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ULTRASHAPE and COOLSCULPTING review. I was both a...

I was both a client and technician to each. Here is my personal experience in both servicing and receiving.
I was in my middle 30's out of shape but not overweight. 5`2 almost 130 pounds but in the poorest shape of my life. I had not worked out in 2 years which is why I wanted to get rid of some of my extra pounds of fat, mainly in my abdomen but also my thighs.

Ultrashape works!! Cool Sculpting works!!! Period!!!!
I had Ultrashape treatments last year on myself before I decided to be a technician and perform the services on others. I lost 1.75 inches in my lower abdomen after three treatments within three months. That is too long to wait between treatments(This is not recommended for optimal results)
***You should have 3 treatments 2 weeks apart for a total of 6 weeks.
My abdomen fat has not come back its been 10 months. Unfortunately, I did not follow the proper treatment regimen at the time so I know my results could have been better.
Needless to say, the inches have not come back!!! I almost have a flat stomach which I have never had in my life.

I also had Cool Sculpting treatments done in 2014 and was a technician for that company as well. I had less results with Cool sculpting but I am not a big girl. I lost 1 inch in my lower abdomen and kept that off but had a total of two treatments in my lower abdomen and also treated my flanks with no results.
I did lose 1.15 inches when I treated my outer thighs (saddle bags) with a flat panel but didn't have results from treating my inner thighs. My saddlebags have not returned.

Both treatments theoretically have the same end result. However, Ultrashape is virtually pain free and the results are quicker because the fat cell is being destroyed on the spot instead of having to go through a process called apoptosis ( death of a cell) which takes on average 3 months.

Measurements were done 30 days after clients last treatment.
The average loss of clients was 3 inches in the abdomen.
The max was over 4 inches and the lowest was 1.25 inches.
The best results were when clients followed the 6 week regimen of no alcohol 72 hours after each Ultrashape treatment (the liver will break down alcohol before fat, we don't want that) They also followed the nutrition guide designed for Ultrashape, and exercised, especially after the treatment to speed up the body's metabolism and encourage the lymphatic system to expedite the excretion of fat and toxins.

Measurements 90 Days after clients treatment
The average loss was around 1-1.25 inches off a single area treatment.
Meaning if we treat your lower abdomen which typically requires 2 heads minimum (small or large) the average loss was about an inch (which is good, its permanent)
Same for the circumference of the thigh area. If you are treating one area on the leg such as the inner thigh. The average loss was about an inch. Multiple treatments can be used in the same area for more fat loss.

Who is a good client for ULTRASHAPE??
Good for people who are in moderate to good shape and only have those stubborn areas of fat to lose typically in the midsection and with a BMI of 30 or less.
Best treated on the abdomen, flanks and thighs.
Quicker results, No Pain
NOT good for overweight or obesity.
NOT good for arms, chin, knees, elbows, or large pockets of fat

Those who are moderate to overweight, outta shape, or have larger pockets of fat to lose.
Great for de-bulking the body as long as it is NOT VISCERAL fat.
Coolsulpting can treat a lot of areas like fat pockets on the back, flanks, bra fat, underarms, double chin, knees, elbows and other off label areas as well.
NOT GOOD if you can't handle a little bit of pain, numbness or bloating
NOT GOOD if you only want one treatment and expect more than a 1inch loss.
Prices vary depending on size of area treated
from $1500-$3000 total for a series of 3
average loss globally is 2-3 inches
or 1-2 dress sizes

For a single treatment
Apparatus heads vary on average $675-$950 each
No one ever uses 1 head in a treatment
Example lower abdomen needs 2 heads, full abdomen may need 3-4
The Cost is based on the area treated.
VIP pricing is offered at different locations
licensed technician

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