24 Yrs Old, 115 Lbs, No kids, 34A, Silicone Inspira SRX 420cc L 445cc R, Sub Muscular - Saint Louis, MO

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My BA is 2 days away!! I decided to go with...

My BA is 2 days away!! I decided to go with 400-450 cc High Profile silicone implants under the muscle with an inframmary incision. I am very excited yet nervous and just hoping I chose the right size to get the fullness without being overboard. I very much trust my PS though. Bring on the nerves!!!

Tomorrow is the big day!!

So surgery is tomorrow and I have to arrive at 9:15am which isn't a bad time. I've already picked up a few things that I've heard will be helpful for the post-op process; prune juice, bendy straws, ice packs, heating pad, protein drinks & a zip-up sports bra.
My mom is going to stay with me for a few days, both to help me and for moral support. I am super lucky to have her. The only Instructions I've been given thus far are no eating or drinking after midnight tonight & to wash with an antibacterial soap. I am not to wear makeup, nail polish or jewelry to surgery. I am just going to wear a zip up jacket and maybe some leggings. I can't believe the big day is almost here.
Oh and also, my nerves are likely going to be a wreck tomorrow So I will be taking a hefty dose of the zanex my PS prescribed.
Do any of you ladies that have had BA have any last minute advice for me? :)
Will keep you updated...

Got my girls!! 4 hours post-op

Just arrived home from the hospital. I got there at 11:30 & got signed in and it was pretty much a waiting game from there. All went well and although my chest pain feels as though I just got done running, it really is not as bad as I was expecting. Just glad to be done. I have this white wrap on until my follow up appt on Friday (which will be my first revealing of my new girls!) it will be then when I will know what size my PS ended up going with. The size seems perfect so far. I did notice before surgery she had written 460 on my left and 480 on my right which was bigger than I anticipated but I am so ready to see them.

I had quite a bit of nausea coming out of surgery and threw up a little bit but right now it's manageable. I start antibiotics tomorrow and right now am taking zanex for muscle spasms and hydrocodone for pain. So glad to be in boobie land finally!!!

Post op Day 1

So last night I was a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but I think that is normal. I took a peek from above the surgical bra and started freaking out that they looked smaller than I wanted but then my mom reminded me that there is a whole other half of boob there (bottom boob) that I'm not seeing, so now I am good. They do look gorgeous, I am just sooo excited to see them Friday. Woke up this morning and had quite a bit of pain in my chest but as I have been walking around the house, it's gotten much better. My PS said I should start taking stool softeners since I haven't had a BM yet. Also I have permission to start lifting my arms now. I think everything is healing great and I am more than thrilled to finally have boobs!!!!! Will post pics as soon as I can. I was told that even after my Friday follow-up appt, I will still have to wear this bra for a couple weeks :(. Happy surgery & recovery to all of my Real Selfers!!

3 Days Post Op..the big revealing!!

They turned out great! She ended up doing 420ccs on left and 445ccs on right. They are still a lil swollen and my PS told me the fullness on top will soften within the next couple months. I am loving them so far and feel as though will be proportionate with body!

PS just got my first shower and I was so nervous that I was doing too much lifting of my arms! Feels so much better to have gotten that out of the way though. I was beginning to feel helpless! I was told compression is best for the next couple weeks so I got a zip up sports bra. If it begins to feel uncomfortable I will just switch back to my surgical bra.

Staying positive & patient and looking forward to seeing the subtle transformations day by day!

Emotional update

Even though all has been good with the healing, the feeling of homesickness is real! I've heard girls on here talk about that & it actually is something that occurs. I have just felt so crappy all the time (like from the pit of my stomach) and with my chest being so tight on top of that, it's been hard (which is why I didn't post an update yesterday). My boobs are so high and hard right now that i don't even really want to be out in public, however, sitting at home will more than likely make me feel worse. They are still half numb right now and...I am just wanting these next couple weeks to fly...

Post op Day 4

Stats: 24 years old, 5'3, 115 lbs, Inspira SRX silicone 420 L 445 R, sub muscular, inframammary incision

The feeling of tightness is slowly subsiding although there is still a bit of pain and discomfort.

Question: who else experienced numbness on their under boob under the nipple? Mine it still quite numb but I've heard sensation returns after about 3-6 weeks. Anyone else have a similar problem?

Day 5

This will be my final update for a couple weeks, where I will probably post a 1 month update. Loving them so far and they are looking better every day!

2 months post op

**NOTE** my nipples were a bit crooked before and remain crooked after surgery as I only got an augmentation and not a reconstruction. I am a 32 D.

3 month post op

Figured I would post a side pic for you all :)

6 month

Loving them more and more! I think I chose the right size. 6 months down the road and I am just now beginning to get feeling back in my breasts :)
Side note-Love this unlined bra from Target!!

7 month Side

Smooth round Ultra high projection
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Koo did an amazing job! She took all of my wants and concerns into consideration for the final product of my breast augmentation and I couldn't be happier with the results! This woman is truly an artist.

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