I'm 20, I Was Already Told It's Minor Functional and It's Because I Don't Wan't to Regret It Later on in my Life - Lankau, DE

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I'm 20,I was already told it's minor functional...

i'm 20,I was already told it's minor functional and it's because I don't wan't to regret it later on in my life, and this is just a week after the surgery, even though it was a functional requirement i was given the chance to choose otherwise, but ended up taking the surgery because of personal cosmetic reasons as well even though my boy friend says i look completely fine and loved the way i look, for the past week i suffered in pain just for the first three days,and here is the untold part, the other side effects i had to go through was severe gastritis issues and throwing up and all that which was a whole mess and so on, and then comes the swelling, it takes at least a week and a half for that to go down and finally its the sensitivity of the lower lip, the entire lower lip and the chin section feels numb and therefore i have a hard time trying to pronounce and otherwise speak,smile, though the swelling goes down i still feel as if its swollen though it looks completely normal even right now and i do understand as said above about being conscious on how you look, yes i currently have that issue because i'm under the impression that how i feel is what i look,for the first few days i hated the whole idea of taking this on regretted it as much as possible and feared any kind of surgery that is to be borne in future and was literally miserable but so as to that i'm up to now satisfied about the surgery and i am on the belief that there is more on the positive effects than the negative.

12 days after surgery

up to yesterday i had a perfect bite and today i woke up with excruciating pain that ran through my left cheek and jaw and now i have a slightly shifted open bite and i cant turn or bend my head to the left. my surgeon prescribed me on some muscle relaxants because he thinks its the muscles trying to adjust to their new position and now though the pain is subsiding the bite remains the same, and also my lower lip and chin remains numb and i do have the feeling of, at times pins sticking in, burning and also ants running around and am not able to pronounce and smile properly. i miss feeling my lower lip.

3 weeks after surgery

the open bite is getting worse and the lower jaw is also shifting back to the right..... :( the pain has reduced but the open bite bothers me, my surgeon wants to redo the surgery and replace the lower jaw to its right position again. the mere thought scares me and im supposed to meet my dentist in two more days, I hope she decides not to but anyway it will be my final decision

4 weeks after surgery

My open bites with the shift still continues and my surgeon is confident that he can fix it with another minor surgery which still might take around 4 hours max, my next surgery is set to be done two days from today which in other words will be exactly 4 weeks and 5 days after the 1st surgery. I'm mentally prepared for this upcoming surgery and I think I'm fine because even though through the pain and all that I STILL believe there's much on the positive than the negative. The only thing that I depend on even right now is 'hope'

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1week after second surgery

All is well.everything went as .planned.the surgery was successful.Yey!:)
I have a perfect bite,for me it is but I have a feeling that my dentist might say I'll need braces for a few months I'm test to meet her.
The after surgery pain isn't a huge issue cuz I think its really minute compared to what was after the first.I satisfied about the bite.but I'm still concerened about the swelling on my right side which according to my surgeon wouldn't go down and also thinks I might need this special kind of an injection which I'm currently unaware of,its said to loosen a tight muscle and or tissue to bring back the correct shape of the face.anyway I'm releaved and m happy about this cuz the pain is not much of an issue but also I should say I'm very weak due to the lack of food and proper nutrients I'm currently working on nourishing liquefied food

after surgery recovery photos

3 weeks after second surgery

all was fine until last morning, my lower jaw has moved again, no pain, and i was wearing the bands as advised,my face is swollen again, the misery, depression, frustration and this time ANGER! know what, taking this whole surgery was a big mistake.i regret it and i curse myself for taking that decision.

1 month after the second surgery

im so sorry i couldnt keep up to the reviews, so much happened and i was too week to do much of the typing, so here goes,
after my surgeon looked into the reason that this is happening again (the jaw shifting to the right, similarly after the first surgery) he decided it was the muscle thats more powerful on the right cheek that was the reason for all this, so he decided to try 'Botox' (botulinum toxin) to the muscle, here in sri lanka the injecton is quite expensive than in foreign countries and also he decided to give a dosage of 100units, finally i got the injection (mixed with local anesthesia ) and now though its not 100% correct the position of my lower jaw is actually returning to its correct state, i still have a minor open bite and the jaw isnt aligned yet but then again i dont really care anymore, also after i went to meet my dentist she had braces on me again and asked me to wear bands only to the left so that it pulls back the jaw to the left i've included a picture below to show you the effects of botox, the injection for me showed effects within 16 hours its actually miraculous

3 moths after the second surgery

well, i still dont feel 'beautiful' im not yet confident enough to go out, party, or even out for classes, i will be going for my second dose of botox in three days, and now my only wish is for this swollen face to subside sigh.......... well still on the bright side :)

3 and a half months after surgery

i just got my second dose of botox and i think the swelling is going down gradually and the next dose will be in another month

It's been an year after the surgeries

hi there,

as the titles itself says yes its been an year now and yes i'm leading my normal-ish life :)
update #1 - i still cant feel my lower lip it still feels all numb and so
update #2 - i didn't exactly get the expected result of the surgery so I'm not exactly happy

but of all I'm happy that everything is back to normal

well that's it for me i guess the only thing i wish for right now is to get the lower lip's feeling back again
cheers :) and good bye
Dr. Sabesan

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