30 Years Old 2 Beautiful Children, Time for the Change I've Wanted Since I Was a Teenager. - Springfield, MO

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I am a very deflated b cup now and I have done...

I am a very deflated b cup now and I have done lots of research and thought I knew exactly what I needed to reach my goals. I tried on 450 and 550 sizers and I think we're going with 470-500 cc saline and she wants to go over the muscle even with the saline. I know from what I've seen on here most don't do this but she says I've got plenty of tissue and it will get me closest to my goals. I'm going to trust her, she's the professional. I've got 13 days and I know the wait is going to feel so long. I'm so excited to finally be doing this. I'm just going for a full perky look, not a super noticeable change for anyone but my husband and I. This is for me, finally. Now at almost 31 years old, 5'9" & 170 lbs it will give me the extra boost of confidence I've wanted for a while. I can't wait!

Just a little over a week to go and I'm feeling.....

Going through with this is honestly something I never thought I'd do and now I'm less than 10 days away and I'm not only trying to mentally prepare for this image change but I'm trying to take better care of myself which includes cutting out the nicotine and eating better. I knew I would wait until after I was married to ever get my BA, I just never realized I would have no support whatsoever from my spouse and only him and one friend even know. So his lack of encouragement in quitting smoking, getting healthy, and my BA is honestly pretty depressing. He's not even going to be there for my surgery. I'm excited for me and concerned at the same time. Maybe I'm just toooo emotionally charged right now with all the excitement of my procedure coming up. : (

Ordered 8 new bras, is that crazy?

So I went online and found some great front close sports type bras, no wire of course and ordered 7 or 8 different types all front close, "extra support". My PS hasn't really mentioned doing that but good lordy the one she sends us home in is ugly and well its a pain to open with all the little clasps down the front, not to mention its only one bra. I didn't want to spend a ton on sports bras so I went with Danskin and Hanes type bras for now. I'll wait and buy expensive bras when I am ready for pretty ones in a few months. Any advice or suggestions? Oh I ordered 38d as I'm a 36-38 b/c now. I'm not a petite woman. ; )

1 week to go!!!

7 days from now I'll have boobs for the first time without having a baby! I'm excited but it's been an emotional roller coaster and my spouse and I are growing apart every day. The closer it gets, the less he seems to care so we're taking time apart. He's a very busy man and I'm a very family oriented laid back person so right now with me being so excited and him not it feels like we are roommates who don't like each other. I'm thankful for this site and my one friend who knows about my BA. She's picking me up and I'm staying with her for 2 nights after my surgery. That's pretty much the only support I have.


I'm excited, nervous and ready to be done all at the same time. I have no pain meds that are prescribed, no food after midnight, water only, nothing at all after 7 am and my surgery isn't until 1230. It's going to be a tough morning with no coffee and no one to help me kill the time before my appointment. I feel like I'll be one of the very few women if any on this site who is going to have saline overs, but I trust my PS and I'm so excited to see the work she does. I can't believe I'm really doing this!!!! Ahhhhhh!

I'm done. Yay!

I'm a very forward person so I'll be 100% honest! They look hilarious right now. I think they look like cones and I'm really really hoping that's just because they are only a few hours old. (Any one else experience this?)
My right is significantly more swollen in the upper pole, making it look much larger. I believe she went with 475cc mentor saline overs. I haven't gotten to talk to her since before surgery so I'm excited to see her tomorrow. I'm not going to say whether it was worth it just yet, but I have some really high hopes and expectations! I never got nauseous after, ate a decent lunch and haven't felt sick at all. My husband actually came home from work with flowers and my pain med prescription!! That made my day so much better!


I'm not sure if I'm happy with size, my belly looked like a pregnancy belly a little before but now not being able to walk or jog I just feel bloated and look it too. Even more than before the surgery. I actually started to lose a bit before, now I'm looking in the mirror thinking, "these torpedo boobs just make me look more fat!". Ugh, the wait for the results is definitely gonna be worse than the wait for surgery. My PS said yesterday at post op that I'd have the results I hoped for and I know it's just a waiting and taking care of myself game right now. I'm putting arnica and ice packs on my right its about a 1/4 bigger than my left from swelling. I've had no oozing or bleeding from my incision and the bruising from the numbing meds is minimal. The pain comes and goes. Last night wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, I slept laying down much better last night with only Tylenol. I miss my bed but with a kid who thinks I'm his pillow I've stuck to the couch until the pain is gone. I really just feel like I'm full of milk, same sensation, same swollen fullness, the only sore area is the side of my boobs. I'll get pictures up tomorrow. Hopefully.

No meds, not much pain!

Ok, so I really don't know if I'm in store from some big pain but as of today I'm able to go all day with no Tylenol, or anything. I'm still pretty swollen, and have a lot of bruising. Yet I'm able to lift above my head, no issue, I even slept on my stomach for a bit last night. My right gets some sharp pains in the side every once in a while. Don't get me wrong there is a dull pain constantly and I'm not feeling up to jumping jacks or anything like that, I can start walking for exercise tomorrow and I was told I can wear whatever bra that is most comfortable the day after surgery. I have been emotional, but all in all everything about this is tolerable. I feel horrible for the women who can't breathe and are in severe pain. I'm thankful that I'm not. I wonder if it's because I'm one of very few that isn't under the muscle. I also didn't go as big as I could have, not even as big as my PS suggested.

depressed about the way they look

I would have never paid over 4 grand to get lopsided boobs. My ps's nurse informed me yesterday that the right always be more high and tight. To that I say "wth?" And if that's the case I want them out. They look stupid and if they do stay this way I will never wear a tank top again or that pretty dress I planned to wear at the end of this month. I'm praying like crazy that I'm just freaking out for no reason. I just know right now they look absolutely nothing like my goals. = (

11 days out, mornings are the worst part!

In the mornings they are about even, due to swelling, so the right doesn't look bigger!

Feeling a little better, but still unsure!?

My left breast is soft and honestly feels like a real breast should if you ask me, (I haven't felt many boobs in my day besides my own), that being said my right feels super tight and every time my pectoral muscle moves on that side I can feel it, it's almost like it's squeezing the implant, but I'm over the muscle, it's so weird. I can't wait to see my dr in a couple weeks to find out if this is normal. It sure doesn't feel or look very good. My pics look the same so I'll wait and post when there's a difference, oh, my steri strips are off, scars look pretty good, I'm using Mederma on them every day. I'll post pictures of the incisions soon.

Soo very unsure, but still hopeful!

Well I'm about 3 1/2 weeks post and I feel like I've got a normal breast on one side and a rock on the other. Every movement on my right side feels tight and like the implant is going to bust out of my skin, the left seems great. This is so weird, I'm praying that this is normal. I see my PS Dec 4 so I'm really hoping she can ease some of my concerns. This has been quite the journey.

4 weeks out.....

Still not too thrilled about how much different they are now, because they weren't this different before. One still feels like a rock strapped to my chest, the other feels pretty normal. Luckily I did see my PS today, finally, (haven't seen her since 1 day post), & she said although she doesn't like to see this much swelling and tightness at this point, it can be worked through. She said I've probably overdone it with my right arm, which I know I have, (I don't have a choice with a 2 year old), so now I've got one of those fancy elastic straps that goes around the upper pole, this thing isn't terrible until it slides up under my arm, then it hurts. Oddly enough, my breast have no more bruising on them and haven't for a while, but my rib area right under both breast is super sore, tender, as if I got punched in the ribs on both sides, on my left you can actually see bruises. Of course I asked the nurse and she had no answer, then I totally forgot to ask my dr, oh well, she said I didn't need to see her again until March, so I guess I don't have anything she's too worried about going on. Oh and she didn't tell me when I can lift again so I guess I'll make my own call on that one. I've had to pick my kid up multiple times anyways so I guess I've blown that part of recovery. I'll post pics soon, I am just really unhappy with their looks right now. Hope everyone else is having a better time than me.
Springfield Plastic Surgeon

I've met with my PS once and then had more questions so she brought me back in within two days to ask more questions and so I could show her my goal pics. She is board certified with 30 years experience and makes the whole experience seem exciting. Some of the staff isn't super friendly, but I've been to this PS for several things even as a child and couldn't imagine going anywhere else.

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