BRACES at Last! Cure for OPEN BITE

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I have an open bite i.e there is a gap between the...

I have an open bite i.e there is a gap between the top and bottom row of my teeth Additionally, I have a tooth that is "out of line" and is noticeable whenever I smile. I am more concerned about having this tooth "fall into line" than I am about closing my open bite ;-) I had a free consultation with a dentist who advised me that braces could correct my dental issues. I have already done a panoramix x-ray. The next step is to schedule an appointment to have pictures taken.

Trying to upload photo, but apparently TIFs are not accepted.

PHOTOGRAPHS, PROFILE and MOLD of my teeth done today

Went to see my dentist today to take photos. Also did a molding of my upper and lower rows of teeth. I will add the photos as soon as I get them. Mentally preparing myself to be a "wire mouth" for 1.5-2 years ;-)

Doc is analyzing my photos

The dentist called me this morning to say that she is (still) analyzing my photos taken during my last visit. I am hoping to have the braces as a Christmas/New Year present to myself. We shall see what happens :-)

Consultation After Analysis of Cast Models

Had another dental appointment today. I finally got to see the results of the casting molds/models and to discuss in more detail the game-plan for my braces treatment. Thankfully I do NOT have to extract any teeth. I have to "take care" of 3 early stage cavities before proceeding with treatment. Also the dentist advised that I would get a permanent retainer. We discussed the type of braces (I asked to see and was shown a sample) It's actually about to happen.....Ready to start in order to finish.

Getting closer and closer to D-day

Getting fillings done in preparation for my braces the 1st week of February 2016 (hopefully). I am ready to begin this process in order to finish and have a closed bite with a nicer smile ;-) I've been reading alot, watching videos. You name it: knowledge is power


Went back and found these, so decided to upload them. I should become an official "wire mouth" in less than 2 weeks. I'm ready to do what it takes to get by bite closed and enhance my beautiful smile ;-)

Call From Dental Office

The Dental Office called me yesterday to schedule a date to have my braces applied. All things being equal, I hope it can be Feb 12th. Ready to get this started, so that I can begin to see progress.

Final Filling + Setback

Went to get my final filling done today. Upon examining my mouth, my ortho found a tooth that has movement in one of my tooth. The one right next to the misaligned tooth. With a trace of local gingivitis. I was all ready and set to pick a date to get my braces, but my dentist has to resolve this issue first before proceeding. I'm not bummed by this. TIMING is everything in life. I will update with any more news.

P.S - I asked about Invisalign (just out of curiosity). I will soon be informed. I am ready to start the process and eager to see the changes that will take place in my mouth.

If It Ain't One Thing, It's Another - {[GINGIVAL CURETTAGE]}

So I went to my dental office yesterday and had an X-Ray done. Both myself and the orthodontist wore the protective gear to block the radiation. After processing the film, and upon its examination, it was observed that my shaky tooth had "dropped" some and the bone surrounding the gum for this tooth looked "weak" My dentist recommended gingival curettage. I felt a small pang of sadness/disappointment. I really don't know how this "dropped tooth" will be afftected by the braces even after the gingivitis is cured. So now I have to wait some more before I can get my braces. On the bright side, I believe that everything happens for a reason and at the RIGHT TIME. So when I am tempted to feel discouraged, I just remind myself of all the times when the "right time" proved to be the perfect time ;-)

Curettage, BLOODY, Sutures.

Yesterday I went to the dental office for the "curettage" treatment. Anesthetic, removal of "stuff" from the area infected under the gum. Followed by 3 stitches. The dentist asked if I wanted to see and I replied yes (as usual). But one look and I quickly moved the mirror away. Ewww. It looked weird and scary to see my gum in that state LOL! Lots of blood (or so it seemed to me). Lots of gauze needed in the mouth to absorb the blood. I was prescribed some medication:

1. Ibuprofen 400mg
2. APO Doxy 100mg
3. Chlorhexidine (mouth wash/rinse)

Have to go back in 10 days for a follow-up to remove stitches (if they don't come out before that time). Feeling fine so far, no pain really. I can't chew on that side (top right). Can't believe I have sutures in my mouth. Who would've thought? Life is so unpredictable.

P.S - I wish that I could have taken photos, but my phone has a problem. That should be taken care of soon, so I hope to add pics soon enough.

Removal of stitches

Yesterday I went back to have the sutures removed. The "shaking" is reduced and the gum looks different (in a good way). I go back in 2 weeks for a follow-up.

2-week follow-up (after removal of stitches)

I went to the dental office today for my 2-week check-up on the "shaking" Dentist says there she observes 60-70% decrease in shaking. Mostly horizontally. Hopefully the vertical shaking will decrease. I also told her bout the "bump" on my gum above said tooth. I got some anesthetic and she went in and discovered "pus" in the bump. Blood, gauze, but all is well now. If the shaking does not decrease by the end of April, she will proceed with a "bone grafting" to strengthen the tooth. It has to be strong before applying the braces. I am ok with these "delays" since I believe that "nothing happens before its time" I am just glad that I still have a tooth.

Reduced vertical SHAKING. Horizonal Shaking completely gone.

I went to the dental office yesterday for my 2-week follow up. The horizontal shaking is completely gone. There is a reduction in the vertical shaking (though it has not been totally eliminated). I return the end of this month for the final "shaking follow-up" It will then be determined whether or not bone grafting will be done. I will get these braces if it's the last thing I do, but all in God's time.

Vertical Shaking REMAINS

Had a quick stop at the dental office today. The vertical shaking has not been completely eliminated. Looks like I will have to proceed with the bone grafting. I'm very much at peace with the timing of everything. It will happen at the right time for me. This I am certain of ;-)

BONE GRAFTING + Second Opinion

So the dental office had informed me that I would have to get the bone grafting done (since the shaking has not been eliminated). They want to be sure that my bones are strong enough to "carry" the braces. I'm thinking that's fine since we had previously discussed it. What I was not prepared for was the price. Like "Dang!" That was like a "halt" for me. No way I had that money readily available so I kindly informed them that I would not be making that appointment. Ffwd to today they called me back and said that another orthodontist would be visiting next month and so I will get a second opinion. Will see how that goes The journey continues......... "I just can't give up now/I've come to far from where I started from/Nobody told me the road would be easy/And I don't believe He's brought me this far to leave me."
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