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I don't know where to start! I am scheduled for BR...

I don't know where to start! I am scheduled for BR on Dec 3rd and I am so excited anxious and ready! I have been ready about all your experiences and would like to thank each and everyone that posts here on realself! It has been a tremendous help. All the emotions I am feeling are crazy. Lol I'm sure many of you can relate.

I am 32 years old 5'3" and 220 lbs (yes a bit over weight). I have a wonderful husband and 2 great children. I have struggled with my weight for the last 15 years and my breast don't help. They are large and in charge. They dictate way to much of what's I can and cannot do in my life. I have always been an active person. I love to dance play soccer, kickball and just be active. Well as the "girls" became larger, all of those things came to a stop or at least very minimal. I just want them gone for my own sanity, comfort and self-esteem. I no longer enjoy those activities because my breast are always causing a ruckus!! I get comments like "damn girl, your gonna give yourself black eyes" or "holy crap those enter before you"! I HATE them!! I am a 40 H and would like to be a C! I told my PS I would rather be smaller than larger!! I can't even image what it will be like to shop for bras! Possibly at Victoria secret or any place other than Lane Bryant!! I don't have any before pics yet! I am extremely nervous but I will tKe some and post soon!! I am so ready for Dec 3!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeee...... :)

Here are the pics.

Here are a few before pics. I HATE them but want to share with you all since you have done the same for me!

Almost forgot these...

Nasty intentions on my shoulders!! Man, they hurt!

Completely consumed...

So is it normal to be totally completely consumed and obsessed with this surgery and boobs?! It is all I can think about. Lol I am one week away and can't wait!!! is so close!!!

I am so excited for surgery! I felt like I needed to have a going away party for the girls but to late for that! Lol They have always been the talk of a night out! Thank goodness they will be smaller and the talk can be about something else! I have take a few more pics to post! I am concerned about recovering quickly so I can get this extra weight off! My weight has been so up and down but it is extremely uncomfortable and humiliating to exercise with these boulders attached to me.
I am going to be pretty busy tomorrow finishing up a few things and getting my kids ready for their small vacation at grandma and grandpas! I will post again as soon as I can!!

To all my fellow BR sisters that are scheduled for surgery good luck and you are in my prayers!

To all that are post op and recovery be well and you also are in my prayer!

I would again like to thank you all for sharing your stories and adding updates. It has really helped me in my decision.

Thank you!!!

Thank you all so much for your support! I am a ball of nerves right now but still very excited! I honestly can't believe it is really happening. Gotta go get some beauty sleep. Good luck to all of my same day surgery girls!! :) talk to y'all soon!

Playing catch up

Well I guess I have some catching up to do here! I have been a busy girl and when I'm not busy I am sleeping because I am exhausted. My surgery went great. I did not need drains and had very minimal pain. First several days I took it easy. I am now so frustrated. No irritable because of the itching and uncomfortableness. I itch all over my breasts, not just incisions and this damn compression bra is white! I don't own a single white or light colored shirt and trying to cover this bra with a black tank is impossible. Soooo with that being said, I bought some RIT dye and will be dying the bra this evening! Hopefully then it will at least blend in with my regular clothing. The itching....OMG....I cannot get any relief from the itching. My PS suggest no creams of any sort (not that it would help) but damn it is irritating!!!! The only other thing bothering me is that I seems to need to nap frequently, phew...I am beat! All in all, I feel everything us going well up to this point. If you all have any suggestions for the itching I would greatly appreciate it!!


Seriously the uncomfortableness from the itching is making me crazy! I have done everything I can think of. Ugh....I hope it subsides soon!!
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