41 years, harmonic vibration lipo

I'm 123 pounds, had four full-term babies. I work...

I'm 123 pounds, had four full-term babies. I work out every day. I'm doing a procedure called harmonic vibration lipo to my inner and outer thighs, upper and lower abdomen, and flanks and transferring the fat to my breasts (if I have enough of it). This office has a history of 75% of the fat "taking," so I'm going to overfill (again, if there's enough fat to harvest).

Day 1 - Couldn't get fat transfer to breasts after all

After lipo to my stomach, flanks, hips, inner and outer thighs, oh and a teensy but on inside of knees, it was determined that there wasn't enough fat to be transferred to my breasts. I was really bummed out.
First night after procedure was awful. I threw up twice including my Percocet and anti-nausea meds. Couldn't hardly walk, didn't want to eat, needed help with everything.
Today I feel a bit better and was able to take a 30 minute walk, then shower and massage fluid out my holes (there wasn't hardly anything that came out). Then I had to get my compression garments back on. I was completely pooped after all that. Been in bed all day ever since. Trying to manage pain with Tylenol but I don't think one pill at a time is enough.

2 days post op

Feeling much better. I can walk around and up and down stairs today. Still sore and needing Tylenol is all. I put before and after pics side by side and can see a difference already even with the swelling which makes me happy.
Dr. Brett Wallin

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