Tattoo Removal of a 1 Inch Butterfly on Upper Right Shoulder - Springfield, MO

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I have done so much research on laser tattoo...

I have done so much research on laser tattoo removal and excision. It seems that there is very limited information tattoo excision. I have had two laser treatments on my butterfly tattoo and am happy with the progress, however with that being said, it is very slow going. The procedure is somewhat painful (not crazy painful, but almost like being burned with grease popping from bacon or something), but it is quick. Each procedure was $125 and was done by a trained professional (so he says), but not at an actual doctor so I have some mixed feelings about it. Anyway, I am impatient and want this butterfly gone so I have made an appointment with an actual plastic surgeon to have an excision performed. I am not sure if it will be done in stages, but I will report back as soon as I know all of the details. I am SO excited. I have hated this tattoo for 14 years!!!!

Today was the big day!! I had my consultation...

Today was the big day!! I had my consultation which was very quick. I couldn't really think of any questions aside from the obvious. I asked how long my scar would be and that was about it. Lol. I sort of regret that now. He did tell me that I can't work out my arms or back at all for 12 weeks total!!! So pretty much crossfit is out for 3 months. That sucks so bad! I hate this darn tattoo though so it's worth it. I wish I had the money for my mommy makeover so I could really utilize this recovery time for something big. Anyway back to the goings-on of today. As I was paying the lady told me the doctor could perform the excision in two stages and each stage would cost $250 a piece and be 6 weeks apart, and would I like to start today? I was a bit impulsive and said yes, but I had to call my husband and make sure he was ok with that. So I did it! I have to say it was a lot more involved than I had anticipated. It was an in office procedure with local anesthesia so he numbed the area and gave it a few minutes to settle in. I'm guessing he was cutting open the area, but all I could feel was him moving down my back. Then the worst part was hearing the scissors! OMG. I seriously cannot get that out of my head. He was cutting the tattooed skin. off. with. scissors! He used a cauterizer to stop the bleeding so that was also weird. I am unsure how much blood I lost, but I felt a little light headed when it was over, but I think it was partially nerves. It didn't hurt a bit though. Then I could feel him pulling the skin back together and sewing it up. The sewing up part was the least comfortable, but not bad. All in all it took about 30-45 minutes. At this point (4 hours later) I am sore and very aware of how much I use this right arm! It's more annoying than painful just trying to not use it. He said not to shower until tomorrow night. Then I can take the band-aid off in the shower. I'm not sure if I am supposed to put neosporin on it or something else. I'll call tomorrow and find out. The worst part about the whole thing is my 8 month old is sick so I am having some anxiety about her and then coupled with the anxiety I have about this gash in my back I'm a little on edge. I am definitely waiting until my baby is older for my mommy makeover! That is one thing I have learned through this so far. I can't imagine trying to recover from something serious with a baby....

4 days since stage one of my excision and I'm...

4 days since stage one of my excision and I'm doing great. The first day I think I freaked myself out about it a little, but by the next day I snapped out of it. The pain is barely noticeable. It is tender, but nothing too terrible. The butterfly is almost gone! I can't believe it. I so wish he could have gotten it all. I feel like I can't really celebrate until it is all gone. The scar is a bit long but very thin looking so far so I am happy about that! I visit with the doctor in a week to check the progress of my healing. Yipee.

Tattoo be gone!

I have a huge, fat scar, and a partial butterfly wing on my shoulder that is going to be removed the end of August. There will be scar revision following the final stage of butterfly removal. Unfortunately, the tattoo was in a location where my shoulder moves a lot so that motion stretches out the scar. Bummer! However, after another revision the scar will probably be much smaller and less noticeable.

Disappointed with my results :(

Hi girls! Healing wise incision is great, stopped hunching at about 20-21 days, I am still swelling of course. When I look at my results I am very happy with my abdomen and my belly button, but my flanks look terrible. I have a dog ear on one side (i think) and this weird pleat thing on the other side. And to top it all off they are still fat and don't match my tummy :( I asked my ps twice in the consult about lipo on my flanks, and both times he assured me he would take care of it. Now I'm wondering if either the swelling is the culprit, or if he didn't lipo enough. He said he took 150 cc's from the flanks to contour...? That doesn't sound like much. Anyway I hate to be negative because I am so thankful, but I feel like I need to be honest. What do you girls think?

Flanks and weird skin pleat?

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The doctor that I am scheduled to meet with is in my area, and I just stumbled upon his website while doing an internet search.

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