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I have struggled with my teeth my entire life. My...

I have struggled with my teeth my entire life. My first memory of feeling completely embarrassed by my teeth was in 4th grade and never stopped. Until this past September I've never spoken about it done anything about it. I am married, have 2 beautiful daughters, have had a career in the beauty industry for 13 years and hold a very social position at my girls' school. And I. NEVER. SMILE. Ever. In the past 3 years my teeth have deteriorated so much that I have stopped seeing friends and avoid social settings as much as possible. I first heard of All on 4 in Sept but was so shocked by the price that I put it out of my thoughts. With some gentle pursuading by my husband I finally went to Clear Choice last month. I paid my deposit, had my impressions made and photos taken (utterly humiliating) and scheduled my surgery for the end of next month. Then I got a call and I'M DOING IT TOMORROW!!! I am feeling every emotion there is right now. But mostly I can't wait to smile like I mean it when my girls look at me. To know that they will FINALLY see the joy that is in my heart on my face is just everything. If anyone has any recommendations for after care I would greatly appreciate them. I will update as soon as possible.


Talk about a major let down. I went in this morning for my procedure and my appointment was scheduled incorrectly. Now I'm back to the end of next month. Major bummer. I barely made it out of the building before crying.


Tomorrow is the big day! I can't believe it's finally here. I'm scared out of my mind!

The big day!

It's done! It's really really done! What a long day. I got to my appointment at 8am and just finally left at 6:20pm.
My thoughts while they are fresh,
I'm honestly shocked by the pain factor. I literally am in NO pain. I went in and they started the extractions immediately. I'm not go back lie, that part was awful. I supposedly had twilight but I was awake through nearly half of the procedure. AWFUL. But soon enough I was resting in recovery lounge with my husband. Next up was the impressions. By this point everything was so numb I could hardly tell they were touching me. After the impressions they had a little fine tuning to go to the teeth which took around 2 hours while I slept and watched tv. Next step was screwing on the new beauties and I was off. I'm now home and resting. I am already starting to bruise some on the left side of my face and swelling is beginning. I was able to get a pic though before the swelling gets to bad. This is my pathetic extent at a smile and then I gave up and just had to lift my lip.

Weird pain??

Hi All! I'm hoping someone can help. I am 5 days post surgery and having a lot of pain on the roof of my mouth. It isn't where the stitches are, it's further back and sort of feels like a burn. It is really driving me crazy and I'm wondering if anyone else experienced this and if anything helped? Help, please!!
Clear Choice St Louis

So far everything has been great.

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