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In a week I'll be getting 5mm Implants I can't...

In a week I'll be getting 5mm Implants I can't wait. I'm wondering if I need 4mm on the bottom & the 5 on the top? I do want full looking lips but I don't want huge duck lips either. I've seen some pic's of medium side lips getting the 4mm & looked like not much of a change. Any advise please share.

Got my 5mm Perma Lip Implants today

I am truly shocked how easy this procedure was. I deiced to stay awake with this procedure & so glad I did. I was given a 1 mg valum before & then numbed locally all over, I think that was the worst part but it only hurts for a second. The pulling & tugging that people talk about was minor for me, but no pain at all. I love my doctor too! He has done fat transfer in my face for check bones & under my eyes about year ago, not sure why we didn't do lip implants when I did that.
Its only been 2 hours since my procedure & I'm just starting to get little more feeling back, I have kept Ice on my lips since it was done.

Pictures after procedure

on my bottom lip on the right side its extra puffy because of the numbing stuff inside. It will wear off by next 2 days. I can't wait to see my lips everyday & see the improvements.

Day 2

Woke up still swollen & lips are black & purple! I look like I have a mustache of a nice blue color too, which I am really swollen at. The hardest part sleeping on my back & staying elevated. I tried to ice as much as possible during the night.
I was expecting a lot more pain when I got up this morning, it was very minor pain where I didn't take any pain med till I went to the dr just in case he had to touch my lips. I have kept ice on my lips just about all day long & it has helped the swelling so much. I have been drinking protein shakes & lots of water.
I also have used Frankincense, lavender, Idaho balsam fir & melrose oils from Young Living Essential Oils on and around my lips to help the healing process & the pain. I know that is why I woke up not in pain this morning. I have used these products for 18 years & whenever I have done a surgery it is amazing how much faster I heal with using Yl oils.
I had my follow up apt today & my Dr said I look great & swollen then most of his clients but I am a bruiser & bleeder because of me being a red head. Other then that he said I look great!
The first 2 pictures were taken this morning & the rest are this evenings pic's.

evening pics

evening pic

Every day gets better

Ice, ice, ice thats all i seem to do is ice to keep getting the swelling down.
Bye the 3rd day I was done with pain killers they were making me nauseated, im just taking aleve to help with inflammation & what little pain I have & my oils.
The swelling had gone down a lot, more in my lower lip then upper is still big in mustache area. Inoted today I have a mustache bruised with nice purple & green colors. Thats more noticing then my swollen lip.

Today day 4, feeling good. Swelling is less & my lips are lightly starting to chap & peel.
I noticed that the corners of my mouth were my stitches are look a little torn I cant see my stiches but I noticed a film or like soft scabby film inside on my insicision more so on my right side? There is no puss or fluid coming out. Anyone know if this is normal? My stitches are disolvable. How do you know if you tear your stiches out if you cant see them? I'll be calling my dr just in case first thing in the morning.

Changes every morning

Every morning my lips keep look better. I still feel huge! I hope I didn't make the mistake going large size. I hope my lips still keep shrinking as the swelling is going away. I still have my mustache bruise that is driving me crazy! Make up can only cover so much....
On my bottom lip, you can see the side are still puffy then the center of my lip. On the inside of my bottom lip the left-side is still swollen & hard feeling, its slowly starting to soften, I keep my YL oils on it to help heal & help prevent scar tissue. The hard feeling slightly worry's me but I do notice a positive change every day, I just keep my fingers crossed that it continues.
My top lip on the inside on the right is still swollen its not hard at all, I'm guessing I just have swelling.
I haven't dared feel or squeeze my lips to find the implant yet. I don't want to do anything wrong to my lips during the healing process.
I've noticed its still hard to eat of of a spoon or fork & I slurp a lot. I do fine with a straw when I drink but drinking from a glass I still drip down my lips & chin. The movement in my lips are very tight. I can't wait to see dr next week so I can start doing lip exercises to get my movement back. Some words are hard to say & smiling is hard to do (I'm probably not suppose to do that, times you can't help it)
My incisions are almost healed. I still clean them after I eat. I still Ice but not as often. I feel no pain, but still taking aleve to help with the inflammation.

Updated photos

Looking better

Starting to feel little more normal. I still feel big! I do feel funny talking to people do to my mouth still feels stiff. This will go away right?

Most of the swelling is gone, I tend to get more swollen still at night. My lips are still tight & tingly but not as bad the last couple days.

My right side is still bigger than my left. I think there still little swelling inside, the right side is where he first went into my lips.

The only problem I see having is on my bottom lip the inside on the left to almost the center of my lip I can feel the implant & you can see it close to the skin, it also rubs on my teeth which is bothersome. The center of my bottom lip to the right inside of my lip I can't fill or see the implant & it feels fine. I'm afraid that he formed the pocket to close to my inside lip tissue. Hope I explained that ok.
Anybody know what can be done about this or can it be fixed? I don't want to do anything until all swelling is gone, but I can't live with my lip always rubbing on my teeth & especially if it causes my lips to be UN-even.
My upper lip on the right side still swollen & I kinda bulge out on my right corner of my mouth, I think its still the swelling & not the implant because I can feel the implant in the correct spot. "Crossing my fingers"
I just can't wait for all the swelling to be gone!
Grant Carter

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