22 Years Old, No Kids, Actress Ready for Boobies!! Detroit, MI

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Hello Realself World! My name is Taylor :) I am a...

Hello Realself World!
My name is Taylor :) I am a Detroit native who moved to NYC and is now ready to take the plunge and get my boobies!
After years of being jealous of my busty sisters, mother, grandmother, all female cousins, all aunts and basically every woman in my family I am FINALLY getting mine done! I'm convinced it'll help with my self confidence and my weight issues.
I am currently a 32A looking to be a small C because of my small frame :D! During my consultation my doctor and I chose Saline, Smooth, Mod +, 250-275 cc's Under the muscle. I couldn't be more excited! I am scheduling my date tomorrow for febuary!
I'll keep updating more on here later!

Update :)

I set up my pre op and my bought my plane ticket today for April 20th :)! Michigan and new boobies here I come!
(Before Pictures to Come!)

25 DAYS! AH! <3

I know I still have a while to go but I am so excited! My plane ticket is taken care of, my procedure is almost paid off! (Huge weight off my shoulders) and am sooooo ready for a couple weeks off of work! Peace New York ?? Time to have mom and dad take care of me :).
My pre-op is on April 20th and I cannot wait to actually go through all my questions and fears and ugh everything!lol I keep getting anxiety when I worry that the size is going to be too big or too small :/ But no matter what I am stoked for boobies!!!
ALRIGHT, so here are some before photos I've taken so I will (A) Have before and after pictures XD and (B) Get over my fear of taking selfies and photos of myself or in general. Which I should start doing. So here goes!!

Wish list

My stats
34A hopefully going to a big B small C ????????????
Smooth Round Saline Mod+ 250-275cc

Pre Op Questions!?!

Hi! Okay, I am having an anxiety attack and have no girls to talk to (live in a house of 5 guys) so please somebody give me some advice ????
What questions would you recommend asking your surgent at the pre op??? I just don't want to miss anything!
&& does anyone have any suggestions for aftercare supplies?

Thanks! Happy Wednesday!


Girls! I am freaking out! Since I live in a house with 5 guys- talking about my boobs is never the topic for long -__- So thank goddddddd I have this place!

Last night I played with my new sports bras and homemade rice sizers and it kind of made me more nervous about sizing! I've done so much research the last 3 years that I KNOW everyone gets like this but I get it now && it sucks! Wah!
When my PS and I spoke at my consultation we settled on Saline Mod + 250-275. I am so scared I am going to go too small and there won't even be a real change. I already have boob greed like a mofo because of my career choice I cannot go anywhere near a D but I would LOVE to be between a big B full C. That would be perfect for my small frame. How did you ladies decide?!?! Help! ????

I keep reminding myself that this process is fun! And exciting! *nervous laugh*


Oh my god! So I only have 2 days until I FINALLY going to have boobies! I am freaking out! And like normal I feel like I have no one to talk to about it. I left the boys in Brooklyn to come to Michigan for my Pre Op && coming up procedure.
When I went to my pre op we discussed leaning toward the bigger side rather than smaller for my boob greed has already started! My chest is petite, so Im not looking to have anywhere near D's. I just would like a moderate C cup. Were doing closer to 270+ cc's. SO im praying that they turn out right for my body.
I just started using coco butter on my boobs to help with the skin stretching- does this actually help?
Ive also been trying to make sure I take some more before pictures so I have something to compare them too. Which for me is a HUGE step. I am not a fan of selfies but I have to start updating. I know how much this site has helped me && I want to be able to do the same for somebody else! :)

I cannot wait to go shopping for new bras! I havent had to wear bras in years. I am stoked! XD

2 days til Boobies!

POD 2!!!

Hello ladies!

So my first day I slept and took my medicine all day. So a little soreness under my arms and my side boob area. Other than that I have zero bruising so far which is awesome! But I do feel like a child having my mom literally do everything for me. I spent wayyyy too much money not to make sure they heel as easy as possible :D!
So I've been updating my Instagram way more frequently than on here so feel free to follow me! --> ba_april_24_2015

So the size I ended up getting was 270 cc's right and 240 cc's left. I took off the bra today to finally see my how they look and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! They look absolutely amazing! And I love them so so so much!!! :))))))) I am so happy and it's worth all the pain!


pod 19!

Every day they're getting a little squishier and softer. I absolutely love them! They are dropping pretty well and evenly. I can't believe I'm not even at my 3 week mark yet! I am so happy I have them & I love them so much. I had zero bruising at zero pain. A little uncomfortableness when I lay on my side but that'll go away. I'm really pumped! && you cans can follow me on IG- @ba_april_24_2015. There's plenty more pictures and more frequent updates on my recovery. In the mean time here are some photos!!! Happy hump day!

Video XD!

Squishy test POD 18
Squishy test Video!! pod 18. Everyday they get a little better :)
Saint Clair Shores Plastic Surgeon

During the first consultation he was very professional and did a great job playing along with all of our ridiculous questions. His assistant Cathy was wonderful and stayed with me after the initial meeting to show me more before and after pictures. It was quite the treat :). I am looking forward to my upcoming procedure!

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