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Had braces as a teenager, for 3 long years. The...

Had braces as a teenager, for 3 long years. The process was quite long and painful, but at the end I had an absolutely perfect smile. I faithfully wore my retainer for 7 years. Eventually I stopped, (didn't even know permanent retainers existed until a few months ago). Eventually my teeth started to move, slowly but surely, at first I was fine with it, but my gap got bigger and bigger to a point where I was no longer comfortable with it. I'm also getting married soon so I figured now is as good a time as any to get some orthodontic work done. Definitely did not want braces again (cuts inside lips, terrible pain, extremely obvious). And since I've had braces a lot of new orthodontic technologies have come out. I considered fast braces but they present the same problems as traditional braces but you get them off quicker. I wanted invisalign but their high price took them out of competition. Veneers were an option also but they too cost too much money. Clear correct ended up being my final decision. They are invisible, and are comparable in cost to the traditional braces, making them one of the most cost efficient options out there. So far I'm on my first tray, the ones that basically mimic your current teeth, it'll take about a month to get trays that actually move my teeth. Which is my first and only complaint. It takes the company clear correct about a month to do anything. From the molding to my first tray took about a month, from first tray to moving trays will take about a month. Just wish the process got started quicker, also apparently clear correct doesn't email my dentist to let them know when new trays are coming in so I can't proactively schedule dentist appointments and there's even more waiting. As far as the product, I'm going to miss chewing gum and eating sunflower seeds 12 hours a day but they truly are nearly invisible, everyone I tell I'm wearing them, had no idea. Also when they are in my mouth they actually look to improve my smile (see pictures). I'll continue to update this review as time goes on, but so far I'm happy with the product and price, let's see how well they move my teeth and bring back my perfect smile

Somewhat Disappointed

I have to be honest, I am somewhat disappointed about the process up to this point. I got my teeth cast in January, Here we are nearly in May and My teeth have made little to no progress. As you can see in the photos, I now have the engagers on my teeth and am on my 3rd set of trays, just bout no movement has been made, my teeth look nearly identical to how they looked before I started this process (as you'll see in the photos). technically I'm about a third of the way through this process, I expected a third of the movement to be finished. My gap still remains, my overbite still remains, and I honestly don't have that much movement to do, I'm starting to grow suspicious that my dentist and clear correct are just leading me on and drawing this process out to make sure they collect all their money. My biggest fear is that clear correct won't move my teeth, i'll get an apology and an excuse and that will be $3,500 down the drain. I'll keep this updated with my next set of trays. I'll be on tray 5 by then and nearly half way through the process and it'll be May 30th by then, almost 6 months after my first visit. Let's see if we have any progress and if I'll be recommending this product to people in the future

making progress...kinda

So, I'm officially at the halfway point. Set 8 of 16, there has definitely been some progress, but I'm not sure if the job looks 50% done yet. So what has changed? My molars have done quite a bit of moving, which surprised me. They actually all fit into one another, which is the first time that has happened, since...I can't remember. Also, my gap is smaller, not as small as I'd like it to be, but definitely smaller. As you can see in the frontal pictures, one of my lower teeth, next to the canine, protrudes forward, it has moved backwards a little from my original pics, but is still not close to being fixed. I also took some profile pics, so everyone can see how my overbite is still very pronounced. In the last 2 trays honestly is when I've seen the most movement, they have also been the tightest thus far (especially that 2C tray, step 7 of 16, ouch). Other reviewers on this site have complained that clear correct leaves little gaps between some teeth that never close, I think I see one developing, shown in one of my profile pics. My dentist keeps urging patience, and I am trying to exercise patience but...this second half of the treatments better do a lot more moving than the first half or we're going to have some major issues. Update summary: still nervous/not sure

6 trays to go, Making Progress, Still some work to do

In the last 3 trays I think I've seen more movement than I had in the previous 7 combined. My (upper) gap has definitely gotten smaller, and with my trays in, it looks almost like I have perfect teeth. In the profile from both sides my overbite is still apparent. The most bothersome part is that I have not seen that much movement with my bottom teeth. My lower gap, and protruding tooth next to my canine (lower lateral Incisor, on the left in the photos) doesn't looked to have moved very much, but I'm not sure. It may have moved some, but none the less the issue still persists. I'm still skeptical that all the work that needs to be done to my teeth will be finished within the next 6 trays, but I may just be paranoid. 3 trays have done a lot of moving so maybe the next 6 will be enough to finalize this process. Either way, my teeth are looking better and I am grateful for that

Quick Update

I go in to get new trays in a couple weeks, so I figured I'd update this review real quick. Still moving progress, things are still moving faster than they were in the 6 months of this process. The gap is smaller than ever, and my protruding lower tooth is being moved back as well. These are trays 3D upper and lower, step 11 of 16 I believe. That means the next time I go, I will have steps 12 and 13 of 16 and will basically be 3 trays away from completion. My only grip is that my bite is off now, my lower row and upper row don't line up when I bite down, but I also know this is because my lower teeth are hitting my upper teeth and being pushed to the side. When my lower row of teeth are pushed back further, they should fit perfectly behind the upper row. The same thing happened the first time I had braces, so I'm not overly concerned about the crooked bite yet

4A Upper and Lower. So Close!

Okay, I have 3 more trays to go then the retainer. I can actually see the finish line. I may need a few refinements, but I can actually see that this whole thing is going to work. My teeth are really close to being finished. Also something else I noticed, the picture quality of my reviews have improved also lol. For the record, I started out with a Galaxy s4, Upgraded to a Galaxy s6 around June-ish. This update was shot with my new Nikon D5300 which has a rotating screen which is awesome. Anyway, more of the same, teeth just keep getting better and better. Upper gap is closing, lower gap is closing also. My lower tooth that used to protrude I think is fully aligned with the others now, and the space between just needs to close now. This tray was was not that painful actually, and stopped being tight after about 3 days. I'll give another update when the 4B's have moved things around, I'm expecting them to be quite painful

4B trays, 2 more to go

Yeah my teeth are looking pretty much close to finished. The tightness of these trays was excruciating at first (reminded me of traditional braces), but the pain only lasted about 3 days, all spaces are almost closed. And the spacing along my lower teeth really closed up a lot going from the last tray to these

Step 15 of 16 Tray 4C

It's been real, We're coming to an end of this thing here. I'll probably do 2 more reviews after this, step 16 of 16 and life with a retainer. There's a small chance I might need refinements, but my teeth have been responding so well to the trays, I believe the little bit of movement that still needs to happen, will happen with this next set. I just gotta say, it feels GREAT to have my old smile back lol. I can wear my large open mouthed smile in pictures again, I'm feeling a little more confident, and glad to be nearing the end of this process. The Pics speak for themselves, my smile is pretty much perfect. There's a little bit of space between my two front teeth, and my lower lateral incisor still needs to move some, but for the most part I'm finished and it feels so good


Well I'm finally finished, and I'm going to do everything in my power to see to it, that this is the last time I go thorough this process. But I mean look at those teeth! They're perfect. Thank you Dr Singer, thank you Clear Correct. My smile is as good as it's ever been. With this most likely being my last review for a good long while allow me to reflect on this entire process. Probably the most frustrating part of this for me was the slow start. As you can see in the photos, my teeth did not move very much in the beginning. It really wasn't until September that I started to see any real progress. Once they started straightening they never looked back though and I made great progress through the entire second half of the process. The pain involved with Clear Correct was honestly much less than traditional metal braces, So I was very grateful for that. I also enjoyed being able to eat whatever foods I wanted, which was something I could not do when I had traditional braces. Also, these things are truly invisible. Not once during the entire process could anyone tell that I was undergoing orthodontic work. For the price Clear Correct was an absolute steal, and honestly there is NO reason to choose Invisalign over Clear Correct, save the money and find a Dentist that does Clear Correct in your area. I really have almost no complaints about this entire process. in My next visit I will have my engagers removed and get my retainer. I'll probably update this one last time in 6 months to let you know how the retainer is working out, but for now. I'm all done and had a great experience!!!! Thanks for reading

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Dr. Marc Singer

He is professional and knowledgeable. Straight forward, with a good personality. Makes me feel very comfortable, and believe in his skills. Very reasonably priced also compared to other St. Louis dentist. Accepts various forms of payment including HSA,

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