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Just booked my appointment with Dr. Peterson in...

Just booked my appointment with Dr. Peterson in Utah. He is amazing. I love all his work, especially his tummy tucks. This procedure (tummy tuck) is my main concern. I will be getting a tummy tuck with lipo and a breast lift without implants and Labiaplasty. My normal weight is between 135 and 145. I gain 60 lbs with every child (4 times). I have been able to lose most of it before having another one. i have grown tired of gaining and losing weight. Especially with my small framed body. I cannot handle being over weight and having lose skin and saggy jugs anymore now that we are done having children. I hope to put everything back where it was including my comfidence about my body. i have 15 lbs to lose in 13 weeks, so i need to push super hard to get there. I am 5'2 and currently weigh 159 lbs. My 4th baby was born a year and half ago and have lost 45 lbs since then. I hope that my review will inspire others as has many other reviews have inspired me to know my body can and will look amazing for not only myself but my husband again.

Staying the same!!!

Ok, so I really want to lose about 12 pds before surgery and I have been working out a lot. I have been maintaining my 159 lbs and am super fustrated.. I am going to try documenting everything I eat/drink because I know I could use some improvement in that area. Plus, when you write things down you become accountable for it. Has anyone else struggled with weight loss? I feel like my body just wants to hang on to certain areas and i'm not sure if it's something I should stress about or just let be? I want the best outcome for my surgery but don't want to beat myself up everyday I don't see the scale go down..I will try documenting and keep working out and just try my best! I will also be posting before pics asap. I just haven't had time to have my husband do it for me.

This was difficult...

Ok people, here is what we all love to see! So what we have here are some much dreaded pictures of my body. I need to say I cannot wait til I can see my vagina again?? I will not pick on my body at all. I am going to add official pre op pics in June. Til then I will continue to workout.

The best part!

The best part about all this will be to not look 6 months pregnant anymore!!!!! Am I right haha????!!!! I put on a shirt and forget about it.. There is no amount of sucking in I can do to help myself out. Because my abs are split from right below my bb to all the way between my ribs it all hangs out.. Feels like my guts are just ganna fall out hah!! So, yeah I'm pretty excited for that. Oh and to not have my breast hang to the floor! So funny, they say you need a lift if your breast can hold a pencil under it. Ladies I'm pretty sure I could hold 5! Just sayin.. Also, I looked at labiaplasty pics and my kooka looks a lot better than I thought haha! So I won't be doing that I don't think. I will be having muscle repair of the abdomen tho. I didn't write that on my other updates. Which is funny cause it's the main reason I'm doing a mm. Anyways I will try to get measurements and some closer up pics. I like reading about measurements and height and weight to try and compare numbers and projections.

Not too bad

Took some pics with clothes on from the back.. Not as bad as with clothes off! Sorry about the messy room, the maid hasn't shown up yet????
Too early for her and then some days she doesn't even show up!

Spa Day!

So, my husband got a spa package for me today!! From 8:00 til 4:30 I will be having a day ALL TO MYSELF!!!!!! This has not happened in over 9 years so I'm probably going to cry a lot today. Tears of happiness I'm sure :) I will however still miss my four little ones.. The lady just gave me a tour of the place and it is sooooo nice! I have a private pool heated to 93 degrees so I can lay out in peace! You all know how getting in a swimsuit and letting it all hang out is super difficult! But today it won't be so bad... I'm getting a body scrub with a wrap and then a massage. Then it's lay out time, lunch with my man, more meditation and lay out time, then getting hair done! After that it's Cheesecake Factory for some Tia wraps and then a Katchafire concert baby!!!!! Hopefully it's as wonderful of a day as it sounds.. I hope all mothers get to have a day sometime. We need it. If you haven't seen the SNL skit mom jeans, you need to! Hilarious. That's all for now, catch ya on the flippity flop ;)

2 weeks and counting!

I had my pre-op last week! Looks like I will be getting tummy tuck with lipo on the hips and flanks, breast lift (no augmentation), and lipo of the inner and outer thighs. Now, I have read some peoples review on the lipo of the legs situation. I have heard people say it's crazy painful and others say it wasn't bad at all? Has anyone had the same thing done that I have scheduled? I would greatly appreciate any advice as well. I have 2 weeks to prepare and need all the advice and sharing i can get! Hope everyone is doing well. I am starting to feel a bit nervous as it gets closer.. Trying to not think about it :)

Hospital Bed!

So, I called the medi supply store and am renting a hospital bed for $130.00 for the month! I thought that was pretty good. From everything I have read a bed is the way to go! I was advised to put the bed right next to another bed so my husband and my kids could sleep by me but not on me. I'm super happy cause I was concerned about how/where I was going to sleep..

11 Days!!!!

11 more days of this belly and boobs!! They have served me well.. I think I might go thru some kind of with draw??? Anybody experience that?? Grieving your old body? I imaging most people are so happy to not see grandma skin before your time gone! So excited! I had a weird surgery dream last night that my husband was crying cause he was worried something would happen to me. Kinda sad.. Anyway hope everyone's doing great! Shoutin out like I know anybody haha

Getting ready!

Bought a couple of wireless bras for after surgery. Also, my mom is a licensed limphatic therapist so she is going to start treatments on me now. She about 5 testaments before surgery and then they will continue after to help with swelling, scarring, and over all recovery. I am super fortunate cause those kind of sessions are expensive!!

T-2 Days People!

So I got my hospital bed delivered! Went shopping yesterday for some Recharge, arnica gel, vitamins, some comfy clothes and other things to help with recovery.. I have had 2 limphatic massages and will get another today and tomorrow. They will continue thru recovery and are suppose to help tremendously with swelling and fluid build up. I will post how it all goes!! I will also post more pics tomorrow. I am getting nervous when I think about it. Every thought and worry under the sun has approached me. I do my best at keeping my eye on the prize and praying to Heavenly Father that everything will go well and smooth thru the whole process. I try to not think about the negative things that can happen or go wrong. Does anybody have tricks they used to not be nervous? I am such a baby.. I imagine I will probably cry when They wheel me away from my husband and take me in the OR. I can't wait to be on the other side! Hope your 4th is awesome!

It's Go Time!

On our way to the surgery center! See you on the flippity flop! Without the flop haha!


I'm in pain and it's kinda hard to breathe but for this it is worth it!!! Saw the doc this morning and they took my catheter out and put a bra on me and I have to say I love my body!!!! Doctor Peterson did so great I almost started crying in front of him Haha! Plus my scar is super low :)

Treatment Time

My mom is a certified limph therapist, physical therapist, and a wound specialist. Between my super helpful husband and my mom I couldn't ask for better care. I am so grateful for them.
What my mom is doing in this pic is called light therapy. It helps with scarring and inflammation.


It's been 2 days. Swelling is not bad. Here are some pics of breast incisions and belly button.

Standing up pretty good!

So, here I am! Don't quite know why the pics are a little blurry cause they aren't on my phone.. I feel really good. My moms therapy and my routine is helping stand up so much straighter than I thought I would be. For day three I think this is pretty good? I will start taking half of my Percocet every four hours instead of a whole one and see if that cuts it. However, they are taking my pain pump out today and have no idea how that will be. Dr. Peterson did so amazing. I love how low my scar is. It doesn't look like it will be a thick one either. My belly button looks natural and my boobs! I love em.. Granted this is only day three but everyone has told me things only get better and smaller.
I have an appointment today with my PS, I will post what he says. Happy healing! If anyone has questions let me know!


Can't really tell if swelling is going down or the same?

Want to switch my binder!

Hey does anyone have a suggestion on a binder?? I am PO 9 days and would like a binder without clasps on the sides.. This one I have on has clasps and bunches.. Anyone have any advice please!!!????

Still love the boobs!!!

Day 9 PO! Gotta say I really love my boob lift! Glad I didn't do implants..


Forgot to add pics from today.. Need to do some major squats for that butt haha!

This time

This time!

Over did it..

Crying like a baby.. I over did it today. I didn't even have a nap! This recovering business is rough. Hope everyone else is doing good! I will take pics tomorrow.

New pics!

Sorry.. I had to take these pics on my own haha!! Still have the drains in. I will have the right one removed Monday and probably the left on on Wednesday hopefully. I haven't been able to try on fun clothes yet due to the drains :/ but soon!! I chose Dr. Peterson for his TT abilities but I have to say I never thought I would love my boobs as much as do!

Best PS Ever!

If you live in Las Vegas or Salt Lake I would choose Dr. Peterson. He is so great! Very professional and honest. His staff is so great too.. Specifically the front desk lady Joley and nurse Karen. I am only 10 days PO but I love my breast lift and my TT! I can wait to see in a few months when everything has had time to heal.

13 Days PO!

Hey everyone I get one drain out tomorrow morning WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!! Heck yes! I have tried not complaining about em, but I really don't like em. Tried being patient too. Oh I am so excited.. Anyway, here's 13 day pics! Swelling not bad at all thanks to me mum and her skills! Love my mom, she's the best! I am scared to get the drained removed tho cause I'm pretty sure it's ganna hurt! They say it's fast but I will let you know tomorrow what it's like..

One down..

One to go! The nurse said if there is hardly any drainage I can remove it tomorrow!! Otherwise it will be Wednesday.. :/ but still good! Oh yeah it felt so weird and gross aaahhhh! It hurt for only a second but the feeling and thought makes me cringe! Ugh... We are on our way to becoming normal! Well, a better normal ;)

Anybody had this happen???

I got my right drain out on Monday but my left one isn't quite ready.. But it hurts like a mo fo! My left side of my crotch is swollen and the where it inserts is totally killin me when I stand up or walk! I texted the nurse at the PS office so we will see what she says but I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this before?

Second drain out!

Thank heavens! It was just as bad as I thought it would be! I brought a towel to scream into and a towel to put pressure on it after she pulled it! I am so glad I did too! Ugh the first one wasn't this bad but this second one had some issues so I am so glad it's out..

28 days PO!

So, a couple weeks ago I developed seroma :/ such a nightmare!!! But I'm doing 100 times better and it's just about healed!!! They aren't quite sure how it happened but my PS says that the drains allow for bacteria to get in so that could have been the cause? Anyway, feeling so good and excited to keep progressing. I love reading about everyone getting ready for their surgery and everyone healing. These blogs are so fun cause you can post the good, the bad, and the ugly and everyone is so sweet and supportive! I was on the fence about doing a blog but I'm so glad I did so I can contribute to others as I have benefited from others. I love talking to all you ladies and have so many LOL moments that I have to share em with my husband cause he will just look at me like "what is so funny" haha! Anyways, just wanted to throw that out there :)


Ok so these pics are from a couple weeks ago.. I developed seroma somehow and this is what it looks like. It was really scary cause my stretch marks started to look like bulging veins!! As you can see in some pictures I started to get a rash from the cipro antibiotic they had me on. They changed it right away thankfully. After a blessing ( I'm LDS) and different antibiotics, and my PS put a noodle in my stomach for the fluid to drain, I finally started feeling a whole lot better :) kinda nasty tho..

On the mends..

Here we have some pics after about a week of treatment. You can see it is localizing itself down to a mallet area. And also a pic of me trying on a very small bikini haha! The bottoms are so tight it makes my lipoed sides look chunky! We'll call it my motivation swimmer ;)

Mostly Boobs

Here are the new girls!! Tapes off and I love em! They have some settling to do underneath where the scar is. Kind of square on some angles. Once the scar tissue where he made the incisions softens they will be way more round at the bottom. Still have A LOT of healing. My seroma is almost all cleared up as well. I like that my boobs look like they did when I was 18.. Not too big or small.. Just right ;)
Also, I started doing marble therapy on my BB. I like it but my PS told me yesterday that there is still a lot of swelling and that the way he shaped it, it will look great in a couple months. It won't look like a "cat butt" haha that's what I told him it looked like!

Slowly but surely!

Another week gone buy! Boobs are looking and feeling better every day! I do not like the swelling that takes place mid afternoon on in my abdomen! It's uncomfortable and sore.. I feel like I'm getting my strength back but it gets me in trouble still cause I overdue and am exhausted and pushed to my limits by 7pm. Oh and I tried working out 2 days this week but had to back off. You don't realize how much core you use in EVERYTHING!!

7 1/2 week pics

Here are some pics that were requested! Healing is going awesome. Stomach has minimal swelling. I do notice if I don't wear my CG, right above my BB swells a little and my incision in the very middle does. But other than that I have been great! Been doing vitamin E 2 times a day rubbing it on my scars. Also using a cream my PS gave me. Started jogging a little. My stomach muscles start to burn after a minute so I have to fast walk in between spurts of running. Can't wait to workout a lot more! Hope everyone is healing great and hope to give courage to all those debating on a procedure like this! Totally worth it.


I need to kick wheat and sugar!!! What the heck is wrong with me????!!! For the last 2 weeks I have been eating it like I just discovered it! So horrible.. Ugh. Why isn't the knowledge of how horrible it is for us enough?? HEELLLLLP!


HEYO! Yeah it's been a long time haha! Yesterday I got a Bb revision and lipo in the mons area (something I thought was going to be done). Yeah I don't recommend getting lipo in the mons awake.. it was horrible!!! And my Dr. Is awesome. So I'm not posting pics of that cause that will scar people for life! But anyway here's some pics of the BB. Looks great so far! We all know it takes a whole lot of time to see the real results but cross your fingers for me ladies!!!

Pre-BB Revision

BB healing good!!

K this BB looks so much better to me! Shaped more like a "normal" one haha! Very happy :)

Been long time!

Hey so it has been forever since I've updated!! Scars are looking good. Belly button looks great! The only thing that might bug a little is the scar from my infection and the cut he made on my right side. But other than that I love my boobs and everything else!
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