August 8th Baby!!! St Louis, MO

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The anticipation is killing me! The more real it...

The anticipation is killing me! The more real it is the more I want it now!!!
I am 33 years old ad 145 pounds. My height is 5'5. My current t size is a 34 c, but a very small ç. I have very dense tissue and alof of extra skin. Looking at a dull D or possibly even a DD. We will be going under the breast with saline and above the muscle.

How do you add pictures?

How do you add pictures?

15 weeks and 2 days! I don't want to wish away my...

15 weeks and 2 days! I don't want to wish away my summer but I can't wait for my new puppies! Should go by fast one week and 4 days I will be heading to Florida for a week......the. got a 15 year class reunion as well as a family reunion at the beginning of June.....then end of June another vacation..... so really only leaving me with July to really start the count down....kinda makes me wish I had scheduled it earlier in the summer....but I have too much $$ in all my swimsuits, may as well get the use put of them. I have a bad VS addiction but I have not bought a bra since October since I knew I would be getting the puppies soon!

I will get to show them off at my husband's company picnic in mid is always at Holiday World, i may not be able to enjoy the rides but i sure will enjoy showing them off in the water park!

I haven't seen anyone near my scheduled date! The...

I haven't seen anyone near my scheduled date! The anticipation is killing me! But it is something I have wanted for a long time and now I want toake sure it is exactly what I want....and I don't wanna be in recovery all summer! Any others out there with a far out surgery date? Mine may end up being bumped up but of so only by a week or two!

Three weeks down.....14 to go!

Three weeks down.....14 to go!

Well 13 weeks to go and this week should fly by...

Well 13 weeks to go and this week should fly by since I am on vacation in Florida!

I was wondering how everyone paid for their puppies? Did you save and pay cash for them...get a loan or did you buy them on on the credit card or did you get the loan thru the credit company that doctors use?

Well this Thursday will make it 12 weeks away!...

Well this Thursday will make it 12 weeks away!

Just for back from Destin, Florida.... kinda sucked having all those bikinis and unable to buy due to unknown size. I did. Buy one it is pretty hot pink shimmer and I also bought a black dress that with my bombshell on looked amazing on my boobs! I just don't know of the bikini is big enoughi bought the top in the biggest size I could find which was a large.....of not it will be my pornstar bikini to only wear at home!

Woohoo! Just booked an adventurous getaway with...

Woohoo! Just booked an adventurous getaway with just the hubby! Booked it halfway from my 6 weeks I will be whitewater rafting and six weeks after that I will be on day three of my post op of new boobies!

? about recovery time

So at the time of my consult I was asked how long I could take off for work and I said as much time as I needed.....only problem is looks like I am switching jobs. I am a server and will continue being a server just somewhere else. How long is the recovery time? We didn't really discuss this since me taking off wasn't a problem. The new job is already waiting for me to come back from my tonsil surgery to have their opening day since I will be their head waitress.....

10 weeks to go!

Wow! Time is sneaking up in me! I hadn't counted for two weeks and the magically went by so fast! I'm so busy thru the month of June that these 10 weeks will be here before I know it!

I'm confused on so many buying bras before hand. How do you know if they will fit? I will wait til after surgery to buy them.

I keep having nightmares that they are so huge! I mean like super huge! Anyone else?

8 weeks to go!

Hadn't really kept track of time lately so when I went and counted I was shocked that I am only 8 weeks away!

While I was in the shower yesterday I couldn't help but notice that my boobs seemed bigger....could be all the weight I have gained (14#s) but they seem firmer to me.

My prep appointment is at the end of July, I need to call to find out for sure when...I never added it to my phone so it has slipped my mind!

I am having surgery tomorrow for my tonsillectomy so he weight I gained should be off soon....not the best kind of diet but i a sure it will jump start me back into my old eating routine!

Good luck to all of you joining boobie land here soon and to all you just thinking about it!

well i did it.

I kept saying I wasn't going to buy a bra til after my BA but I bought one! 34DDD! I'm hoping to fill it out! I will post pics in it before....only about 7 weeks to go!

6 weeks and 4 days til my boobies come in!

I keep thinking maybe I should push up my date but I haven't even went back to work or recovered completely from my last surgery! I have waited this long I can wait a little longer! I know with as fast as time has flown by it will be here before I know it!

got my 34DDD bra in the mail today...

I got my big girl bra today....I think I may lean more towards a double D....three puppies are huge! I can't see my toes!

oooopps wasnt done....


Even with my bombshell on with that bra there is still a lot of nothing under the breast that needs filled out.... I would say almost double the amount of what I have!

t minus....

5 weeks! Hard to believe 5 weeks from today I will be blessed with my new puppies and just starting my recovery for something I have waited for for so long!!! Can't believe it is almost my turn!


One month from today is my surgery! Hard to believe here on out I will be or real self will be counting down the days! The past few months have flown by so fast but then again I have been so busy, not a lot planned for this month so have a feeling it isn't going to pass by as fast!

I'm still healing from my tonsillectomy, I can eat and do almost anything sometimes the back of my tongue gets sore and still hurts to yawn or whistle. Food still has a nasty metallic taste to everything vegetables aren't as bad. But soda and sweets are horrible! But i a healed enough to start looking forward to my next surgery!!!

nothing new

sorry I don't have anything new to post today I just wanted to leave a post so I could see my count down in days rather than months ;)


Oh well yesterday started the days count down and I didn't realize it!

i had info i didnt know i had!

So I pulled out my paper work from my consult so I could email my wish pictures and on it I find what profile, style and what she is planning on using! I had no idea I had all this information! Sadly and I have been thru all the I do before. At least twice and never realized it! Anyway on my consult papers she had put style 68 and my booklets are all nuettral so I'm assuming those are the ones she uses, HP----wow! 500-650 cc's, also have abbreviations for IMF I'm guessing that is under the breast cut and SG guessing that means above the muscle!!! I guess I should start doing some research on what she has down so I can ask appropriate questions at my prep appointment two weeks from today!!!!!!

3 weeks!

3 weeks from today is my surgery! One more full week of work, then my pre op the following weeks on Monday then the following week surgery!!! I so can't believe my time is finally about here!!!

time for the must have list

So my prep appointment is a week from tomorrow and once I leave from there I am planning on getting my stuff that I will need for surgery what is your must have thing on your list, or if you have had it done what is something you didn't think about having and needed it later.


Grrrrrrr! Time is moving by so slowly!!! My days are filled between work and swim team practice....last meet is Saturday, so the next two weeks are really going to crawl by when I have nothing to do to help pass time!!! This waiting stinks!!!

is it just me?

I get reviews every time someone new post and to me many of them seem fake. The go in so much detail with names of the office staff and doctor that they really don't give to much details about themselves. And never show pictures of before and after....and never follow up with the review. So to me it seems like someone in the office is just posting to promote the doctor. Does anyone else feel this way???

On another note...two weeks from today is surgery day for me!!!

pre op tomorrow!

So excited and nervous all at the same time!!!

gettjng real!

signing consent forms!!!

everything has basically changed!!!

OK well CC's are still between 450-650 which ever brings me to a triple D!!! Still going under the muscle, but now doing silicone style 20 partial under the muscle! Holy shit DDD! Getting my prescriptions wrote so i can get them pre labs everything will be done at hospital on the 8th!!! I am still in shock on the DDD! If I think of more she said I will post it.

second thoughts

I know from the beginning I have wanted DD or DDD.....but now I am freaking out hat DDD will be to large!!! I am OK with going with a big DD but not to sure about the DDD.....anyone else have DDD?

the waiting game!

I think waiting on the hospital to call letting me know my surgery time is the hardest wait so far! Hopefully they call today!! When I was at my preop appointment she said I just had a cancellation for the 6th of you want it... it was so tempting! But my mom is meeting me in st Louis that morning to get the kids and taking them to six flags, my husband already had the day scheduled off and I already had everything worked out to have time off at work, just seemed more of a headache to switch it to two days sooner so I just kept it to where it was at! I figured I have waited this long what was 2 days?


So i called the hospital to get my surgery time... as of right now it is a 2:45!!! That kinda sucks being in middle of the day but at least I will get a good nights sleep before having to get up early to make the two hour drive!! Things could change so won't know for sure my time until Tuesday!!!

Surgery has been paid for only thing left to pay for now is the hospital fee but that is due the day of surgery! Can't believe how fast it is coming up!

^^^almsot here^^^

We had the kids award banquet last night for swim team and I wore my favorite pink v neck T-shirt with my bombshell bra and my husband just kept staring and saying I can't believe those are almost real! He is just as excited as I am! We have begun our farewell to them...the bombshell I had on last night will be burnt this weekend... I always wanted to burn a bra! It is litteraly hanging together by several was my first one I bought when they came out with them and had been worn many times since!

girls night!

My husband and I are taking the girls out tonight....friends got married today and we are meeting them for supper.

changed my title!!!!

Almost time! Can't believe it is almost here....seems so surreal! Good luck this week all my Bobbie buddies!


I had the craziest dream last night! I dreamt my husband took me to st Louis and back while I was sleeping and even had my boobs done while we were there!! I could feel myself coming out of my sleep but not wanting to cause I had boobs! I was also laying on my stomach and kept saying to myself get off the girls your going to break them! Was bummed to wake up and realized I still don't have my boobs....only a few more days waking up without them!!!


I just got off the phone with the hospital and my surgery has been bumped up to 7:30!!!!!! Got to be at the hospital by that means I have to leave my house by 2:30 AM!!!

counting down the hours!!!

22 til surgery!! I didn't sleep very well at all last night...only imagine tonight will be even worse!

at the hospital!

Arrived 45 minutes early, no one is even her to register anyone til 5. I am not nervous or excited yet. All the way here I had to keep reminding myself that when I leave today I will have my new additions!

I think having so much time on real self and reading everything has helped me by being scared or nervous. I know what to expect and I also have a great group of girls who will answer any other questions I have later. Thanks to all my boobie sisters! See ya on the other side!

welcome boobies!

Just go home! Girls are bundles away like Eskimo boobs...lots of pain while at the hospital but managabe now. Can't peek or take off til Monday....boobs don't hurt at all it is my right arm that hurts and sterem. Guess I will continue with a new waiting game! Good luck boobie sisters!

day one

I have only taken aleave so far today for pain. Don't really have much of it. MY swelling is all the way to my collar bone. I haven't seen them yet...but afraid they are going to be smaller than what I was hoping for. I find out what size I got on Monday...I am hoping for at least 500 cc's! Still doesn't seem like my boob job is over! Boobs aren't causing any pain. My right arm hurts but as the day went on I could get more range of stern is painful a little and every once in a while I get a burning sensation at my incisions. Not bad and not for long. Yesterday I was pissed by how much pain I was in and how little some of you girls were in, but today is much better and hardly any pain. Other than getting into my husband's huge F350 truck that was kinda hard getting in and out of. good luck ladies!

cant take it anymore!

I plastic wrapped my whole Eskimo bra and took a heading to town to have a hairdresser wash and style my hair! I'm only half way thru this whole no shower time and it is driving me nuts! Aside from needing a shower I am feeling great! Wasn't nearly as sore as I was yesterday morning when I woke up! Was able to roll myself up all night when I needed to fer up without yelling for my husband! Looking forward to meeting the girls still!


ooops forgot to add the pics

bad me!

I couldn't stand it...I took a peak...and this was as best of a peak I could get right now!


This is the best I could do in 10 year old said to put hem up til Monday. She says o can wait to see them then.


I have peeked.. and I'm not sure...they look small to me I am not in any pain. I didnt take any pain pills today at all or muscle relaxers. The pain isn't bad at all. I have yet to experience morning boob....I should be able to shower tomorrow and I think I am suppose to go to st Louis to see my PS...or I am suppose to call Idk I will find out tomorrow! ready to take this cotton stuffing out! Not only is it uncomfortable it also is very hot! Happy healing everyone!


Well I don't have an appointment today, o was just suppose to call. So I have and I get to shower.. and take the cotton out thank god! I have to continue to wear the vest till I Fridays appointment. Bit other than that....that is about it.

Day 4

Here are some pics


1 week

I can't believe it has been one week already! My follow up is tomorrow will find out then what my implant size is. I still am wishing I went a bit bigger bit I am falling in love with them....


post op appointment

Sorry....a little late posting this... husband had in office facial surgery after my post op and have been running every since.

Anyways my post op went great. I can do light cardio, sleep without a bra on if I want....and can wear a good sports bra...trouble is finding one.

I found out I a 500cc's in my left breast ..and 450 in my right. I was slightly off but she was only going to fix it of she found 25 Cc's my smaller boob is the slightly bigger boob but really isn't much difference.

I went to Victoria secrets to be measured before my appointment.......34DD or 34DDD depending on the bra!!! Yippy!

Next appointment is the 28th!

tape off

I am not suppose to take tape off til end of this week but the residue sticking to everything was pulling at me all day! Cleaned it up and added new tape to them. Here are pics of the incisions

bikini tops

first day to show off the girls

So yesterday was my husbands company picnic at holiday world (water park and amusement) everyone who works in his location knew about my surgery so all of them wanted to meet up with him so they could see them. I did notice tons of stares and lots of under the breath comments but what absolutely surprised my husband and I the most was how many woman stared at them...even glared at them. I just chopped it up as pure jealousy. Felt so good to have something to fill out my bikini top!

Oh and my 10 year old over heard some little girl saying to her flat as a board you have tiny "flowers but look at hers she has bog ones!" We heard her mom say shhhh that isn't very nice but I wanted to say oh no she is fine!!! Lol

3 week post op pics, appointment and bra shopping.

Had my second check up today she said they looked great, removed my stitches and she said I have no need to massage. Go back 10/28 my scar cream will be in within a week and I will start using that. Light cardio for another 2 weeks then on to whatever. Tight wearing bra for two weeks and then anything I want. Trouble has been finding a good bra. I will continue to wear my surgical bra til then otherwise I will wear the new one I got at Nordstrom. VS I measured at a 34DDD. Nordstrom she measured me at a 34DDD or a 34F which is the same as a triple D, just depends on the maker of the bra. She also said a 32G would fit better in the band. Just didn't have that size to try on in the style I was looking for to see how much different it fit.

My right boob has 50 cc's less and I'm hoping they look more even soon especially in some of those bra pictures. Im just hoping it was the muscle flexed to hold my phone to snap a picture. Otherwise I may do a revision to fix the smaller side. Looking at my before pics I can't see a size difference at all!



4 weeks already!!!!!

Can't believe how fast this time has past! I find myself talking pictures all the time because I feel like they are slowly disappearing I guess that is because they feel like I have always had them. I suppose that is a good thing. Got my scar cream in the mail today so just put some we shall see if it helps fading....

need to find....

I need to find a new job to show these babies off....I feel so much more confidence and pure sexiness wearing something where they are on display... lol only thing I can think of is stripping...hahaha! I hate Mondays because that means I am back to t-shirts. I love my low cut tops...I still feel like they are shrinking but do think it is because it is bbecause they feel like they areine that I have had my whole life!


So I have a friend was unhappy with her first surgery...and now happy with her second. Looking for a thank you gift to the Dr and staff for putting up with her. Wanting it sincere and mature yet funny at the same time. Any ideas?

5 weeks!

I am sleeping in my stomach...99% pain free and back to my old self just a better version!

three month check up

I had my appointment Wednesday for my three month check up. I told her I wanted to go bigger so as soon as I get saved up I will be doing this all again! Everything has been great just wishing they were bigger, fuller and same size implant.

2 1/2 years later ...

I laugh now that I posted in the above comment that I wish they were bigger. Since then I started working an office job, and I try my best to hid the cleaveage, and not have them on display. Every thing makes me look top heavy. If I was to do it againi would go smaller. Finding a bra is ridiculous!! I use to love VS....those days are long gone!! Not many choices for an F or G cup! :( although when I do want to show them off or feeling sexy with my honey, I wouldn't mind them being bigger!!
Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon

I absolutely love Dr Koo and her nurse Joanne! They have great personalities, friendly, and always answer all my questions! Dr Koo did an amazing job on my breast, they shape is beautiful! No bruising and hardly any pain from my surgery! I will highly recommend her to all my friends and family!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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