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Two years ago I had punch-excision performed for a...

Two years ago I had punch-excision performed for a couple of small acne scars on my cheek. I was initially going to have the procedure performed on scars over my entire face, but wanted to first try it on a small area to see the results came about. I was told by the doctor that the resulting "improved" scar would be no larger or noticeable than the fine wrinkles on your knuckles. Pretty good results, I figures. Heck, even that small of a scar could be covered the rest of the way with makeup!

The procedure itself was relatively painless under the localized anesthetic. The scars were "cut" out and the ski was stitched back together. I had the stitches on for about one week. Of course I didn't go out in public much for those seven days. After the one week I went in to have my stitches removed. I was excited to see this "great' improvement I was told to expect. However, when the doc was removing my stitches, the two sides came apart. For whatever reason, the wound had not completely healed yet. When I was given the mirror I could see immediately what the problem was. But instead the doc saying, "oops, looks like we need to stitch it back up and give it another week," he just left it. When I expressed my concern that I know had a gash to deal with, he simply stated that the results would get better with time. Well, to make a long story short, it did not get better.

As it healed, I ended up with a half-inch long gash-looking scar that is much worse and unsightly than the acne scars ever were. And it is no where near the promised result of a "fine line". I know docs say they can never guarantee results. But I believe results could be more guaranteed if procedures are done correctly.

Since then, I've had (by other docs) two laser treatments, subcision on the scar, and injections of Restalyne. Amazingly, those treatments have helped improve all the rest of the acne scars on my face. But they have done little to improve this gash now on the side of my face. It's obvious, when examined, that it was a wound that came apart and didn't heal correctly. Each other plastic surgeon I've been to wants to know who did this "job".

Unfortunately, all of them are afraid to try and repair it with another excision "just in case. So- I guess the results of this might procedure might be good if done CORRECTLY.

I can't NOT recommend it, since I would have had good results if I had a different doc.

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List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

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