Breast Implant Revision for Bottoming Out & Capsular Contracture- 475cc Moderate Plus to 550cc High Profile - St. Charles, IL

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I had my original breast augmentation performed...

I had my original breast augmentation performed 8-4-14 and had 2 different complications in my breast. My left one had capsular contraction grade 4, and my right one had bottomed out. I do not trust my original surgeon to do the revision, so after doing some research I found Dr Todd Hewell whom I feel confident in performing the procedure. The revision is going to cost $6500 plus anesthesia fees which I'm estimating to be between $1000-$1500. I estimated my revision will cost about $7750 total. I paid $7000 which my first surgery with my former surgeon . So let's hope after almost $15,000 we can get this right!! Btw I am still upset that I wasted the $7000 with my former surgeon… I cannot stress enough how important it is to do your research and find a surgeon you really trust. A good question to ask yourself is "If I have surgery complications, would I trust this surgeon to operate on me again?? "

One perk of my revision is that I believe I am switching out to the perfect size implants for my shape. I originally had 475cc moderate plus silicone smooth, and i will be switching out to 550cc high profile silicone smooth. I am so excited about my surgery that I am already starting to forget about how upset I am with my former surgeon's practice lol (for more reasons why , check my other reviews). Anyways I am hoping for the best !!

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5 days pre-op for Breast Revision- 550 cc High Profile Silicone

My Breast Revision surgery is in 5 days . I'm excited , but nervous .. Can't wait to switch out from moderate plus to high profile !!

Revision for contracture and bottoming out , starting to get nervous

I'm almost 4 days pre op , and the anxiety is starting to set in !! As excited and optimistic I am about surgery and results , the whole going under and pain thing is always a trip . I have young children I need to take care of after , so that is the hardest part . I want to only focus on the good , but it's still frustrating to me that I have to go through all this again. I am still upset with my original surgeon . As much as I trust my revision surgeon , there may be repeat complications regardless now that I am more prone . I defintely feel much more at ease with this surgeon tho . And I will be posting after pictures this time !!! (Because I am sure they will look great and sexy at first :) plus I want to bring a little "positive energy " to the realself community .. Because even though I expressed my negative experiences I had with my previous surgeon , plastic surgery can still be a really great thing !! I'm not giving up yet . I've had some positive experiences in the past too .. so here's to a hopefully successful surgery !!

Pre-Op Appointment

Today was my pre op appointment !! I'll have my new boobies In less than 48 hours :) im still going with the 550 cc smooth silicone high profile under the Muscle. I can't wait !! I'm so so excited :)))))

Had My Breast Revision performed today!!

Today was the big day !! Everything went well and smooth, and tomorrow morning the Dr will take the bandage off. I took a peek and they look amazing!! But I am still so so scared of repeat complications :( I'm going to talk to Dr. Hewell tomorrow if I can do anything else to prevent them.

I got to see the Operating area, including rooms and the actual operating room… It was nice!! I like how they give you a private room with its own bathroom. I got to hang out in a comfy chair and read magazines and do crossword puzzles until I had to go back to the operating room. I wasn't nervous at all !!

And surprsingly, I was only in about 20 % of the pain I was with my 1st breast augmentation. I read reviews saying that Dr Hewell has good technique and people come out of his surgeries with very little pain. But I've also heard that subsequent breast augmentations aren't as painful as the first because the muscle is already stretched out. Regardless, it's a breath of fresh air not to be puking and in pain lol.

I will try to take a pic tomorrow after I get the bandages off and talk to the Dr. I think I have some bruising though, but we will see. Another thing is that it is going to be a challenge for me to upload pics on this site without getting the error screen lol.. But I'll try!!

Loveeeeee my new boobies !!!

I am only day 6 post op , and I'm already forgetting that I just had surgery !! Dr Hewell is really great . He has been doing lots of check ups , which is keeping my mind at ease !! So far so good !! It's too early to say I won't have any complications ... But I can defintejy say I LOVE my new boobies !!! And so does my hubby !! I feel super sexy :))) thanks Dr Hewell !!

Goods news!! The left implant that I had the revision for capsular contracture FINALLY dropped for the 1st time ever

My left breast that had the revision for capsular contracture finally dropped into place today !!! # weeks and 3 days after revision surgery. My right side is still in place, and has not bottomed out!! :) I'm feeling very grateful and happy !!!

Ok just to post a recap-

I had a primary augmentation with a different doctor that went bad and left with with contracture in my left breast, and my right breast was bottomed out . This left my breasts very asymmetrical. I realized this at about 7 months post surgery, and had a revision and implant exchange with a different doctor- (Dr. Hewell). I switched out both my implants because I was not happy with the size or shape from my first augmentation.

My revision surgery was performed 9 months post op from my primary augmentation. It was MUCH less painful and went smooth. Immediately after revision surgery, my right bottomed out breast was noticeably repaired. The left side was very swollen and still riding pretty high, but the doctor told me this was normal.

2 weeks post op i started doing the massages 5 times a day. By 3 weeks everything seemed to be settling into place. Then here is where things got interesting. I went in for a checkup exactly on my 3 week post op. Everything was going okay. Then the next morning I woke up, and I noticed my left breast that had been revised for contracture was starting to ride high again and have an oblong shape like it did previous from the surgery. I panicked and emailed Dr. Hewell's office. They told me I could come in again the next day.

So I arrive at the doctors office the following day, and Dr. Hewell said I was not developing a contaacture yet, but to start massaging 10 times a day instead of 5 and to double the sets and to get more aggressive.

So i followed his instructions!! And the next day (aka today as I'm writing this - 3 weeks and 3 days post op from my revision), I start my massages early in the morning at 7am. I was taking this so seriously, as I was pretty sure I was starting to develop a new contracture. By the afternoon at around 1pm, I was on my 5th massage for the day. This time I was getting aggressive with it.

Warning: what I did next I would not recommend without being told to do so by your doctor first. Ok, so my doctor warned me that I could be really aggressive with the implants, but not to aggravate the imframmary fold where the sutures are. Well, my left was still riding really high , so being on my 5th massage of the day and not seeing improvement on my left side I decided to get risky. I put pressure downward, and I'm pretty sure I broke through some of the scar tissue, or my muscle just finally relaxed (probably the latter, thats what Dr. Hewell said would happen) but either way… for the first time EVER, even since my primary augmentation, my left breast implant FINALLY dropped!!!! Woo too! I am so so so grateful!!!!!!

I know this doesn't necessarily mean I'm out of the clear for complications, but this is a REALLY REALLY good sign!! I'm really really happy right now :) Thanks Dr. Hewell!!

My next appointment is in 6 days (so I'll be 4 weeks 2 days post op), and hopefully we can get some pictures!! If not, we will for sure be taking them by 6 weeks post op and i PROMISE to upload!! Dr. Hewell takes lots of 3D pictures before and after, so I should hopefully get some decent shots. As of now, if my boobs stay like this, I'd be more than happy!!

Over 3 months post revision , still soft and happy !!

Just wanted to keep everyone updated on my progress . My left breast dropped even further down last week , so now my nipples are finally level !! ( even more so than prior to any augmentation !!) so I'm definitely happy :) My right breast hasn't bottomed out yet either . Dr Hewell is awesome !! If anyone is super interested in pictures , please inbox me . My hubby doesn't really want me posting pix of my boobs on the Internet , but I definitely at least owe a good bra shot to the Realself community !!

Love my new boobs !! Thanks Dr. Hewell!

3.5 months post

Breasts are still doing good 8 months post revision!!

8 months post revision, my breasts seem to be doing well!! I have not bottomed out on the right, and my left breast has settled nicely. It was definitely a few month process waiting for that left breast to settle. My symmetry and everything is good too!!

My only complaint is that the left breast I had prior capsular contracture in , still continues to hurt from time to time. It's not incredibly painful to where I need Tylenol, but it's frequent and is the worst right before and during my period. It seems to be getting a little better with time. I just saw my doctor Friday and he reassured me that everything is going well and on track. I guess my body has been through some trauma, and still needs to heal in the long run. Love the way my breasts look and my size! I just hope everything stays good.. xoxo

Over 1 year post op and things are going well !

It's been a while since I checked in , but gratefully saying that my breasts have settled in nicely and are both still soft !!

Breasts look awesome year and a half after revision!

I didn't think my boobs could look this great after my first botch job with a different doctor . Thanks Dr Hewell !!
Saint Charles Plastic Surgeon

I was referred to Dr Todd Hewell by one of my former bosses who is quite experienced with plastic surgery. She was looking to get her complete body and face done (about 30-40k worth of surgery), and was even considering my former surgeon. She did her research better than I did and saw 7 doctors total. She had previous breast revisions and could not get her former implants symmetrical either. She showed me her new breasts and they look AMAZING!! The nipples are perfectly symmetrical! She could not say enough good things about this doctor, and since I clearly am too trustworthy myself, I feel confident choosing Dr Hewell for my surgery. Btw, this guy really is legit. He has a beautiful facility with a salt water fish tank and he actually owns the entire building!! When a surgeon owns a big facility including the operating room, that is a good sign of success. Unlike many other surgeons who just rent rooms. Dr Hewell fixed my complications, and I am super happy with the outcome of my surgery even months later. The staff is great and professional. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!!

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