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After researching for several months, I finally...

After researching for several months, I finally decided to have the Ultherapy done today (lower face which included most of the neck, and upper lip). After consulting with 3 clinics within driving distance of me, I went to a plastic surgeon's office in St Augustine who specializes in facial rejuvenation. I chose them because the plastic surgeon actually does the procedure and has done it there for almost a year. The other 2 clinics delegated it to either an aesthician or nurse practitioner, with one just getting the device recently--decided I did not want to be someone they trained on. Neither of the other 2 would do a nerve block if needed, I wanted to know it was available just in case. I wanted the most experienced professional possible doing it (a plastic surgeon) since the price was the same.

I was worried after everything I read that the pain would be unbearable. The Dr. said if I could not tolerate it (was pre-medicated with 5 mg Valium and a Vicodin) that he would do a nerve block. That did not end up being necessary and I tolerated the procedure well. There were a few intense moments, but it was not nearly as bad as when I had non-ablative laser done to my eyes a few years ago, nor near as bad as I had anticipated it being. At worse pain was a 5-6 of 10 (at times but not the majority) and much of it a 3. He put cotton in my mouth to keep the tissue away from the bone and that helped.

I have very little swelling (not noticeable to anyone but me) and few welts (easily covered up with makeup-not severe). I took arnica for 10 days before, and bromelian, and stopped all NSAIDS. He used the new Amplify settings which i think made a big difference in toleration. I do have some mild numbness and tingling in the area under my cheek, but not terrible and not distracting.

The pain meds did not really buzz me out too much, (my husband did drive me to be safe) and they were wore off by noon, I was able to drive and go about my day with makeup.

I do see some immediate firming and tightening. The upper lip looks fuller and more upturned. He treated it conservatively as that area was most prone to welting but I had no problem with the lip and didnt even feel that part. prejowls are nearly gone (I had mild laxity, not severe) so i am very excited to see what i look like in the coming months, if today's improvement is an indication I think i will be very very pleased. I plan to do the brow area after I get done paying this off. This clinic takes Care Credit card at 12 months no interest so that made it convenient.

Overall, I definitely think it was worth it and will update as I see more results. I spent months (and hours) researching and obsessing over where to do this at and I hope my review can help others.

Day 2

Today is post-procedure Day 2 and the discomfort is probably a one if that. The best way to describe it is the soreness you feel when you have a bruise or bump then touch it. The light welts have subsided. I still have a little swelling- mostly from under my cheekbone to my jawline--but its not noticeable to anyone but me, and no bruising at all.
I definitely think the upper lip is improved about 70% - i had a noticeable "ribbon" look, it was the deep layer - i do not have superficial skin lines-- (i used to smoke, quit 13 yrs ago-i am 48) and this really improved them.. I have no swelling or redness at all on the upper lip, so i know its not being hid from any swelling.

For me this was truly a no downtime procedure, as soon as the narcotic wore off (about 4 hours after i took it) and i could safely drive, i was back out and about and working. I was tired today because i took a Zyrtec last night (he said I could take an antihistamine for the welts/swelling). Tonight I do not feel that i need to take anything.

One Week After

Today has been one week and I still have some slight tenderness, only when touched and/or applying makeup. At first I did not see any bruising the first day or so post procedure, but on day 3 I noticed some faint yellow bruising (NOT black and blue) on the area above my jawline on both sides. It was easily and totally covered up with makeup. I kept using arnica cream and it is gone now. The slight swelling as subsided and i still feel that my face looks tighter, with prejowls nearly gone, so it was not just the swelling masking them. My husband remarked that it made a noticeable difference (usually he will imply that I waste money on cosmetic procedures) and that it took at least 5 years off.

Second Time Around - Better with Lidocaine!

I posted here a little less than 2 years ago when i had my lower face done. My second time around Monday went well - brow area and touch up under chin which ended up being the whole neck. Dr used lidocaine injections (numerous) and that was MUCH better than just taking pain meds. I took 10 mg valium an hour before and did not take the lortab. The lidocaine injections were not much worse than getting a bunch of botox shots. I felt a few zings in the forehead area during the ultherapy and felt nothing except the pressure of her pressing the device when she did the neck area.

She told me she did it at the highest setting and that i would have some welts. I have no marks on my forehead except for a small bruise in the center from a lidocaine injection. It is only slightly tender if i touch it, no scalp pain or numbness there like some reviewers have reported for this area. My neck has some bruises and welts but cant be covered with makeup and my hair, and it does have numbness/soreness but it doesnt really bother me. I am using arnica on it. Forehead feels very tight like i had a lot of botox and cannot knit my brows together which hopefully means its doing what it is supposed to do. No swelling in brow area. Neck is sore and has some swelling under the chin so its too soon to tell, but I got a decent result there last time so hopefully this time will be good - the Dr said since its newer collagen from having it done before, it should give a better result the second time. I thought she was only touching up the area direclty under the chin (they will do the second treatment at a discount if you got it done there the first time) but she did it all the neck all the way to the collar bone. The first doctor (who moved and is no longer there) didnt do it that far down the first time, so i was glad to get more area covered for the discounted "repeat area" price.

i stongly advise anyone who does not have an aversion to needles, to definitely ask for numbing injections. I would not do it again without them, it made it much more tolerable. I will post an update after the swelling and welts go away in the neck area.

A Few Months after 2nd Ultherapy

I see some lifting in my eye area but not $1000 worth of lift. So it was just ok - not great results in that area. Since there is no fat to worry about losing, and i had no pain after like some people say, i would perhaps repeat the forhead later because they charge less for touch up/repeat sessions.

My jawline has improved and looks quite bit tighter. My neck seems to have some lines on it, where I had some bad welts, but they are not overly noticeable to people other than husband said he didnt see them until i pointed them out and then had to look. I have been putting Bio oil on them and it seems to help a little. Hopefully in time they will fade more. I think she went a bit too aggressive for my fair skin but was glad that she did under the jawline aggressively (was tender for almost 2 months( as that area improved nicely.

I have seen where another lady posted that she lost lots of volume in her neck - i consider myself lucky to only have a few lines and skin splotches and that it didnt seem to get rid of volume when i already have a thin neck. I will not do the neck area again - probably the only area i would redo periodically is the area right under the jawline/chin as that part seems to be quite worth it for me. I wont do the rest of the face esp the cheek and under eye area because i have read about too many people losing volume with this proceduer and dont want to risk that, or end up looking gaunt.
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