48 Yrs Old TT with Muscle Repair BL W/ Silicone for Shape: FINALLY I'm Doing This! 3 Kids (1 and then Twins) St George, UT

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Well, I am finally starting my review blog. I...

Well, I am finally starting my review blog. I have been reading everyone's blogs and experiences daily. It is helping me be prepared for the worst, hoping for the best. Some have a lot of pain and some do not have much pain. Some take two weeks off work, some take two months... Everyone is so different and reading these is really helping me understand that no matter what there is support. Sad days and happy days, there is support.

I have decided to go to Dr Marcus Peterson in St George, UT I have a friend who also went there and that is what made my mind up! I live in California, so my hubby and I are staying there for 1 week. I am super excited but very nervous and anxious, mostly about recovery and being under general anesthetic for so long.

I work long 12 or more hour shifts in a trauma center as an ER nurse, it is emotionally and physically draining sometimes. I will be taking 1 month off. I think that will give my body plenty of time to heal enough to work without people noticing that I just had surgery!!! I did not tell anyone at work what I am doing so it should be interesting, if they just comment that I went on a diet or something!! lol I prefer not to deal with people at work making comments and such. Actually only my family knows!!! My children are grown so they are not home, my husband took vacation time.

I cannot wait to get rid of my twin skin!!!!

9 days to go! I am super nervous

My nerves are getting to me!!! I am constantly worried that I am not prepared. I keep looking forward to bikini shopping, which helps. Lol I will try and post some pics this week. I have been taking vitamins regularly, which is difficult. They make me gag! So last night I went to CVS and got the adult gummy vitamins. WWWAAAYYYY easier to get down!

My 2 yr old grandson lives with us, the thought of him jumping up on my lap post op just gives me chills!!!

This time next week I'll be POD1

Here are the pics I sent the doctor when I was consulting with him via e-mail. I think I am ready, I have tons of stuff packed already. Mostly used realself to pack! All the advice has really helped me out.

ok. I'm legit scared now. It's 5 days til surgery day.

So Friday the 20th I had arthroscopic knee surgery to clean up a meniscus tear. I figured this time off work would be the best time to get my MM done. So it will be one week from knee surgery to PS! I thought it would be a breeze but my knee is killing me and very swollen and it's difficult to walk!!! It's only POD2 so I'm trying to stay positive.

Am I completely crazy?

Packing and checking and double checking!

Well I have packed, leaving for my pre op at 0500 Thursday. Surgery Friday. I am so worried that recovery is going to be forever!!! I try to focus on bikini shopping but keep going back to pain and suffering!!
Here is my list:
Stool softener
Arnica lotion
ice packs
couple of robes
loose shorts and tshirts
wheelchair (because we are going to be in Vegas at a large hotel, seems like it may be easier for my husband to get me out of the hotel room for a few minutes each day!)
female urinal
vomit bags
safety pins
baby wipes
water bottles
cough drops
oatmeal packets
protein shakes
favorite shampoo
Favorite pillow and blanket

This time next week I will be POD3

Im sure I am missing something.

Woke up with a headache! 2 more days....

Tomorrow we leave to check into the hotel in St George! I woke up with a headache! At least I slept most of the night! I am beyond nervous.

Pre pics in a bikini

Bikini pics take 2

"why I'm doing this" reminder pics

here is good motivation to ease my nerves. 2 days til surgery. Tomorrow pre op.

This time tomorrow I'll be on the flat side!!

So excited, had a great pre op appointment. Yummy light dinner and now relaxing before taking my hi bickers shower! I'm first case in am. See ua on the other side!!!!

OMG. Pain an uncomfortable

wow I'm in so much pain. I'll post tomorrow

Sick of the pain and Bending over!!!

Tomorrow I get the pain pump out (it is Marcain) it is annoying. I'm fiannly barely making a cough to get all the phlegm up. Got my urine cath out yesterday.
I have no appetite at all. I take a couple of bites but that's it. They told me drunk a lot of flies so I do drink lots of water
Whoever invented the female urinal thingy was a fricken genius!!! I'm not kidding!
Here is today's pics

Pics today

One more pic try

Let me try to upload pics one more time


Gosh I'm upload retarded! Or on narcotics.. Lol

Drains out today!!!

I feel so much better without dragging those drains and tubes everywhere!! Next week all the steri strips come off too!!! If I could only stand up straight and relieve the back pain......

Feeling more and more human

I still cannot stand straight up but the back pain is less. I did realize that I can actually blow my nose and cough a lot better today! Funny how the little things we do not think about in our day to day life really throw you off if you cannot do it!!! Ill try to upload a comparison photo.

Tried a trip to Costco....

Monday was the first day on my own, hubby went back to work after taking time off to take care of me. I was so used to him being around that I worried as he left me home alone!! I felt pretty good, so I got up took a shower and drove to Costco. I was so tempted to use that drivey cart people use but just could not bring myself to it! I just got little stuff, food items, etc... Talk about exhausted!!!! Holy moly! So yesterday I didnt do much at all! Rested, watched TV, watched the rain come down.... It was good for me to take it easy. What should I do today??????I might just walk to the mailbox! (200ft driveway) Friday I can take all the steri strips off!!! YAY

Abdominal incision odor

suddenly yesterday I got an odor from my belly, I freaked out!!! I found the spot that was draining. Took pictures and sent an email to my doc. He had me take the steri strips off because they are holding onto too much moisture from showers. So the odor is gone now, he was right it was the bandages! There is slight opening to my incision, but today it's better, scared me!

Just over two weeks....

My mind keeps telling me that I should be all better, but my body keeps saying "are you fricken crazy, I've been torn apart and sewn back together again!!!" I decided to do a comparison in my old bikini, I think Ill do it monthly to see my results...

The dreaded question: When to have sex??????

Tried last night..... Three weeks PO today. Is that too soon? It wasn't too painful!! Felt good to just be hugging again! My whole body just feels so tight, restricted, and tingly. When does that go away????? I am a little frustrated today!

POD 29 Still so tight and uncomfortable

I am trying not to be impatient but when will the weird tingling and tightness go away? Does anyone else have like strange strong stomach muscle contractions? It feels like contractions anyways... I am still waiting for some of the scars to completely heal so I can start treating them with silicone strips. Any recommendations on silicone? Does it even help?

Today is my 5 week post op appt

i am from out of town so this week worked better than week 6. But I haven't seen my Dr since pod 6 so I have a lot of questions!!!!!

I took a picture today showing just how awesome it is to wear pants with no muffin top!!!! Yay me


so yesterday was my first day back to work, 12 hour shifts. After I got home tonight my abdomen is really swollen!!! I emailed my ps and he said to be less active and def wear my binder. Ugh.

When am I going to be normal again?????

I'm just whining!!!! I'm super happy with the results, just tired!

Time for an update and bikini photo

Im so excited and happy about my decision to take my body back! It was painful and emotionally draining. Good days and bad days. Still feel strange twinges and tightness, 3 more weeks before I am cleared to do vigorous abd strengthening. Back to my almost normal self and life, work, exercise, social, etc
Wanted to post a bikini pic. It's an old bikini, I haven't bought a new one yet, I tightened the top and I added elastic to the bottoms as a scrunchie butt look which helped a lot. New suit next month prior to some trips....
Saint George Plastic Surgeon

By far the most compassionate, caring Dr I have met in a long time! Dr Peterson's office staff are amazing, Karen and Jolie are very kind, polite, professional, and funny! I had a great experience with great results, I couldn't be happier!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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