39 Y/o Mom of 3 Girls. I Think It's Time to Do Something for Myself! Going 385CC moderate profile Mentor - Dual Plane

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My goal is to get my boobs fuller and happier...

My goal is to get my boobs fuller and happier again. My littlest just turned 4 and it's been a long time since I've thought of doing something for myself. I think this is it. I just need help determining size! I've attached all my current before pictures. I want to be more natural/athletic looking. (stats: 5'6 - 150lbs - Currently a solid size B.)

Going back for my 3rd Appointment to determine size

Ugh! I'm sure my doctor is noticing now that I'm determined to find the perfect size. I am trying to trust his opinion, but it seems to me that his idea of 'the perfect sized boob" is larger than mine. I left my appointment last week decided on 405CC 14.2 BWD mentors (dual plane) and he convince me that was the smallest he would go based on my BWD. So that night, after my girls went to bed I made 400CC rice sizers and wore them for an hour and half and tried on 15 shirts, did my dishes in them and the longer i wore them the more panicky I got. I went to bed and had nightmares. I fell asleep with a pillow on my chest and I dreamt that my boobs were so big I could touch my hands around them. LOL... and way.. the next day I made 325, 350 & 375 Rice Sizers, and the 325s were my favorite, but now I'm wondering if I'm even a good candidate for this augmentation if anything below 405CC is going to look odd on me?!?! And have I mentioned I already paid for it? YES I have. I have seen tons of 400cc pictures of other implants of similar size to myself and they look great, but wearing them made me feel differently. Anyone have any thoughts on how accurate that rice sizer thing is? Hoping to get in with Doctor today. I'll update later.

Updated pictures

My size options! Leaning towards the 360cc, but the 400 looks fine too. Uggghhh! So hard to make a solid decision that I should happy with for a long time.

Surgery is moved up to this Friday May 8th! Eeeeeekk!

Surgery is moved up to this Friday May 8th! Eeeeeekk!

My Wish Boobs!

I love these!

Up close of wish boobs


I'm headed to the Surgery Center...

I wanted to post pre-boobs one more time from all different views.

New blog post obs are here! All went well,

Boobs don't hurt at all. But I'm having what feels like a huge muscle cramp in between my upper cleavage (about a 5 inh radius) maybe the pectoral muscles. Hope that feels better tomorrow. I'm so glad it's over and I'm glad to be in bed, night all,

Post-Op Day 1 - I'm in love!

I had a sense of paranoia taking my surgical bra off this afternoon and taking a shower, They looked huge in my surgical bra and major gauze underneath... but I'm so pleasantly surprised. They are perfect. 385cc - Mentor Moderate Classic - Dual Plane was a hit. :) I'm so happy ladies! Best think ever. And the pain is completely tolerable with just 1000mg of tylenol and an occasional Xanax for muscle spasms. :)

9 days PO

Feeling overall great. I have great range of motion in my arms and minimal discomfort. Sleeping at night is still a little uncomfortable. They seem bigger now than in the beginning and im secretly hoping they get a hair smaller.


Shopping was way more fun! I never felt this good in bikini tops in my life. It's a great feeling!! The other day I posted that I was feeling large, but I can tell now I was really swollen. Much better the last two days. Still a hair lopsided...

Settling in Nicely! 385cc Mentor Dual Plane - Love!

The less they hurt the more I love them. (And I've loved them from day 1) They are starting to feel nice and soft. They feel a little hyper sensitive right now, but I'm sure that will get better. I'm feeling very blessed. Blessed that the surgery went well and even more so for the husband that paid for them. He spoils me rotten. I'm just plain thankful and appreciate the things I have. I slept almost flat on my back last night and I'm off the muscle relaxers. The incisions are looking good. I have a sense of contentment. I feel like I picked the right size to an art. I don't wish they were smaller or bigger. I do still feel like they are high, but I'm confident with time they will come down and look even more natural. Anyone who is contemplating an augmentation I want to tell you that it was totally worth it. 100%... I have three girls (all breastfed) and I've been married (happily) to the same man for 20 years. As my kids have gotten a little older I have dove into health and exercise trying to stay fit and be a good mom. The more weight I lost and the fitter I got... the smaller & sadder my boobs got. I tried to mentally outwit the struggles in my head by saying they were fine and 'normal', BUT... BUT... I wasn't quite ready to rollover just yet. I decided I wanted to be as hot as I could possibly be for the next phase of my life and boobs were just going to help with that. The mental benefits (feeling sexier in the bedroom, hotter in a swimsuit, more confident just walking around...in your head) almost outweigh the physical benefits. So go for it, if you can possibly afford it! Worth every cent!

Going to the gym! Doubled up on my sports bras. High and tight!

I'm 24 days Post surgery and I actually noticed that today they seem even smaller. All swelling is gone. They still look great and a good size! But I wanted to mention that I felt like they were smaller. So anyone panicking that they are too big at first, rest assured they will go down in time. Still so happy with the result.

4 weeks 4 days...

Feeling 92% back to norma,... My only weirdness is when trying some exercise movements. Feeling great!

They feel real!!! Back from vacation!

Loving them. I'm 99% back to normal. Now just trying to get my strength back! FYI - I put sunscreen on my scars every day at the beach, and they still turned purple, even with the suit covering them. Put that sunscreen on thick and reapply. I use to have white thin scars, but now with my tan, they are a darker purple and a little thicker. I hope they fade.
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