41 years, harmonic vibration lipo

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I'm 123 pounds, had four full-term babies. I work...

I'm 123 pounds, had four full-term babies. I work out every day. I'm doing a procedure called harmonic vibration lipo to my inner and outer thighs, upper and lower abdomen, and flanks and transferring the fat to my breasts (if I have enough of it). This office has a history of 75% of the fat "taking," so I'm going to overfill (again, if there's enough fat to harvest).

Day 1 - Couldn't get fat transfer to breasts after all

After lipo to my stomach, flanks, hips, inner and outer thighs, oh and a teensy but on inside of knees, it was determined that there wasn't enough fat to be transferred to my breasts. I was really bummed out.
First night after procedure was awful. I threw up twice including my Percocet and anti-nausea meds. Couldn't hardly walk, didn't want to eat, needed help with everything.
Today I feel a bit better and was able to take a 30 minute walk, then shower and massage fluid out my holes (there wasn't hardly anything that came out). Then I had to get my compression garments back on. I was completely pooped after all that. Been in bed all day ever since. Trying to manage pain with Tylenol but I don't think one pill at a time is enough.

2 days post op

Feeling much better. I can walk around and up and down stairs today. Still sore and needing Tylenol is all. I put before and after pics side by side and can see a difference already even with the swelling which makes me happy.

Day 11 side by side before and after 5'3.5" 120 lbs

Every day is easier. Healing nicely. I do not have the inner thigh gap i was promised and I'm waiting to be able to see skin tightening on my belly. The weird thing about the thigh gap is that I am very sore everywhere where lipo was performed; it's obvious that lipo was done there. At first my skin was so tender I could hardly even touch it... except for my inner thigh area in the front where I'm not seeing results. I'm definitely wondering if they forgot to do those one areas. What I can pinch in the front inner thigh area is exactly the same as before. The fact that I can pinch and push and tug and pull on that area is a red flag to me. I certainly cannot do that anywhere else where lipo was performed.

12 days after lipo, I got breast augmentation 345 hp under muscle

Since I could not do breast fat transfer during lipo (not enough fat), I went to a board certified plastic surgeon in town (dr Peterson) for a breast augmentation. 345 cc's high profile under muscle, incision underneath breast. I am 5'3.5", 120 lbs, my cheats measured 12.5 cm.

I will post a new review of dr Peterson and staff and my new breasts. But also post some pics here when I get them ready.

Not super happy with lipo 29 days post and BA pics

I had three things I wanted to get from lipo.
1) a trimmer waistline
2) my crepey wrinkly stomach skin tightened so I can be comfortable in a bikini
3) inner thigh gap

I was promised and assured that I could definitely get all three.

1) I did get a slimmer waistline. But the right side is awesome and the left side isn't as awesome which makes me feel crooked. Also, I still have fat on my back which a plastic surgeon could have easily gotten. And I have a weird round belly pooch that you can't see in the pictures but it's fat that wouldn't be there with traditional lipo. There's also a fat pooch just below my right ribs and it makes me look lumpy. This is not what I wanted in order to feel comfortable in a bikini.

2) my tummy skin is not tighter at all. I'm feeling like they flat out lied to me about that.

3) while the dr did get the fat from the back and sides of my thigh, he did not get the front inner thigh and so I don't have a thigh gap at all.

Yes, I'm slim and trim. But I didn't pay $7,000 to not get what I was promised. Im wishing I would have paid that $7k to the plastic surgeon for the mini tummy tuck and traditional lipo. I have regrets.

Negligent doctor and not half as good as traditional lipo

Do not use belle medical and dr wallin for lipo. Do not use any company that says "less invasive" "shorter downtime" or "tightens skin". I wish I would have gone the traditional lipo route with a plastic surgeon, especially after seeing results of my friends who did just that with amazing results.

It's been 3 months and 4 days since my procedure and I've never once been allowed to see the doctor. I was surprised he wasn't at my first follow up, asked for him to be at my second and he wasn't. They told me that he'll be at my third followup but then dr decided, without telling me, that he was first going to hear about my complaints through his office staff. I made yet another followup to see the doctor and after showing up was told that he refuses to see me, period. So not once have I been able to talk to the doctor about my concerns or questions. Not even a nurse.

I've already mentioned that I did not get an inner thigh gap. my inner thighs look the same.

I'm a perfectionist, it's true. But I did not expect perfection; I did expect that they'd give me what was promised.

I had a BA with a plastic surgeon and they're not perfect but I am thrilled with my results nonetheless.

Dr Wallin and dr Robin Berger his partner should be ashamed of how they've handled my case.
Dr. Brett Wallin

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