathe. This was in addition to feeling like the machine had sucked up my intestines and uterus, along with my fat. The massage after made me wish for death to come. I had to "take a break" twice, just so I wouldn't pass out.

A tip if you have more than one area done- do the lower tummy last. It helped that I was prepared for the machine, but if you are sensitive, nothing can prepare you for the pain.

One day later- The bruising around the flanks was minimal; my stomach was swollen and oh so sore. Day 3- the pins and needles start. Next to nothing on the flanks; stomach hurts like heck and is really swollen. I can't even really wear my regular jeans. Day 7- I am still experiencing pins and needles.....the Neurontin is helping, but it doesn't completely eliminate it. Swelling is still there, but has gone down. Tummy is still super tender. Overall, I am hopeful based on others' reviews that I will see results starting in a few weeks. Hard to say if it was worth it right now. It's hard to be positive when my stomach is bigger than it was and sore, but we'll see.

I am exactly 10 weeks post procedure and am VERY...

I am exactly 10 weeks post procedure and am VERY pleased with the results on my abdomen. Perhaps it's that the stinging pain has been gone since week 3 and barely passing out on the table during the session is a faint memory, but I am so glad I did this. I get my final pictures taken in 2 weeks. If I get them electronically, I will post. Overall, I started seeing results around weeks 4-5. Since that time, I have seen gradual improvement. I don't know if I should expect anymore by week 12, but even if not, I am thrilled at the way my abdomen looks. I have the stomach I had 10 years ago again!

As to the flanks, I am lukewarm.....I have seen some progress, but not as dramatic as on my abdomen. I am hoping it's something I can notice in my pictures.
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