40 Y/O and It's Time for an Overhaul. 325/350 Mentor mod plus, St. Charles, IL

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Hi ladies. I too have been actively searching on...

Hi ladies. I too have been actively searching on Real Self for a while now trying to learn everything I can about this procedure. I’m scheduled for a full BL (anchor incision) and BA on 11/3, less than a week! I’m 40 years old, 5’4” and about 123 pounds. Married to a wonderful and supportive hubby and have breastfed 2 great kids (3 and 9).
Pre-babies, I had very nice, round 32 D breasts with not a lot of projection but lots of side boob. I still have a decent amount of breast tissue, but it’s just droopy and had has lost all firmness. I look pretty okay in a good bra, but I really don’t like how they look naked and wish I could wear the cute dresses and tops that I see all the time. Basically, if I can’t wear a bra with straps with the outfit then I can’t wear it. I’ve worked hard to lose my baby weight and I’m ready for my breasts to match the rest of my body.
As far as size is concerned, I’m wanting to look natural and I don’t want anything that will make me look heavy or get in the way when I’m working out. I really hope to look about the same in most of my clothes, but with more fullness and less sag and sitting higher, of course.
At my initial consultation, my PS mentioned a small implant for some upper pole fullness with the lift, but we did not discuss cc’s. When I went back for another consultation, he mentioned in the area of 225 cc’s. I had done rice sizers of 180, 240 and 300. I felt 180 was too small and 300 was too big and liked 240, so I was happy we were in the same ballpark. I’m trusting his expertise to choose the right size implant during surgery within the range of 200 to 250 cc’s, Mentor silicone, round, moderate plus profile. I also have some asymmetry as my right is bigger than my left. My PS is going to remove some tissue from that breast to even them out.
I’m not thrilled to be posting pics of my naked, saggy breasts (I feel like I’m breaking some cardinal rule by putting these on the internet), but I know how much before and after stories and pics have helped me and I want to give back if I can.
Okay, that’s all for now. Thanks for listening!

Total Boob Brain

It's been really nice having Halloween and then my anniversary (today) right before my surgery. Really good distractions and time is flying by! My house is clean(ish) and I have frozen a bunch of meals, gotten my supplies together and done the grocery shopping. It's really strange to be excited about someone chopping up your breasts! I have had total boob brain since I began looking into this procedure. For example, I was recently in the library and overheard a mom telling her child "nickels, nickels" and I kept thinking she was saying "nipples, nipples". I'm also constantly assessing everyone's boobs around me (in an appreciative kinda way) and when I saw a guy with no shirt on the other day I immediately began to wonder what cup size he is....ay yi yi.
Anybody else with boob brain? I'm ready to get this show on.the road and stop obsessing....or at least start obsessing about recovery.

4 More Hours!

It's 4:30 in the morning and I just can't sleep. I have to be at my doctor's office at 8 for surgery at 8:45. Luckily, his office is about 10 mins from my house and he has his own surgery center. I'm just ready to get this over with and start the healing process.
I'm so hungry. I think whenever you know you can't eat then that's all you can think about! I also find myself hoping that I don't say anything crazy while under the influence of the happy medicine! Then I started thinking, "well, I hope I don't say THAT and definitely not THAT!" Like I'm just going to spill all my deepest, darkest secrets! Oh geez...if I could just stop thinking, lol!
Anyway, it will be time to take my shower soon with hibicleanse soap. I can wash my hair but not use conditioner and I can shave, but no make up, jewelry, lotion or deodorant. I'm thankful I'm focused on those things (I'll stink with no deodorant, I'll feel naked without earrings, my skin will be so dry without lotion, I'm hungry), instead of focused on what's about to happen to me.
Alright ladies, thanks for listening to all my random thoughts! See you on the other side!

Day of Surgery, How Many CC's??

I had the full best lift and augmentation yesterday. It took about 3 hours and then I was in recovery for about an hour. They had me remove all my.clothing except socks. They put in a catheter after I was out b/c of the length of surgery and how much fluid they would be giving me. They also had me take a Valium a little before surgery which helped. I walked to the OR and got on the bed. The nurse and anesthesiologist asked if I was ok b/c I was so quiet. I told him I just kept telling my self not to run out of the room! I never saw my dr before surgery which I was surprised about. I just wanted to go over size range one last time. I remember the IV going in and that's about it. Woke up in recovery with a little discomfort but not bad, tight and engorged feeling. I.had some juice and a cracker then.my nurse, Sheri, put some aqauphor on my lips which felt great! I HATE dry lips and even made sure my hubby would have some handy right after surgery! Lol
Nurse took catheter out then I peed. I was pretty dizzy so took me a few mins just to walk to a bathroom that was about 5 feet away.
So here's what I'm concerned about (so far!) I asked nurse what size I got and she said 300's. Omg! The 300 rice sizers seemed too big and my doctor and I discussed a range of 200 to 250. She said there was a big pocket to fill??
On the way home I told my hubby about this and he said my doctor came out and told him 325 in one and 350 in the other (I did have some assemetry and we discussed he remove tissue for that). I'm just confused and don't want to be too big! I have post op this morning so I need to clarify all this. I keep telling myself this is all just a cruel joke and they'll tell me it's really 225...I don't know. I'm trying to stay positive and remind myself my . doctor knows what he's doing. I'm so glad I can.tell all you ladies about this b/c I don't want to let on to my hubby that I'm really concerned about this, though he knew this is not what I wsnted. Just have to wait and see I guess. Sorry this is so long with so many typos, my vision is blurry.

First Post Op

Went for post op and doctor confirmed 325 rt, 350 left mod plus ....so, about 100 cc's more than I expected. Doctor said once he laid me back my breasts were much wider than expected thus the bigger size. He told me they're swollen now and the size will.go down about 15%. I sure hope so! I think.they look good, but just bigger than I wanted and hope they dont make me look heavy. Just trying to trust his expertise.
As far as pain, I'm pretty comfortable in recliner. Hurts when I sit up and worse when standing. I still have the pain pump so I think that helps. I'll go back to doctor Friday morning to remove pain pump and change steri strips. Oh and I could feel when my doctor felt my nipples so that's good. Boy is my vision blurry. I'm sure this update is full.of nonsense!

Alligator Arms

When will I be able to move my arms more??? I feel like such an invalid! Just trying to scratch a little itch on my nose is really hard! And feeding myself anything without a utensil is hard. And my eyes are so blurry and burn a little. Anybody else experiencing this? I'm wondering if it's from the anesthesia from the pain pump.
Other than that, just uncomfortable while sitting/ propped in the recliner. Now I know what everybody means about the pain when standing up. That's pretty bad! Would like to poop b/c my tummy is starting to hurt, but on the other hand, not sure I could wipe myself. I know my hubby loves me and he's taking good care of me, but come on!! Taking miralax and will probably take milk of magnesia if no relief by this afternoon.
I'm still concerned about size but I did catch a glimpse of myself when I washed my hands a few mins ago and they don't look huge in my hoodie. Plus, I have a lot if gauze stuffed in my surgical bra right now. What I like about the after pic I have is they already seem to have a nice shape and nice cleavage. I'm excited to go back to doctor tomorrow and see them again and I'll probably be able to shower after that.

Thank you to all the RS ladies for your support and encouragement. I definitely needed it when trying to come to terms on the size!

I Smell Like a Homeless Person

I had my 2nd post op appointment yesterday. PS said everything looks good. Still a little swollen. Didn't see any bruising yet. He removed the pain pump which felt weird, but didn't hurt. Did not remove the tape from incisions (is that the same thing as steri strips?) I go back on Monday to switch those out. He said I could take a shower yesterday and pat tape dry, but I really didn't feel like it. Now I'm wishing that I did because I smell like a homeless person...a homeless person with really nice boobs! I'm still sleeping in recliner with a small pillow behind my back and using a travel neck pillow which is pretty comfortable but of course my back and shoulders are sore. I'm planning not to take pain meds today, other than tylenol, but I don't expect that to help much. Occasional shooting pain in one of my boobs and feel itchy. I wish I had taught my hubby or my 9 yr old son how to do a ponytail before my surgery b/c I look crazy right now. You know the girl from napoleon dynamite with the wonky side pony? Well, that's me! I'll try to get some pics after my shower.

Day 4 Post Op

My hubby helped me get a shower and it was really nice. So good to be clean. When I looked in the mirror before my shower, just at my torso, I was pretty upset and feeling too big. After I showered, I looked in a full length mirror and feel much better about size. Still on the big side but hopefully not too big. I'm feeling pretty good today. Able to get around the house well and play with my kids a little. Just get tired easily.

1 week post op

I'm just over a week post op (surgery last Tuesday, it's Thursday morning). I go back to the doctor on Friday to have my sutures removed so I'm anxious about how that will feel and look like. I also went in on Monday and they removed the tape and cleaned the incisions and that didn't feel too bad and I was surprised that they cleaned fairly aggressively.
I'm feeling pretty good. No real pain in my breasts, more discomfort or tightness and sometimes a hard, knot like feeling here or there. My shoulders hurt and some pain under my arms, especially in my right side and more with activity. Still not a lot of energy so I rest a lot but don't really nap. My hubby was off work until Wednesday so that helped tremendously. I don't think I could have taken care of myself or my kids (9 and 3 1/2) before 6 to 7 days post op. They're old enough to be pretty independent and I purposefully waited to do this until my youngest was out of her crib/highchair and could climb into her car seat by herself so I never have to lift her (though I miss doing it)
Driving: I drove my daughter to dance Tuesday, just 10 mins away, back roads. It was challenging and uncomfortable. I drove like an old lady/truck driver (wide right turns). It took a lot of concentration so I would say limit your distractions (I had to make sure she had everything she needed and was happily playing on my phone before we left because I would not have been able to hand anything to her). I also needed to use my manual remote for my garage door because I couldn't reach high enough to use the one on the roof console. Seat belt felt weird because until then I had kind of held it away from me. Not painful though.
Misc Tips: My hubby bought 2 half gallons of milk instead of a gallon and moved them lower in fridge and that's the heaviest thing I have to lift right now. He puts dishes and anything from higher shelves out on the counter for me in the morning before he leaves and makes sure to open any jars I'll need. I'm just doing the bare minimum like feeding myself and kids, getting them to school, but no cleaning or laundry or grocery shopping. Hubby does all that after he gets home from work. He's really a saint and I feel very guilty but we're doing everything possible to ensure good long term results and no complications.
Showering: Still tough and I honestly only take one every other day because it's tiring. My neck and shoulders are so sore after because I have to hang my head forward to reach it and to wash my face. I sit on a stool and manage to shave my legs but underarms are trickier. I'm a bit of a beast right now and hats are my best friend if I have to be in public.
Size: Still feeling like I'll be bigger than I wanted. I think they'll be beautiful and PS did a great job (minimal bruising or real pain or swelling), but I do wish we had maybe discussed going moderate profile with less cc's. Maybe that would have filled my pocket up without the added volume? I don't know, still trying to reserve judgement and just letting myself heal...
That's it for now. Sorry it's so long. Thanks for listening, this is great therapy!

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About 2 Weeks Post Op

I feel like some swelling has gone down and some dropping has taken place so I'm starting to like the results a bit more. I hope things keep going in this direction! I saw my PS yesterday and took a peak at my scars for the first time (I always have tape over them other than when my doctor's office changes them) and the scars look fantastic! Very excited about this! The nurse has removed sutures 3 times so far and she said by the time I go back next week they should all be ready to come out. I think the plan is to keep the incisions covered in this tape for about 6 weeks.
PS said everything is healing well and just keep taking it easy so as not to damage the lift. Still not raising arms straight up or straight out and not lifting more than a few pounds. So, still pretty much in button ups and in surgical bra. Also not to sleep flat yet or in fetal position, but I don't have to be so propped up. So, sticking with the recliner, but I do miss my bed and snuggling with my hubby!
I also miss the gym and I'm getting soft and jiggly (my body, not my boobs, lol)! It probably wouldn't be too bad if my eating habits didn't tank whenever I take a break from the gym. Oh well, this too shall pass!
Im not in any real pain. Some soreness here and there, a few zingers and some hypersensitivity on my right nipple. Oh yeah, I also have some numbness down my right arm and underarm. It got better after I loosened my bra a bit and doctor said it's from swelling and will go away.
Showers have gotten a little easier and I've gotten a little smarter.
All in all, the worst part is the guilt over not being able to help a lot around the house; although my hubby has been great and is happy to do it. (I am able to do a little more every few days so at least there's progress.) The best part is not being saggy, yay!!
That's all I can think of for now!

Tighty Righty

I don't have a lot to update. I am liking them more and more so I'm either getting used to them or more dropping and fluffing is taking place (or both). Woo hoo! My right breast is bothering me. I keep looking in the mirror and expecting it to be swollen but I really don't notice anything. It just feels really tight and I feel swollen under my arm and still going numb down my arm, worse with activity or with just holding my arm at an angle. It doesn't feel harder to the touch than my left but I feel tight and throbbing, like something is constantly squeezing it. Not real painful, but always there and it feels deep, not on or near the surface. I'm hoping it's just that the muscle is more tight than my left or something like that. I see my PS on Tuesday so he will hopefully put mind at ease. Other than that, my left feels really good. I'm able to do a little more each day.

3 week post op scars

I have my 3 week post op appt tomorrow. The nurse told me to remove the tape today and rub a body oil (not lotion as she said most contain Alcohol so i used Palmer's body oil) on my breasts today and then not put the tape back on. I avoided putting it on the incisions. The rest of the stitches are supposed to be removed tomorrow and then they'll put the tape back on.
I hated taking the tape off. I'm apparently a big wuss. I think the scars look great so far. The stitches are poking me without the tape on. I hate it and just want the tape back on. That's all for now. Think I'm going to put the tape back on because I'm not going to get any sleep tonight if I don't :-)

4 Weeks Post Op and Whoops, I Went Bra Shopping

Hi ladies! I'm 4 weeks post and feeling really good. Liking my new additions more each day. I have a couple Christmas parties to go to and just couldn't stand the idea of wearing my post op bra (my PS still wants me primarily in it) so I went shopping. Measuring a 32 DD at a department store. I bought a pretty, wire free Chantelle bra (marked $70, but rang up $48!) and this lacy red bralette is a Wacoal for $30. It's not very practical being lace, but I talked myself into it. I figure I might wear it in the bedroom for a little bit because I'm certainly not wearing my post op bra for sexy time but I think I'd feel more comfortable with something on for awhile. I don't think my husband will complain! I just can't tell you how good it felt to love the way I looked without a bunch of padding and push up! It was an amazing moment!

As far as healing, I'm doing great. My arms are tired by the end of the day. My range of motion is about 80%, but I know that comes with the territory of a full lift and it's so worth it!
The underarm swelling and numbness down my arm are almost completely gone. I have some hypersensitivity in my nipples, mostly right, which has been present since day 1 post op, but I can deal with it.
I think that about covers it. Hope everyone in boob land (as my hubby refers to this site) is doing well!

5 Weeks Post Op

Hi lovely ladies. Today is my 5 week anniversary and I am falling more in love with my boobs each week. They definitely feel like they're part over me now. I'm finally to the point that I love the size and no longer worry they're too big. I'm so glad my PS chose the larger size. He knocked it outta the park! I wore one of my XS tops to a party Saturday night and it still fit great so that went a long way in my new found happiness with the size. I was also so happy that I didn't feel like the way I looked was a charade - it was all me, if that makes any sense.

As far as limitations go, I'm still not 100% with range of motion. I can reach my left arm straight up, but can't handle too much weight in that position (I can reach up to a high shelf and knock something light off of it, but have to ask for help at the grocery store to get a half gallon of milk off the top shelf). I can't quite reach straight up with my right arm yet. It just doesn't go...yet. I also get stuck in shirts occasionally that are a little fitted and my 9 yr old thinks it's hilarious that he has to help me! I just can't forcefully pull down on my arms to get out of them without it feeling like something I shouldn't be doing. I really have no pain in my breasts at all other than hypersensitivity in my right nipple still, but I think that's improving. The only pain I have is in my shoulders, neck, collar bone and worse on my right side. But, again, improving.

I'm still sleeping in my recliner because I'm more comfortable a bit propped up than lying flat, but this is getting better too. I'm afraid that if I sleep in my bed I'll roll onto my side and that position sounds terrible to me and I haven't been cleared to go onto my side yet. I ordered the Nightlift bra a few days ago in anticipation of being cleared to try sleeping on my side soon. I'm going to take it to my next appt, if it gets here in time, to see what my PS thinks about it. I miss sleeping in my bed and with my hubby so much!

All in all, I'm so glad I did this. I love the outcome and I know it will just get better and I'll still gain strength and flexibility. I just hope my boobs don't drop much more, I like them right where they are!

Hope everyone is well in boobland tonight! Take care lovely ladies!

8 Weeks

Hi ladies. I've made it to 8 weeks post op. Things are going fairly well. Here's my update:
Scars/Spitting Stitches
I took my tape off Sunday and felt something hard along the crease incision of my left breast. I think it's a suture working itself out. I have an appt to see the nurse tomorrow morning. I put a band aid on it and some neosporin. It's white and feels like plastic but isn't sticking out far at all so I'm not sure what they'll do. I've been having some pain in that area since yesterday. I also have a white area at the upside down T that looks like a scab, but white. Other than the creases, my scars look amazing! My PS did a fantastic job. For scar treatment, I'm still to wear tape over the incision sites for 6 days then take them off for a day or two then reapply. I also use Palmer's cocoa butter body oil around the tape (it was getting too sticky when applying directly over the tape) twice a day and massage it into incision sites directly when tape is off.

The Nightlift bra arrived in time to take it to my most recent appt with my PS. I put it on for him. He has no problem with me wearing it, but wanted me to make sure non of the straps were digging into my breasts. I wore it for a few nights, but it felt like it kept riding up on my breasts. This may be a size issue, but I really don't want to go through the hassle of returning it and waiting for a new size. I think I'll just return it and get a refund. I'll update you ladies once I've gotten the refund. As long as that goes smoothly, I'll be glad I at least tried it. I will say when I had it on, it felt very cozy and supported from all angles, but then it started to ride up during the night.

I was cleared to sleep any way that's comfortable about 2 weeks ago. I've been back in.my bed since Christmas eve (my son was worried Santa wouldn't come if I slept in the recliner and that was just the kick in the butt I needed). The first night was a bit rough. Not very comfortable on my side and my back started to hurt after a few hours. The second night (and since) has been much better. When I'm on my side I hold a lumbar roll pillow against my chest which helps. This is comfortable until 3 or 4 in the morning and then I flip to my back. I've been experiencing morning boob since being out of the recliner, but it only lasts a few minutes.

I was cleared to get back to the gym at my last visit but have been busy with the holidays and kids being out of school. I'll go back next Monday and start out slow with the eliptical and bike. PS did caution to start slow, very low weights when I do start them and still no reaching back and pulling. My range of motion is still not full. I notice this when reaching up but I am able to do more and more so I'm happy as long as there is progress. I'm really looking forward to easing my way back into working out...and not eating like a mad woman!

I think that covers everything. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

I hit post on accident...more pics

More pics

Spitting Stitches

I saw the nurse today and she said the red area that was bothering me where I saw and felt a white plastic like piece poking out was oozing a bit but no stitch there so she said it probably already fell out (it did get to the point where I could no longer see/feel it but still hurt). The area at the center of the inverted T where I had a white scab was a spitting stitch (suture really) so she scraped it and trimmed it. She put aquaphor on the areas and covered with no stick gauze and told me to change dressing tonight, reapply aquaphor and them put new tapes on tomorrow. I took a pic just a few mins ago. It kind of stings but wasn't bad at all (which is making me think I have more numbness than I thought).

I had put neosporin and a bandaid on it but she said no more neosporin because it has some properties they don't like. I didn't ask for more details.

The hole stings and I get a shooting pain here and there so hopefully it will get better soon. Happy healing and happy new year ladies!

Capsular Contracture

Hi ladies. I'm sorry it's been so long since I've updated. Life got busy and my boobs just became a normal part of life and I was really enjoying them with the exception of sometimes still wishing they were smaller (usually when wearing a bathing suit or something showing a lot of cleavage). Working out got pretty much back to normal (eventually) with the exception of push ups. Those never really felt like a good thing to be doing. I could do them but it felt really weird so I didn't do many at all. Scars were healing great.

Around May, about 6 months post op, I began to feel a tightening in my right breast and it just progressed, pretty quickly actually. It became much harder than my left. I saw my PS and he advised aggressive massaging for a month to see if that would help. It didn't so he told me he would do a capsulotomy at no charge and would like me to wait until about 1 year post op. I was happy to wait since the surgery wouldn't interfere with summer that way. My breast felt tight, harder, painful here and there and was really uncomfortable to lay on.

I had the surgery on October 11th so I'm about 3 days post op now. I don't have much swelling and most of the pain is gone. My breast looks better already though not quite normal. I expect that to improve with time. The surgery was under local anesthetic. Hurt a little but nothing I couldn't handle. My PS made an incision in my crease, removed the implant, released the capsule and replaced the implant.

I am just hoping and praying there are no more complications. I knew this was a risk going into all this and so far I'm still glad I did it, but I do hope this is it! Thankfully my surgeon didn't charge anything for the revision but I do feel guilty that my hubby and kids have to deal with my boobs again; although they've been great - I just wish it was something that could only affect me.

Anyway, that's what's going on with me. I'll add some pics from before my surgery. I've gotten to the point where I don't like to take pics of my boobs (imagine that!) so I just asked my PS to send them to me.
Saint Charles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hewell is a very talented and caring surgeon with tons of experience. He's pretty funny too! I would refer anyone I know to him without hesitation. If you know exactly what you want, make sure you convey that. He sees his patients a lot in follow ups, which is wonderful, but make sure you ask questions: restrictions after surgery, sleeping, etc. I often would not have known I was supposed to do something or not to do something if I didn't ask. Great doctor!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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4 out of 5 stars Payment process
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