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I chose this treatment hoping to improve the mild...

I chose this treatment hoping to improve the mild stress incontinence that I've had for about ten years. After my first treatment, I came home and jumped on the trampoline and was dry (though I still felt the urge to "hold tight"). I tried jumping jacks and making myself sneeze (with black pepper) and I was still dry, so I assumed it worked well enough. I really thought this was the best thing. Then a couple of weeks go by and a sneeze later and I was running to the restroom to stop the leaking. So then I had the second of the three treatments a couple of weeks later. Once again, I could sneeze and jump without leaking. A couple of weeks go by and the effects are wearing off again. So I scanned the reviews of this treatment to see if anyone else was experiencing what I am. I then came across Dr. Gitt's writing here on RealSelf abouyt this treatment: " it is unlikely that ThermiVa will help with any vaginal issues in a lasting way.. This technology is not able to raise tissue temperatures sufficiently to promote new collagen growth (Neocollagenesis), which is necessary for any lasting results. It has been shown that Neocollagenesis occurs ONLY when the tissues are heated to 60-70C. ThermiVa absolutely does not heat tissues to 60-70C, but only achieves perhaps 45-55 degrees Celsius. By heating the vaginal lining tissues, ThermiVa causes swelling, or edema."

So the "results" that I immediately experienced were from the swelling of heating the tissues, so it makes sense that once my swelling had subsided, the incontinence returned.
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