68 Year Old Having Facelift and Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty - Bangkok

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I am fairly healthy 68 year old, not the...

I am fairly healthy 68 year old, not the conventional type, rather active and happy go lucky. I always knew I will have a facelift one day but I always looked younger, even now I will pass for a 55 yo but people don't see what I see in the mirror. Every fine line is magnified, every neck wrinkles is a huge flop. Anyway, I did a lot of research here on Realself (very helpful) and on the internet. I found Dr. Nond fits the bill perfectly, excellent review and great qualifications and experience.

the orocedure

I arrived at St. Louis hospital as instructed 3 hours prior to the operation scheduled for 4 pm. I had my hair washed and blow dried, changed into hospital pyjama and wheeled to the theatre where dr. Nond was waiting. The upper lid was to be do e under local anesthetic. Dr. Nond was explaining everything as he was doi g it. Except for a little prick of the needle i didn't feel a thinh. And there and then,in the middle of it I WANTED TO USE THE LOO. Amid laughter and jokes everything was stopped, i was wheeled back to the theatre where they had to start the ritual of preparing e erything again. You would expect the doctor to be annoyed, but not dr. Nond. He found it hilarious when i woke up i was in my hospital bed and it was 10 am. Not long after a smiling dr. Nond stopped by, asked how i felt and told me the procedure went without any problem. He advised me not to laugh or talk. I tell you, this was the hardest issue about the operation, no talking, no smiling ????????

i was discharged at 3pm but since my hotel is only a few minutes walk from St. Louis, i walked back to my hotel room.

you may wonder why i didn't mention the pain. It's because i had no pain except the morning after the operature and it didn't last long.

Since i came on my own, i have to rely on myself for everythi g and that too was easy. I have packets of soup, biscuits as treats. I dunk the biscuit in the tea and eat it. For breakfast i have weetbix sweetened with honey.

i am seei g dr. Nond again on the 16th and i will write an update then. Keepi g myself busy reading, surfing the net and writing emails.

if i were to describe my experience until now i would say "piece o'cake" ????????????????

Fourth day

I am swollen all over my face, my neck, my eyes but no pain whatsoever. I intend to go out may e in a shoppi g centre xo as not to sweat too much in the humid weather. I do miss the fresh air and my daily walk. dr. Nond told me i an shower and wash my hair whenever i want but i am a little worried about hair wash. My ears feel like they are stuck to my skull and i would rather wait until i see him in 3 days.

Nothing else to report. It is now a waiting game, waiting for the swelling to reduce, waiting to see the doctor, waiting for the first solid food. So far i am eating soup, coffee, tea, biscuits dunked in milk or tea. I don't feel hungry. I think i lost another kilo or two which i am happy about. Will write again tomorrow if there's anything new to report.

knife cut to my throat

In my very first update I mentioned the tight bandage that i felt cutting into my skin. Despite repeated requests to the nurses they were dismissing my complaint as they didn't seem able to understand. Out of desperation i raised my voice and asked to see a manager or a doctor. A nurse came who seemed to understand so e English and when I showed her y neck she rushed to get a pair of scissors and release the bandage. Today i took pictures of the scar which looks like a knife cut. Had i waited longer i have no doubt the cut would have penetrated the skin and drew blood. As for the pain even now is quite bad. (Pictures attached).

stitches out

16th October. Went to Bumrungard hospital to have the stitches out. Always a pleasure to see the smiling face of dr. Nond. Stitches out, no pain. I walkedto nana station and stopped for shopping on the way. I am still swollen and bruised all over but no pain. I still have to eat soft food. Dr. Nond advised me to keep the face and neck moisturized, regular moisturizer ok. I am flying back home on Tuesday.. life back to normal.. almost. Bought make up to cover the bruises and largepair of sunglasses. Will update further.

flying home tomorrow 10 days review

Stitches out without any proble. Some stitches left to disintegrate. No visible stitches as i wear my hair very short. Still black, blue and swollen, especially under my eyes. I can't go in public without camouflage. Make up to cover the bruises on my chin, u der my eyes. Large sunglasses and scarf arou d my neck which is still bruised. Overall look a mysterious, exotic lady a la Jacqueline Kennedy, if any of you remember her. ??. I am still on liquid, soft food for awhile yet as my jaws still feel stiff which is normal. Different peoplehandle ddiscomfort and pain differently. For me, i will do it again in a heart beat. From the start i put my trust in dr. Nond and haven't looked back. If you read my review from the start, i never felt worried, anxious. I thought there will be some pain, perhaps the first day but i still walked out from the hospital to my hotel on my own. Some of you may need a companion mostly for reassurance and some help and advice, i didn't because i couldn't afford this luxury but stillmanaged nicely. If you are thinking about it, go for it. Make sure you research the doctor as it is important you trust his skills. All the best for those of you thinking of having the facelit done.

17 days after operation

I flew home last week. I went out once to do some shopping. My face is still swollen particularly my eyes. When i look at my upper lids i can see a piece of skin on the inside of my eye that is hanging loose. Under the eyes is swollen and bruised, there is a blister. I keep using ice pack. Behind my ears the area is swollen. I still don't chew my food, eat mostly soup and stewed fruuits. I am losing more weight which I can't afford to as i went on a diet before the operation and lost 10 kgs to my ideal weight. The bruises on my jaw and neck are slowly disappearing. The area that is most uncomfortable is the eyes and the skin still overhanging. Dr. Nond told me this is because my eyes are low. He also warned me it will take a year to recover completely. The one thing i am happy about are the stitches. They are hidden very well, some even in my skull, behid the ears (still painful to touch). I am going shopping today but i will wear a scarf and large pair of glasses. I haven't taken the dogs for walk since i came back. I feel tired all the time. A friend came to visit and i had to tell her i broke my jaw in a fall and had an infection from a tooth extraction. This is exactly how i look. I know i need to be patient but sometimes i wonder if it was worth it. I am feeling depressed for the firsttime but i have a lot of trust in dr. Nond and i know everytwill settle eventually.

picture of skin in my eye

As promised this is a photo i just took shwing the skin position which normally meet at the top and bottom edge. You can clearly see the pice of skin continuing overhanging over the eye towards the nos. I hope you can understand better by looking at the photo.

thank you all for your words of encouragement and helpful advice.

piece of skin in eyes

Hi, i did promise to write an update once i received a reply from dr. Nond. Dr. Nond did not disappoint. He promptly replied to my email. He told me he has never this before but he knows there was no problem during surgery. He thinks it's a swelling that hardened and covered this area and advised me to wait and see.

I hope this problem will disappear in time but I am impressed by the speed of dr. Nond prompt reply althoug I did not mark my email as urgent.

i am keeping my fingers crossed and thanks to all of you who advised me to contact dr. Nond immediately.


7 weeks update both eyes swollen

It is now 7 weeks since my surgery. As instructed by dr.Nond I emailed him the 1 month review and sent him photos of my swollen eyes. He replied promptly, advising me the swelling will go down given time but that the pictures i sent him were not clear. So I took more photos and emailed him but haven't heard from him since.

Today it is 7 weeks, I just took some more photos quite clear and I am hoping to hear from him soon, I did write URGENT on the email subject. I am now cloistered at home too embarrassed to show my face. I am getting really depressed. I went to see my local GP who advised me to contact Dr. Nond urgently as he does not believe the swelling to this degree is normal.

i already looked younger before the procedure. I wish I never went ahead and messed up my face.

i am hoping and praying Dr. Nond will reply to my email soon, also hoping the pictures are clear enough. Maybe someone else had similar problem to mine and can give me some advice or comfort. I feel so down and depressed.

7 weeks review photos

I had a short email from dr. Nond this morning. He tells me that I already had protruding cheeks. For the droopy right evyelids he also tells me my eye is lower. So in short, the facelift, instead of improving my look, it higlighted the irregularities on my face, as for the skin on the inside of my right eye, dr. Nond told me he hasn't seen anything like it before and he is hoping it will improve (it hasn't yet).

For all this I am nearly $10.000 poorer, and uglier than I have ever been. The only good thing to come out of my facelift is the stitches are not visible for which I am grateful.

I hate looking at my face in the mirror, although first thi g in the morning I look quite ok..but things deteriorate as the daygoes by.

4 months review

It's now nearly 4 months since my operation. I decided not to email the 3 months report to Dr.  Nond. All he says is to wait or that it was like that before. My hooded eyes are still hooded and the right side which was a concern from the start looks markedly different to the left. The Naso labial area on the right has still got a groove and looks deeper than the left area. If my right was the same as the left, it would look nice. I just look loopsided. Nobody so far, even my closest friends have noticed or complimented me. I now tell people I am 70 expecting a surprise but nothing. I have posted some pictures that shows the hooded eyelids, the groove in the naso labial area. I wasted nearly $10.000 and put myself through pain and all for nothing.

It's now nearly 4 months since my operation. I decided not to email the 3 months report to Dr.  Nond. All he says is to wait or that it was like that before. My hooded eyes are still hooded and the right side which was a concern from the start looks markedly different to the left. The Naso labial area on the right has still got a groove and looks deeper than the left area. If my right was the same as the left, it would look nice. I just look loopsided. Nobody so far, even my closest friends have noticed or complimented me. I now tell people I am 70 expecting a surprise but nothing. I have posted some pictures that shows the hooded eyelids, the groove in the naso labial area. I wasted nearly $10.000 and put myself through pain and all for nothing.

5 months update

At last I can show my face and look at the surprise of people when I tell them my age. The swelling has settled nicely but there's still some swelling under both eyes, not noticeable. Dr. Nond did tell me it takes a year to see the results but I can see it now. Lovely face and neck, no wrinkles and I love telling people my age and see the surprise on their faces. It took me a long time to decide on a good plastic surgeon and I settled on Dr. Nond. He is not only a plastic surgeon, he is a magician. There were times I doubted his abilities when after many months my face and especially under my eyes were still badly swollen and I couldn't show my face without glasses. I started doubting him, thinking I will be disfigured but people differ in their recovery. Mine took about 5 months but the results were absolutely magnificent. The cost, compared to other surgeons, is slightly cheaper but dr. Nond is not like some other surgeons selling a product. He is ethical, thorough and enjoys what he does. He did promise to improve my face, actually he told me : I will do the best I can to give you good results. He kept his words. I feel guilty doubting him but maybe my experiences will help other people. I wasn't patient, I wanted things to happen "now" but it doesn't work this way. Be patient and most importantly trust your surgeon. I owe dr. Nond an apology for, at one stage, doubting him and by writing this review I am hoping to redeem myself. If you're looking for an excellent, ethical, experienced and very very reasonable cost there is only one doctor with all this and more. Dr. Nond. The fact he is a gentleman with immaculate manners, humour and good looks is just a bonus :)

Nearly 8 months post op

Persistent swelling to the right side making my face look assymetric. My GP checked it and advised to contact dr. Nond but the photos I sent do not comply with his specifications. I recently bought a new pair of prescription glasses that almost cover the swelling. Also my eyelids are becoming "wrincled", i am struggling to find the right description but if you look carefully you will see what i mean. All in all it went well with great results.

More pictures

I am making an appointment to see my GP . I started feeling throbbing and my right face feels hot. I can't make an appointment for 2 weeks to see him but I am worried it is now infected. I sent an email to dr. Nond with puctures but he again said the pictures do not conform to the specifications listed on his website. I am hopeless with photos I keep on sending the wrong specifications. I am now seriously concerned as up to now I didn't get this hot on my right side. Here's some more photos I took just now.

3rd June 2016 photos

I now realize the left side (the lifted side) looks beautiful. The right side may have been lifted but very little compared to the left. Here's a photo i took this morning. You can see the wrinkled eyelids,the droopy eyes, the wrinkled upper lip and chin. I definitely didn't have that before the procedure. I also attached a picture of my left side, you can see the difference. I called a local plastic surgeon dr. Anthony williams and i took the first appointment available, August 2nd. I asked a friend to help me take more photos and send to dr. Nond but I am not expecting anything besides critizing the picture specs. I might try and contact a professional photographer and see if he can help too.
Dr. Nond

Yesterday I had my first appointment with Dr. Nond at Bangkok Christian Hospital. I decided to travel by motorbike for a bit of fun. I haven't been feeling anxious at all. I am thinking of it as an adventure, maybe this afternoon I will need a valium to calm my nerves but so far so good. My appointment was scheduled for 545pm. Before I saw Dr. Nond.I filled a form with my details, had my temperature and blood pressure checked. JOY, a lovely young lady at the front desk escorted me and stayed with me until I was called to Dr. Nond office. I was very impressed. In his photo he looks very serious but I was pleasantly surprised to find him approachable, funny with a great sense of humour. He was happy to answer all my questions without trying to sugar coat his answers. I liked him which made it easy for me to trust him. My operation is scheduled for 430 pm at St Louis Hospital. No food or drink 6 hours prior to operation.

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