54 Years Old, Lost 80 Lbs, Getting Tummy Tuck and Brachioplasty (Arms) Done at the Same Time. - Barrington, IL

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Just got my Plastic Surgery Date: June 17, 2015. ...

Just got my Plastic Surgery Date: June 17, 2015. I am getting a Tummy Tuck and Brachioplasty together.
I had Lap-Band in March 2008, then Lap-Band Removed in November 2013 and Sleeve (VSG) in February 2014. I have lost 100 lbs all together since 2007. Can't wait to get rid of these Bat Wings and excess skin and fat on my stomach.
Dr. Christopher Pelletiere di my Breast Reduction and Lift in 2010.

Before Pictures

I am getting Abdominalplasty and Brachioplasty on June 17, 2015

Cleared for Surgery next week

I did all my labs and received clearance from my Primary care doctor for Surgery on June 17th.
I am renting one of those Lift Chair Recliners.
$150.00 for a month and they will deliver to my house next Tuesday.

Today's my Day

Ready to go

On the Flat side - Day 1 Post Op

I have a pain pump that I can press when feeling discomfort and it goes to my IV
I have a Foley Catherator so I do not have to walk to the bathroom. I think they are going to remove it today.

3 days Post Op

I am taking a pain pill every 4 hours. I set a timer on my phone. If I don't move around too much I don't feel anything.
I have my puppy MarDi sleeping with me and guarding me. He is so sweet.

3 days PO

4 Days PO

Feeling pretty good today. I still have not pooped yet. I am taking 2 Senna (natural vegetable laxative). My hubby made me a wonderful Turkey Club Sandwich. I have not had much of an appetite.
Pain is manageable if I stay on it and take a pill every 4 hours. I go on Tuesday for my first post op visit with PS.

Arms - 4 days Post Op

Arms - 6 days Post Op

Went to Dr. Pelletiere's office for my first Post Op visit. He removed tape and looked at incisions. Both arms look good.
I will start scar treatment at 3 weeks Post Op.
Put on the compression sleeves that I purchased online. They are Marena brand.

8 Day Progress Pictures

Ahh my first shower and 1 Drain removed.
Washed the Binder and changed all bandages.
I am very pleased how flat my tummy is already.
Swelling is too bass and not taking prescription pain meds yesterday or today.
My next appointment is June 30 next week and they will remove the other drain.

8 Days Progress Pics

I cannot find a way to Edit my previous post.
Adding a Front view picture

2 Weeks Post Op

Drains are gone!
I tried switching to Extra Strength Tylenol for pain. When I went for my 2 week visit he said he removed 5 lbs of skin and fat and my surgery was complete in less than 3 hours.
Wearing the Binder day and night. I only take it off to clean it and when I shower.
They put new Steri Strips on the incision Tuesday. They said to leave them on until they fall off.
I have no regrets and glad I had both procedures done.

15 Days Post OP (Tummy Tuck & Brachioplasty)

Here is a picture taken today with the Steri Strips that were put back on 2 days ago.
Swelling is not too bad.

3 weeks (Tummy Tuck and Brachioplasty)

I don't feel very different week 3 from week 2.
I am only taking Extra Strength Tylenol if needed. I am going to start "Scar Away" Silicone Scar Sheets today.

4 week progress pictures

I feel pretty good. I am using Silicone Scar sheets and wearing Compression Sleeves on arms and Binder for Tummy.
I see Dr. Rantis tomorrow for my 4 week post op checkup for Tummy Tuck.
I am not sure about my belly button. I think the scar is healing okay.

5 Week Progress

The small opening in my left armpit is closing now. I just kept it clean and applied Neosporin and a bandaid after every shower.
I have a small opening in the middle of my stomach now. It looks very similar to the one in my armpit. I will do the same thing and hope it closes up soon.
I still have a lot of tight feeling on the right side of my stomach area.
I think the Silicone Scar sheets are doing a nice job. I am Happy with my progress.

6 Weeks

My last week off of work. I go back to the office on Monday, August 3rd.
I am feeling pretty good. Not sure I will make it 10 hours without a Nap next week.
I really want to get my thighs done now. That should finish my contouring procedures following my 100 lb weight loss.

6 weeks - part 2

My hubby took some 6 week progress pictures for me. I have to go back to work next week.
Only have 2 more days off.
Barrington Plastic Surgeon

Peter Rantis (Tummy) and Christopher Pelletiere (Arms)

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