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Have had 3 children and wanted fuller/higher...

Have had 3 children and wanted fuller/higher breast. Was scared to go under, but everything went just fine. I was a little sick coming out of recovery, however I went home and slept it off. The next day, felt much better. I did have a pain pump for the first 72 hours, which I think really helped. I did not have to use much pain medicine. I did have a hard time doing everything things for a few weeks.

I am currently 6 weeks & 5 days post op. I'm getting back to normal and feeling so much better.

I wasn't for sure exactly what to write in the...

I wasn't for sure exactly what to write in the previous review ~ so let me give you a little more information. I had been debating on this decision for several years. I am not exactly they "normal" type to get this work done. I am 5'2'' and weight 180lbs. However, I still want to look and feel good. One of my main concerns was how I would tell my children what I was doing, what would people think about me, etc. Well, I finally realized that I am doing this for me! I wanted to feel better about myself, look better in swimsuits and clothes. Once I realized that, the decision was easy.

But then, I had another difficult decision ~ what size and type of implant to get. Before the surgery, I was a shaggy/deflated 38D ~ I wanted to be a perky full D/DD, I didn't want to go smaller and that is why I chose to get implants with my lift. I ended up with Natrelle 600cc, style 20 (smooth round high profile silicone) implants. I haven't gotten measured yet to see what size I'm currently at, but by the looks of them - I think my goal was achieved!

For those of you that have children here is what I did. My kids are 19, 13 and 7 (all boys). I told my two oldest the night before the surgery that I had to go have some "women" surgery and that I would be back home by mid-afternoon. I did not tell my youngest until after the surgery, when he got home from school that afternoon, and I simply told him I had some surgery and I was just fine. I will tell you, that none of my boys have ever mentioned anything to me about looking different, if they noticed they have kept it to themselves.

Once the surgery date was set, it was not coming fast enough. I went through several different feelings leading up to surgery day (happy, excited, scared, wondering if I made the right decision, etc.) The surgery was performed at Progress West Hospital in O'Fallon, lucky for me I live about 3 miles from there :) BTW - I can say nothing but GREAT things about the hospital or it's staff....they were fab! The morning of surgery day, I was extremely nervous and scared - more of the fear of the unknown - what was I going to look like after the surgery, plus the fear of being put under (this was only my 2nd time). Once they were able to give me my "cocktail" I was totally relaxed and didn't think of anything. I remember being wheeled back to the O/R, being moved to the table and them placing my arms out to the side - that is it! I then remember waking up in recovery approx. 3 1/2 hours later. I was in recovery for about 1 1/2 hours because I was very sick to my stomach, although I never vomited. My ride home was very quick - I walked immediately to my bedroom, crawled into bed and went to sleep.

Sleeping was not hard for me, because I am a natural back sleeper. I slept propped up with about 4 pillows and it worked well. Getting out of bed for the first couple of days was different and I needed a little help. I was on a pain pump for the first 72 hours, once that was removed, I could at that point take a shower - that was a challenge. The first time I took off the surgical bra, I was very nervous. It didn't exactly feel good. They were very heavy. It was very difficult to wash my hair and body, and my husband had to assist me. That evening I did venture out for a few hours for a friends surprise party - I didn't do much but sit and visit, but I was at least comfortable enough to go.

My surgery was on a Wednesday morning, and I returned to work the following Wednesday. I do have an "office" job and have no heavy lifting. I also work from home 2 days and in the office 2 days a week. When I returned to work that Wednesday, I did work from home. I attempted to go back into the office on Thursday, however was very uncomfortable and chose to work from home for another week.

My recovery has been somewhat easy and uneventful which is a good thing. One thing to be aware of is "morning boobs" - wow....was not ready for that. For me they lasted about 4 weeks. This is when you wake up in the morning and stand up, your breast are very heavy and my tingled for a brief moment. I do have one spot in the crease of my left breast. The doctor said it's a popped stitch from the pressure. I am treating it with peroxide and polysporin and am seeing the doctor on a weekly basis. My scaring has exceeded my expectations for only being almost 7 weeks post op. If they look this great now, I can't wait to see them in a year or more.

I hope this more detailed review provides more insight and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. This is a big decision to make.

Thanks for reading.
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First, let me say - I would highly recommend Dr. White, his work is excellent. My scars are looking wonderful and am totally shocked at how well my breast look. I do however, have a few recommendations to make things better, I think. To give a better client experience. For the amount of money I spent, I expected a better experience. I would have thought I would have received a phone call the day before surgery for any last minute questions, I didn't. I also expected a check up phone call a few days after surgery, which I didn't. I did however, receive a follow up call from the hospital - which I was surprised about. I will also say that I have had about 5 post-op appts and for at least 2 of them the doctor has been approx. 45 mins late for. I could understand this a little more if this was an OB office and he was called for a delivery or something, but these appts. should stay pretty much on target. Overall, I am happy with the office/staff and most importantly Dr. White's work, so don't take the above to be bad, it's just things I would suggest they do differently to improve.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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