*Petite Barbie* Anyone have a plan for BA in Thailand?

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*Treatment results may vary

I hope my posts can help them who have same...

I hope my posts can help them who have same problem with me: tight budget. ^^

First thing first, this is my stats:

Age: 25.
Weight: 99 lbs.
Height: 5'2.

Breast: 30" (32 A)
Ribcage: 28"
Waist: 24,5"
Booty: 34"

I plan to do surgery in Thailand with Dr. Nond in St. Louis Hospital. St. Louis is government's hospital. So, the price there is reasonable. Cheaper doesn't always means less good. Bangkok is big and modern city, so its hospital. Just because St. Louis Hospital is from their government and don't do much advertising, doesn't mean they have bad standard, as in return, the price is cheaper.

*Tips for tight budget:
1. Choose the doctor, not the hospital.

2. Some doctor able to work in some hospital. For example, Dr. Nond do his surgery in Burmunghad, BNH, and St. Louis. Choose the cheapest hospital. And don't worry about that. Good reputable surgeon never put their profession at risk by choosing poor standard hospital. Different price, same result ^^

3. If you do surgery overseas, avoid 'travel agency' if you don't want to waste your money. But it means, you have to take care of yourself after surgery. Don't worry. Actually many people did that. And they survived :)

4. For surgery overseas, to stay in the 'backpacker hotel' is not that bad. Maybe your privacy is not as private as stay in standard hotel. But in return, you have some new friends there especially if you travel alone. And you can ask them for simple stuff that might be hard for you after post op. For example: open medicine's bottle cap.

My Budget Plan

I'm an Asian who live in Australia and my parents aren't live here. Money is big matter for me. I've been saving for this boobs job since last September with $400 per month. Now my money is $5000 already!!! Yeay!!

My budget plan:

Food for nine days: 9 x $ 15 = $ 135
Hostel for nine days: 9x $ 15 = $ 135
Surgery = $ 3.300
Garments, medicine, etc = $ 200
*Others = $ 1230

TOTAL = $ 5000

*Others for example:
- Transportation from my house to airport, hostel to hospital, etc.
- If I need more medicine
- For washing my hair in beauty center there if I feel weak
- For laundry there

I put amount of 'others' $ 1230. I hope its enough to cover every possibilities (secretly hope there's lots money left for my next savings. Haha).

I don't put flight cost because my sister will pay for me as my birthday present. Yeay! ^^

My First Picture

Oh my God I just upload my topless picture on internet. I'm sorry, Mom.

Since I move to Australia, I feel more not confident at all with my body cos almost all my Australian friends has boobies!

About My Doctor, My Hostel, and My Hospital.

My Doctor:
My doctor is Dr. Nond.
As I don't stay in Thailand, so I consultation is by email. The real consultation will be held when I'm there for surgery. Here's his data, and his work before and after:


My Hostel:

My hostel is HQ Hostel. It is only $ 13 including tax. Its very close to my St. Louis Hospital. Its backpacker hostel. I will stay with nine other backpacker.
The reasons I choose backpacker hostel:
1. Low budget.
2. I don't want to stay alone just incase something emergeny I would need later.
3. I don't mind to stay with nine other people in one room. Backpacker usually spend themselves at hostel only in the night for sleep. Its not as scary as people think.

***** check their YouTube to see their room more. Impressive!

My Hospital:
St. Louis
I will use Mentor Silicone and it cost me $ 3300. Interesting!
As I mentioned before, the price in this Hospital is reasonable as its Goverment's Hospital.


Other Hotel Suggestion if You Don't Like Backpacker Hostel.

I have other suggestion if you don't like to share room with stranger. It looks good and valuable based on the price. And it has private shower room also. Anyway, they have pool on the roof top.
The lowest price is $20 per night ^^


Travel Agent for Surgery Overseas.

As we know, there are some 'travel agent' for surgery overseas. If you scared to travel alone by yourself and you have more savings, this option is a good choice.
Here is some travel agent I know:

1. Destination Beauty
For implants up to 400cc (Sientra) plus hotel the price is start from $4300. Interesting, right? But the more I tried to know about this travel, the more bad stories I got. Not about the procedures, but about the way this travel agent treat us. But I don't know its true or not.


2. Bangkok Makeover
I don't know much about this, what I know, it running by Australian woman who live in Bangkok and she take care of the patients. I never heard bad story about this agency.


3. Global Health Travel
Its kinda pricy because they only do surgery in the top Hospital in Bangkok named Bumrungrad. The good part is, I never heard bad stories about this travel agency.

Maybe there are another travel agency, but so far this is what I know. Hope it helps :)

My Second Picture.

I need advise, do you think if I go with 425 cc will be too much? Actually I want 32D. Well. Secretly hope for DD. Haha xD
Please just be honest, Ladies. I accept every advise. Thank you :D

Can't Stop Myself to Buy Bikini and Lingerie.

I know maybe its not so wise, but I started to buy bikini and lingerie start from now! I plan to buy one bikini and one lingerie every month. So when I already on the other side, I will have six bikini and lingerie on my hand! Haha xD

But to avoid any wrong size, I will buy the 'all size' size. I hope I can use it all later! ^^

Some Ladies Review on Instagram.

So, if you guys prefer seeing review by check their picture than reading, there are some BA review come up on InstaGram. Not so many reviews like here. But help lots. Just type #breastimplants . Good luck :)

No Doubt.

So I accidentally went to 'Breast Implants Removal/Revision' and it scared me a little (I really really hope all ladies there get better and better soon).

My mind started to playing trick. Back and forth. But then I realized this is what I want since 12 years ago. Sometimes the best thing in your life you got even by risking your life, right?

I will try to stop being afraid of my fears. They're not there to scare me. They're there to let me know that something is worth it.

My Measurements Pre Op

Add me on instagram: ******** if you prefer picture over words ^^

Here is some of my updated.

I take this site as my journal diary as we know its open for public. I post more pic of my breast on Instagram. Please kindly add me there ******

Dr. Nond

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