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My appt was today at 10:30 am...took the train to...

My appt was today at 10:30 am...took the train to Boston then the Green line and took me right on Newbury st..my mom accompanied me and she is my supporter...JaVonica and staff was awesome..every pleasant and answered all my questions..Dr D was very professional..very comical..and i said to him "On realself you are the KING OF BUTTS"he started laughing..it went perfect..my pre op is 2/2/15..i didnt mind waiting till Feb..My mom was so generous that she put down $4,500 as a gift..To all my Butt Dolls thanks for your step of the way of your experience and sharing your amazing stories..love reading and seeing how amazing My Sister Doll looks.

Made a mistake on year lol

My date is 2/19/16..getting ready on buying everything that i need..im nervous not gonna lie but thats a feeling that all of us go thru...my hubby is not on my side in this procedure..hes worried..but as long as i have my butt who cares what he says or think but i can understand him but thats a risk im willing to take..my mom and sister was blessed with one but i dont know what happen to me "i was cursed"lol....i need help on products i should buy..ive read many of u write it on their journey but im overwhelmed in the sense my dreams are gonna come true finally..thanks Doll

Some wish pics

Im 5'6 and a whole lot of 184 lbs fat lol


Before and After..ever since my dad passed its been a roller coaster for me...depression and anxiety just made me eat my life away..but its time for a hange and its now.

Before pics

Ill post after pics..having trouble posting all at once.

Day of surgery

Dr D said i will be getting 2000 CC or even more and hes adding hips as well...i did my little dance lol...already have the remaining balance on hand and paying on mypreop appt which is 2/2/16.

Calling all my Dr.D sistas

Question:::How was your experience going in to the operating room?..I have bad anxiety and I wanna be as calm as I can since no sedative is not given..your story will give me an idea what to expect and how long was your surgery and how hrs in the recovery room before you was release..Thank you Dolls..This info would help alot.

Merry Christmas to all Dolls

Hope you all have a safe holiday along with your family n love ones..on my way to work ladies so have a great day yall..xxoo.

Boppy Pillow

Got my boppy pillow for $5 at Offerup..the funny thing is the girl that sold it to me she is my son friend and i didnt know till i got there..she was selling it for $10..but before i got there i manage to get it for $5..i know this can be expensive so im doing search.Have to see Dr D on Feb 2nd and the 3rd on my way to Philly to blow off stress and relax before my sx on Feb 19th..i told my job i have surgery and im gonna be out for a month...good thing hubby works and pay the bills lol


How much Dr.D charges to lipo arms?


ive been ordering n so far so good..no joke when i tell you one of cysm faja arrived...so i decided to try it on..OMG the zipper part was on my sides lol i couldnt even stretch it n it was a 2xl..the butt part i felt like i had a dam wedgie...i need help with faja names..i have to return it...the lipofoam how much do i need?cause i only received 1..thanks ladies...ooo before i forget do i need a faja that has holes on the butt

36 days to my transformation!

Dolls is this the faja i need...i ordered it thru Leonisa and its the paper that Javonica gave me..just wanted to make sure cause this faja is in spanish and i prdered it english lol...has the soft stocking look on the butt..im waiting for the waist faja which came out new no zipper nor clips..Girls what do you think?

pics of faja


Just open up my instagram back..following Dr D only lol..if any of you girls want to add me its
dr.d.doll.thanks ladies and have a great booty day too bad i cant say the same for me lol


Girls..ive browsing on post surgical compression faja..ok bought 2 from the print out JaVonica have given me..i bougt the compression for arm..i bought in case i decide to do arms..but Dr D doesnt know it till i tell him feb 2nd lol..my arms are way to fat and need it gone so it can go well with my bod...this is where i need you ladies help..i bought 4 fajas already and had to return..too small and i know it wont fit me after surgery due to swelling..have any of u ladies gone to walmart..target..sears..jcpenny?im tired of mail ordering and have to return..im stressing and im traveling feb 3 till 18 i need this faja before i leave this state:)))..thanks

Clearance Nightmare and Headache

Ive had trouble getting a appt for my clearance..took my hubby to a appt 2 wks ago and decided to go and ask if they had openings..the girl said no to call the following week..i ask can i get another appt with another dr she said no it has to be with ur primary...so i said ok...called 2 days ago again..the girl said we have 1 for feb 2 at 11:30am..i told her i couldnt cause my appt with dr d at 10:30 in Boston..so she looked again..she said we have feb 3rd at 10..i told her ill be in philly..she said if theres a cancellation ill called which she never did cause when i went today they had one feb 2nd at 2:00pm so i thought perfect..ladies i need to know if its safe for me to go under..if i had to risk it without clearance i was willing to do it..scared out my butt but would of...so the girl ask me what was thesurgery for .i told her i dont want to tell her she looked at me with a lil face and attitude..i told her u are just a dam front desk worker who does appts and answer questions i dont feel the need to tell u my business ill tell the dr but not you..i thought let tellthis b*h that is for comestic..i did tell her and said are u happy i told u..so she said i gotta check if ur insurance pays for it..i swear ladies i wanted to pull her hair out..im stressing due to my surgery is coming up and having problems with faja due to my fat stomach and flat has trouble getting in:)then my trip coming up next wk thats why im leaving..thank god..i told her idgaf if my insurance pays or not cause if they dont ill pay..she wrote my appt date and time and gave it to me and snatch that s*t off her hands..my cousin works there and believe me she be tellingme how those b*hes be nosey..i got my appt at least i feel more at ease ause i thought i had to go under without clearance and thats one thing i wouldnt do.OMG what else is gonna happen lol

What else do I need?

So far i have arnica pills and roll on,benadryl gel,dial anti bacterial soap,compression socks,go girl,neosporin,merderma,4 epi foam,alcohol swaps,ab board and the board that goes on the back,2 faja that dr d recommends,and 1 faja with compression 2xl..i have lots of maxi dress,flip flop..im about to order lympathic drops..imgonna use a shower curtain to put on my bed..cause i think im gonna be time of the month oh god not looking forward to that..im about to buy exlax pills tommorow..when i come back the 18th is to clean,do laundry and shop for my drinks,protein shake,fruits like pineapple..thanks ladies

21 days to go to get Delveccho-fied

My day is aproaching quickly..wednesday im off to my hometown Philly to relax and prepare my mind for this long journey..today i had to see my dr for a long week having a headache that i couldnt shake off...monday i have to get a scan of my head and see the eye dr tuesday to see whats going on..im on meds for now..thanks @ladybug0918 for immediately calling me to check up on me..love u my sis glad that u can become part of my journey as im gonna be here for yours as well as all dolls here in RS..everything started not going my way..my bff that was suppose to take me for my sx text me that probably she cant take that she was gonna try..i understand due to the fact her grandmom just passed and her grandmom raised her since she was 8 her mom passed when she was 8 so her grandmom raised her..but ill give her time..ive been there for her since i met her at age 19 and so have she for me..but if she cant trust me my flatty is gonna find a way to get there..tommorrow i will be mailing my payment to St Elizabeth and anesthesia..i loved when i called they said you are a patient of Dr Dan Delvecchio?i said yes im gonna get Delvecchio-fied..the guy started laughing..so i have their address on deck and mailing it asap before i leave on my trip..i just want this over and enjoy the butt and figure i always wanted..im 100% that Dr D will deliver.

My date appt with Dr D :)))

Well dolls my surgery is Feb 19th @ 7:30am..Im his 1st patient of the day..im so lucky:))))he took pics..as he was telling me what he was gonna do to me i got more excited and i was actually shaking my flat assand body all over the room..omg im so crazy..he walks inand says the famous Maddy..i said im all over RS and IG dr d..and i sure mention dr og doll..love her ass..sh** i love all Dr D Dolls Ass lmao . ive met a few girls as they came in...it was very nice to have a few laugh..Dr D was very sexy as always lol..very kind and social..im very confident he will deliver.


Went for my preop test before surgery. .did the EKG..my dr said she didnt feel comfortable in what she saw on test..she said it might not be nothing..it can be a scar tissue from breast..but she wants to make sure..well my dolls i was suppose to fly out to my hometown philly tommorrow morning at 8:10 am..GUESS WHAT?i cant at that time..i call jetblue and they said to call after midnight and ask fora same day change..about to do that once im finish my update..the dr assistant tried to get me in for a heart echo but it was impossible..so tommorrow at 12 pm is my appt and feb 18th at 2pm i see the heart dr which same dr as my hubby..i decided to get this done and get it over with so i can leave mind peace...let me say i had struggles to do this surgery..sh**happening but then the luck comes and everything is smooth....but no matter what this ass is getting done period:)

Eyes Dialated Today

Forgot to mention this....saw Dr D @10:30..got home about 1:15..then saw my primary..got blood work done..went downstairs saw eye dr..eyes got dialated couldnt see sh**..had to drive..took my prescription to walgreens picking up tommorrow went to subway cause i was starving and came home to a migraine from all the lighting eye dr put on my eyes.i had a long dam day and i need CALGON!!!!!


Got my heart test done..that treadmill killed me...i was breathing thru nose and mouth at the same time but made it...my vacation time to prepare myself for my sx with my man Dr D..Take care my dolls..hopefully ill see my sis @ladybug0918 and sexy phillygal.

Preop Nurse called

Dolls this is getting real..nurse called me everything is all set..my time is aproaching 11 more days..hay hay hay!!but excited cause finally Im gonna make my dream come true and dr d is gonna make it happen

Foam question

My surgery is Feb 19 and my post op is March 1st..my question is should I leave the white foam dr d places on your back till he sees me march 1st so he can remove or should i do it myself at home?


Got a call from Javonica to change my date..it could of been tommorrow but im in Philly and dont go back to Boston till thursday...so as soon as i land its straight to St Elizabeth Hospital and have my sx

Had my surgery 2/18/16

Ladies sorry for not updating soon enough..my sx was at 4pm and didnt leave the hospital till 10:30 pm..due to i slept all that time..i feel stiff...getting out of been is a challenge..on my preop dr d said he. an give me 2000 cc or a lil more but end up with 3200 cc..


Last night pic

so far so good..no pain just stiffness

More pics

ill keep posting as i go...no pain but swelling, stiffness n bruised but otherwise feeling good.


Everything is good...alil swollen..i can walk n do shopping thank God.

My post op with Dr D today

Every thing looks great..see him back May 3rd...to the girl i met in his office didnt catch your RS name caught me by surprise that you knew who i was but it was nice talking to you.

more pics

Great job Dr.D

Pic taken at his office before he came in to see me

my mom was trippin lol

18 days post-op

so far so good..swelling is going down..itching is kicking..

Pics with VS thong on

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