Facelift and Tummy Tuck!!

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I had a neck / lower face lift / upper lower eyes...

I had a neck / lower face lift / upper lower eyes 8 yrs ago and loved it. Going back to the same physician now for a facelift / neck lift with fat transfer. The fat will come from the Tummy Tuck to be performed same day. At least that's the plan. I don't want to post my whole face so will do some editing before posting facial photos. Here is a photo of the blob. I have one child who is now 31. So 31 years of carrying the blob. Time to kick it to the curb. Surgery scheduled for June 5. I went in for a facelift consult but because I don't have enough fat on my neck for the fat transfer I offered up the belly fat and from that came the addition of abdominoplasty. I am 5'6" and about 130 lbs.

It is Starting to Get Real

I have received, from the hospital where surgery will take place, orders for blood tests required within 30 days of surgery, medical history forms to complete and return, and pre op instructions including bathing twice with CHG soap, wearing freshly laundered clothes, stopping herbal meds, etc.

My Dr. appointment for pre surgery OK is set for May 13. I had planned on strengthening my (very weak) core with an exercise program but haven't done a thing other than walk up and down 60 steps each day in the parking deck at work. My weight is good but I think I'm not in the shape I could be in prior to surgery. Anyone else worry about their physical conditioning and get through OK? I pretty much sit at work all day and come home and sit some more. I need to at least get back on my walk / jog program.

Yesterday I came down with a cold. My husband has had a cold for two weeks so I'm expecting the same but am trying all the tricks to beat it.

I have a long list of supplies to get and feel l need to get going on my shopping soon.

Just a short update today.

Things I'm Nervous About / Things I'm Enthused About and face photos!

Nervous About:
1) having FL and TT in one surgery. Being under GA for a long time.
2) worry that recovery will be difficult (especially for the TT) because I don't work out / think I have a weak core
3) maybe the fat transfer will alter my looks significantly and I will have to come up with an explanation for my altered (hopefully temporarily) appearance. Or that something will go wrong with the fat transfer such as it will be uneven or lumpy
4) I may not like the way my face looks and will get depressed. Will my eyes look to pulled out to the side / stretched / different?
Enthused About:
1) I will love looking younger and refreshed and will feel better about myself.
2) I might be able to feel comfortable in a two piece bathing suit! Heck I'd like it if I felt confident on a one piece :)
3) Clothes, in general, will look better on me and I will be able to buy and confidently wear some of those cute workout / casual clothes from Athleta (got that catalog in the mail today)!
4) i will not feel like I have to have a haircut that hides my face / jowls.
If anyone can help allay my fears and nervousness I'd love to hear from you. What were your favorite things about your TT or FL?
Here are some modified photos showing my face.

OK'd by Primary Care Physician (PCP)!

Feeling very good after my visit to PCP today. I had a great visit and feel the Dr. Was very thorough. Two things we discussed were that I take meds to control episodes of rapid heart rate (SVT) and have a "benign left bundle branch block (LBBB)". So I had an EKG and will bring the printout with me so the anesthesiologist is aware that the LBBB is normal for me and not an indication of a damaged heart. PCP was not too concerned about the SVT as it is under control and the surgeon and anesthesiologist will know in advance of it so if I have an episode they will not be surprised and can react to it.

Now I need to step up my preparation activities. I am continuing my stair walking exercise and will be adding additional walking / jogging which I hope will help with recovery. I'm going to purchase all the pre-op and recovery items on my list.

I have scheduled a second consultation with Dr Rodriguez for next week as my initial consult was a little rushed and I've come up with additional questions and want to know more about the surgeryin general.

22 days to go!

All Systems Go

Made my second and final pmt to PS and had pre op appointment today. Learned I will have a pain block device that will expel pain meds just to my abdomen. That is a relief. Dr. Rodriguez said that there's usually less nausea with this method and thinks that I'll be fine with just that. When I had my lower FL and neck lift I got by on Tylenol. Rhoda and Dr. Rodriguez were very patient and thoroughly answered all my questions and were very reassuring. Dr. is confident that I will be ready for work after two weeks. She said I will be very tired and will want a nap everyday. Maybe I will try for shortened workdays the first week back. Two weeks from tomorrow I will be in surgery!

Also, I hurt my knee yesterday (simply squatted down to lift something) and YOW! I had a meniscus injury in the past in the same knee and it healed on its own. The doctor says that the knee problem will not cause surgery to be cancelled. Right now it is throbbing so I think I'll make and eat dinner then rest my leg for a few hours. So much for my exercise program :-/

One Week from Today I'll be Recovering!

Had phone call from hospital for anesthesia pre-screen asked health questions, and gave me instructions and time to arrive. Have to leave my house at 5 am. I am not a morning person but think a foggy no caffeine morning head will be a good thing. All I'll have to do is take a shower, dry my hair, and get dressed in freshly laundered clothes before leaving. I'm going to have hubby take full body before pix which I'll post tomorrow.


Will post side by side when I get the after shots.

Freaking out - tomorrow is the day.

Worrying about potential complications yet trying to stay positive. Have not told my coworkers or boss or family. Coworkers think I'm going on vacation. (wish I was, it would be a fab one based on the cost of this surgery!) Only my husband, poor guy, and you are my support system. Ay yi yi what have I gotten myself into? I am going to call my daughter today to let her know. But will that burden her? She lives a couple thousand miles away.


Sx lasted 5-1/2 ish hours. I'm in my private hospital rm. Enjoying a bowl of chicken broth. I haven't looked at my face but can tell (and have been told) it is very swollen from the fat xfer. Abdomen is the most pain free thanks to the pain pump. Just a quick update to let u know I'm OK.

First "After" photos

Dr. Rodriguez stopped in and removed my facelift drains and the cotton padding under the CG. Here are photos hubby took.

I'm home now

In bed trying to get comfortable. I have 2 wedge pillows but my neck is very uncomfortable. Don't know how I'm going to sleep.

Shower After Tummy Tuck and Facelift

So, after a facelift there's a lot of crusty, dried up blood and fluids stucjpkmin your hair. After facelift PS said "You can wash your hair, but don't get water or soap run off on the holes where the drain tubes are. I thought I'd post what hubby and I came up with. It worked and finally, 4 days after surgery I have clean hair and even got my legs shaved. Probably could do as a one person task but most likely easier and less strenuous with 2 people. I was physically wiped out after this so don't attempt until you feel up to it.

Additional photo of Post-Op Shower (Tummy Tuck & Facelift)

Just wanted to show another view. You can see how the compression wrap is pinned to secure it, and also note the drain tubes wrapped vertically. The left one went right and around to my bum and vice versa for the right one.

2 Weeks Post Op

One of two drains came out yesterday. The left one was overall draining less than the right so that one was chosen. It was a weird sensation. She had me take a deep breath, expel and as I expelled she quickly pulled it out, there was a little sting (tiny) but the weird thing was how far up My abs I felt it come from. I truly went in thinking both would come out but it it was explained they never take both out on same day and good old righty would still have to be under 30 in the next 24 hours to have been pulled today. But it wasn't so I will have to conceal it under clothes at work. The long row of steristrip was also removed and I am able to start using scar therapy oil on it. I bought a couple to try and PS said try on a little area first so that's what I did. The one that I like the best so far has such a pleasant scent and beautiful texture is called Aroma Trees 12 Vitamin E Oil Complex Serum Beauty E Oil. Got it off Amazon. But I'm going to do more research as I want the best possible scar recovery. The other one is called Bio-Oil by bio-oil USA. It was highly reviewed but I preferred the scent and feel of the first one. What are you using on your scar?

My head staples and sutures were also removed. However, I don't think the nurse who was working on the left side snipped all of them so I will have them checked when I go back for drain removal. I am now allowed regular shampoo, face products. Yippee! My hair is on the short side so I'm also going to request a little more attention behind the ears so no sutures or scabs are visible. Only two more days to get "normal" and very rested looking. I did some clothes shopping today and got some nice things for work but won't be able to wear them until drains are out because no where to hide drain bulb. At work I will probably say I hurt my back to explain the inevitable slouching over. I always have struggled to maintain good posture and this TT makes that moreso. There is no way I will be able to keep a perfect posture going for an 8 hour day let alone more than 10 minutes at a time.

I washed my CG today and it is in the dryer so I tried my Miraclesuit garment and good thing I did because I really am not happy with it. Mainly because although there is an open crotch I still peed all over the damn thing. That would NOT have been cool at work. Today I bought some tummy control panties and will give them a try tomorrow. I feel most supported and comfy in the CG from PS.

Will post side by side pix another day ... am worn out from being busy today but it felt great to be out and about and we had perfect weather so I spent time sitting on the deck with a big floppy hat on to protect face and suture areas from the sun. Even did a little stand up gardening cutting off faded peonies, deadheading geraniums and pulling weeds from deck pots.

Before and After Side by Side

I am elated.

20 month follow up

So happy that I had the tummy tuck. Best decision ever. I have not gained weight and am a size 4. I feel so good about my body. The facelift is OK but I have more marionette lines on one side than the other and have gotten injections of voluma to add some volume to my cheeks and to help the marionette lines. Will do a separate voluma review.
Saint Clair Shores Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Rodriguez is very nice, down to earth, nice sense of humor, and from previous experience, very skilled. The office was very busy the day of my consult and it was a little rushed but because I have had surgery by Dr Rodriguez before this does not upset me. I know I am welcome to call with questions or return for further discussion.

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