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I am suppose to get smart/vaser lipo next Friday...

I am suppose to get smart/vaser lipo next Friday and have already paid for the procedure. I just came across a couple not so good reviews but they was all botox patients. The name of the place is Lipo Body Enhancement Center and they have locations in Springfield and Wichita, KS. I can't find any reviews on their liposuction services. I'm freaking out now and would really love if I could hear from someone who has been there!!

5 days later...

Ok, I went through with it and it has now been 5 days. I went in this past Friday, I arrived at the office 30 minutes early to fill out paper work. They told me to pick my prescriptions up and bring them with me which included pain meds, antibiotics, and Xanax. If I was to do it again I would take the Xanax in the morning because it didn't really kick in till after we started and I was so nervous! He takes me back and takes pictures and draws all over my stomach, then takes more pictures. We then go into the procedure room and I have to lay flat on a table. AT this point he gives me the dentist gas which makes me feel weird but made me so relaxed. If it hadn't ran out the procedure probably wouldn't of been near as bad. When he was giving me the shots to numb me I could barley feel it. When he started filling my stomach with the liquid it was uncomfortable but the gas was still working at that point so I was ok. About halfway through it ran out (which he apologized for several times) and it really started to hurt. While he was doing the vaser all I could hear was this loud ringing in my ears. I had read another review where they suggested bringing headphones to listen to which I forgot, but it would of been nice to have for sure. It really burned when he got close to the surface of my skin. By the end I was in pretty intense pain and was almost to the point of not being able to tolerate it anymore. After a few minutes he sat me up wrapped me and gave me some oj to drink which was kinda hard to do because I was shaking so hard! He left the room while I got dressed and then he helped me to the car. I thought it was weird that I left so fast, but I guess I don't know what the normal process is. As soon as I got home I had to take some pain meds. The first couple hours I leaked pretty bad and it continued through the next day. I stayed in bed all of Friday and Saturday because it hurt to bad to get up. My boyfriend bought me one of those trays that you sit over your lap which I would recommend. Without it eating would of been a lot harder. When I scheduled my appointment I was told I would be fine to go back to school Monday (I'm a fulltime college student) which didn't happen. I just started getting up and walking around my house a little bit on Sunday. I thought I was feeling a little better this morning and didn't take my pain meds which wasn't a good choice! I couldn't hardly walk again by noon! I've read reviews on here where people say the procedure didn't hurt at all and they recovered really fast, I don't know what the difference is between what they had done and myself! My stomach does already look better but still is really swollen. I'll try to post some pics later. If I would of known how bad it really hurt during and after I don't think I would of done it. Maybe when I see the full results I will feel different! I was going to go back and have my sides done but I think they're just going to have to stay the way they are! I will update in couple days!


It's been 5 days and still really swollen and sore!
Dr SA Sajadi

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