28 y/o no kids 5'3 106 lbs - Mentor memory shape sub pectoral

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I'm supposed to be getting a BA in December and I...

I'm supposed to be getting a BA in December and I am SO scared. I only have 3.5 weeks off and my job is physically demanding. I'm afraid of recovery time and the possibility of complications. I'm getting 295-315 cc sub muscular cohesive gel silicone implants. Does the size of the implant affect the amount of pain you experience? How soon after surgery can you raise your arms above your head (like to wash your hair, etc.)? Will they look good in 5 months? I'm getting married approximately 5 months after my procedure date. I trust my PS, he is one of the best, but I just really want advice from people who have been through this procedure first hand.

28 y/o getting sub muscular Mentor Memoryshape around 300 cc's next week!, Bay Saint Louis, MS

I am so excited for Wednesday to get here! I'm nervous because I've never had surgery before, but I'm feeling the most stressed about my mother. She's old school and is not happy with me for doing this.

My surgery was yesterday! I did it!

I did end up following through with my procedure yesterday despite my mother's feelings. My other family members were supportive of my decision and while I feel bad for going against her wishes, it is my body and I've researched thoroughly. I told my doctor he could choose the cc's but that I wanted to look natural. I was a full B prior to surgery. He chose 295 cc on the left and 255 cc on the right. I haven't seen them yet because I have to leave the binder on until my appointment tomorrow. Anxious to see the results!

1st Postop Appointment

I had my first postop appointment today, which means I got that awful surgical bra and padding off and got to see my results! Honestly, I think I wish I would've gone a little bigger. But I'm hoping it's just too early to tell. He told me beforehand I would be getting moderate plus profile but he chose to use high profile instead. I was sent home with several sports bras to wear and was told I can also wear my own as long as there is no underwire. My pain wasn't bad yesterday at all, but when I woke up this morning it was really, really bad. I'm trying not to take too many percocet, so I've been taking valium, one percocet, and one extra strength tylenol together. Seems to be working good enough for me. I was cleared to shower so I can't wait to do that later! I'll upload pics at some point as well.


Here are some photos from before, day of surgery, and post op day 1.

Postop Day 2

Feeling better today, haven't taken a percocet at all yet. I just took 1 g of tylenol when I woke up this morning and a valium around noon when I was feeling a lot of tightness. Can't wait to try on swim suits and clothes!

Looking better each day

I'm liking my results better and better by the day. I still feel like they are a tad bit uneven, but I'm still happy with them. Bandages came off when I showered but steri strips are still on. Only taking Tylenol and have a little more energy today.

Lots of pain this morning

I thought I was doing great so yesterday I ran a bunch of errands (still haven't driven myself yet) and oh my goodness this morning I am hurting. I don't want to go back to the Percocet or Valium so I'm going to try and tough it out with Tylenol. Has this happened to anyone? Maybe I just overdid it yesterday?

One week post op

Exactly one week

11 day photos

I don't think much has changed look wise, but I feel great! I cleaned, cooked, did laundry, and hosted Christmas for my family today. No meds required. A little morning boob pain but it passes when I'm up and moving around. Merry Christmas everyone!

Xmas Lingerie ;)

2 week photos

So I got my steri strips removed on day 13. Not sure why they didn't fall off beforehand but the NP took them off yesterday. I am unsure of how I feel about my left breast. My PS lowered my fold on the left side and placed a larger implant in that side and now I just feel like they are asymmetrical and I have a slight double bubble on the left from where he lowered the fold. I still love my results and have no regrets and my fiancé thinks they are amazing. And my PS warned me beforehand that this was a possibility. I just feel a little disappointed. Hopefully things will start to even out I'm still a little swollen.

Forgot to ask

I forgot to ask this in my last post, but my nipples have not been "hard" since the surgery. They're super sensitive (like they feel chafed). But they are puffy, and my areolas are uneven and this makes them look even more uneven. Has anyone else experienced this?

3 week photos

I have a checkup with my PS tomorrow. I'm excited to hear what he has to say on my progress. My incisions definitely get sore if my bra is rubbing on them, and my nipples are still extremely painful and sensitive. I also have some burning pain on my left side and decreased sensation on the side of my left breast. Anxious to get back to normal but trying to be patient! I tried on some clothes and swimsuits and it's amazing how much better everything fits now!

Going back to work tomorrow :( :( :(

I have to go back to work tomorrow morning super early (dreading the morning boob) and I am feeling super anxious about it! My job is pretty labor-intensive and I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do since I've been trying to rest up. I also am worried about which bra to wear, none of them are comfortable but all for different reasons. I can stand all of them for awhile but my hours are looooong. I might bring one to change into midway through the day lol. Besides that, not much has changed. My nipples are still extremely sensitive--they burn/sting/feel chafed all day, and when I shower or touch them they have this deep ache that I cannot describe. I've tried massaging them but it doesn't change anything. Hoping this goes away soon, it's been my biggest complaint thus far.

6 week photos

I can't believe it's been 6 weeks! They are looking better and better. The slight double bubble I had on the left breast is almost completely gone and they have dropped some. Now that all the swelling is gone I feel like I could've gone a little bigger but I'm definitely still happy with them! Still no feeling on the lateral portion of my left breast and still experiencing some nipple sensitivity but am able to go through a complete 15 hour work day without any issues. I can't wait for summer so I can show them off! :)

Boob Greed

It's been a little over 3 months and I definitely don't regret getting my BA but I wish I would've gone bigger. I used to always wear a VS bombshell so now I honestly feel smaller than I did before. No one can even tell I got them (except my fiancé). But in clothes you definitely can't tell. I am happy with how much they've rounded out! I've come to accept the fact that they will just always be a little asymmetrical. Scars are still visible but are softening. Still no feeling on lateral left breast.
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Caplin is amazing at what he does. I knew from my first consultation that he was the best. He is straight forward and matter of fact. I had never had surgery prior to my breast augmentation, and he made me feel completely comfortable and not nervous what so ever. He knew by looking at me (with clothes on!) exactly which implants would be the best for my frame, and those are what he ended up going with in the end. They look great. I had minimal pain postoperatively and have had a great recovery. I've seen him several times for postop checkups and he is always pleasant, quick, and on time. Highly recommend!

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