34, 3 Kids, Rollercoaster Weight Loss, Breast in the Way.

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I started budding at 10. I went from bee stings to...

I started budding at 10. I went from bee stings to a full C to a D by 14. I had my first child at 16. My breast seemed larger than life. And growing growing growing. At around 26yrs old I seen a dr about back pain. After being told that a reduction wasn't necessary and weight loss would fix the problem, I Lost weight from 238 to 170 but didn't lose breast. I've been unable to exercise due to neck and back pain. I was Discouraged and self conscious.. I've gained some weight back. And after having my 3rd child I decided to try again for a reduction. I am tired of the pain and rashes and chaffing. Being self conscious in clothes. And my breast always being the topic of conversation.

I am 34. And haven't spoken to anyone about a reduction in years. Losing weight didn't help and reading that my insurance never covers reductions kept me at bay. After having my 3rd child in August, I mentioned a reduction to my Dr. And she sent me out for X-rays and my first consultation in sept.

On sept 19. I went and met with the dr. Got measured. Took photos. Did the rundown. He told me it would be 6 to 8 weeks before they heard back from my insurance. It was a long wait of hearing nothing. I didn't want to get too excited or expect anything. One day (2 weeks ago) I randomly decided to call the office only to find out that I was approved and would be scheduled December 6 2016. I am still in shock. I want to be happy. But I am so nervous that something will happen to keep me from this. I've only got 8 more days and I have still kept myself from rejoicing.
So many years I have dreamed of this and needed this and never thought I would ever come close to getting this procedure. Even thinking about it brings tears to my eyes. I am so grateful. I've never been able to explain to my friends and family just how unhappy having these breast have made me.
I feel like in my life having these breast have kept me from being me. Never wanting attention to be directly on my chest I've always held myself back. And I feel so happy to have found this website and read so many stories of women who have felt the same. Reading all the post op reviews and being so happy for everyone. This is a dream come true for me. And I can't wait to share the results with you all.

Can't sleep

Sitting up reading all of these reviews. Making notes... Things to ask my dr. Things that need to be done around the house. Things that I need to purchase. I'm excited.
One thing I'm a bit sad about.. I have a 4 month old. Not being able to hold her for a while is breaking my heart

Back to work?

I never see anyone speak on returning to work and how soon or easy or hard it was easing back onto the job. I work at a hospital. Night shift. I don't do anything too hard to handle and I anticipate going back after 2 weeks.

Boob burn

I'll be so glad when I don't have to go through this anymore

Downplayed happiness

Trying to explain to people why I'm so happy and excited to be getting my "boobs cut off" ... When they just don't get it. I can't explain the physical and emotional turmoil large breast have put me through. No I'm not scared. I'm not nervous about the procedure. I am over the top. Whoever created this site had such a good idea on their hands because it feels great to be able to express my excitement with people who get it! And I feel excited and genuine happiness when I read through these profiles. There's so much support and good will. This is the first time in 34 years.. Well since I've had breast that I have openly expressed the way I've felt about myself. I have been insecure... Uncomfortable.. Unhappy.. Possibly depressed. All because I've have large breast. That's hard to explain to ppl. Especially since women are spending loads of money to get breast. And here I've been dying to get rid of them.

Pre-op interview

Today the nurse called for my pre-op phone interview to update my medical file and give me all the run down and instructions for D Day. I've been fine all day. I just NOW opened my countdown app and seen 3 days Til.. And my heart skipped a beat... Could this be?? Dun dun dun!!! Nerves?!

Oh em gee!

So I work at a hospital. We have bed alarms for our fall risk patients and when those alarms go off you have to react fast. Which sometimes means running off at top speed to get to the patient before they get hurt. So ofc.. One of my patients in the very last room all the way down the hall sets off his bed alarm. And I had to run. I'm grabbing my breast to keep them from bouncing and throwing my badge and tracer tag off... well.. You guys know. So I get to the room and I got a big smile on my face. Im getting this patient back in bed and all I can think of about is TUESDAY!!

I can't sleep

I'm so thirsty. I'm so nervous. I cried a lil last night.

It's show time!

I can't believe this is about to happen

Feeling great!

I was a little messed up and copied and pasted everything in my last post. Anyway I was gonna update on pain and what I'd experienced.

So when I woke up I didn't feel any pain pain. Only discomfort and groggyness. Dry throat. I'm still coughing up phlegm but nothing too serious. I decided to lay off the oxys for a minute to see how it goes through the night. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain but veryyy low tolerance to nausea and that's all I'm feeling with the oxys.

The ride home was ok. I had a pillow. However I did have to vomit. And it was more than I'd expected. I'd only had ice chips, apple sauce, and apple juice. it filled up that little hospital cup and I had to pour it out the car to keep it from spilling all over me. I think my mom chose the bumpiest way home.

My surgery probably started at around 9:30.. Well that's the time I noticed on the clock as I was heading in the room before being sedated. I got home at after 3pm. I've been sleeping off and on. And feeling no pain. Been going to the bathroom just fine. Seems like I've been eating every hour. I've had soup.. I've had noodles. I ate some chips. Had some cookies. Had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I haven't vomited since the car ride home.

I've taken 1 oxycodone since I've been home. And that was about an hour after getting home.

I was told that I can shower Thursday. I'm scared so honestly I will probably just bed bathe myself real good. I don't know. I'll wait to see how I feel Thursday.

I haven't been lifting anything or moving around too much. I changed my babies diaper and that went fine.

Ok enough with that. Getting to the boobs!!
I honestly don't know what I feel. I'm still in shock I think. I keep walking past the mirror and it's so wild to me. I don't think this will really set in until I put on a shirt. (I've had on an unbuttoned flannel all day. )
My breast are so small. They have NEVER been small. I haven't looked at them yet.. A lil scared to take off the bra they gave me.
My breast do not feel swollen at all. I can tell they are boxey... But they are not tight or hard. I forgot to find out how much was taken out but I can tell I'm gonna be a small B. I asked to go as small as he could. He did some lipso on my sides under my arms. That's prob the most sore part. Earlier I felt a lil burning zap across my nipple.

It hasn't even been a whole 24 hours and I can already tell the difference in my neck and back. I'm even breathing and that's always been tough to do lying down. I can't wait to test these babies out lying flat on my back.

Bra off

I finally opened the bra. I regauzed and took two diapers and stuck them up under the bottom of the bra where it was rubbing against the incisions. Still sore. lil swelling. No pain but soreness. Feeling a lil prickling on the nipples here and there. All in all still good

Website over app

I think I'm going to stick with the website. I use the phone app but I am seeing so many comments and updates that I never got on the app. I really appreciate everyone's support. I'd be so much more nervous and scared without Realself. My nightly routine is logging on and reading everyone's reviews. Pretty thankful for you guys.

Crappy and swollen

Woke up feeling like crap today. Don't know if it's the meds. I'm just kinda nauseous and dragging around. Boobs are swollen and tender lotta soreness where the lipo was done. Changed gauze and cleaned up a bit.

Lil perk up

I'm feeling a lil better. I mean earlier I was just in so much discomfort. I put on a shirt that I hardly ever wore because the cleavage would just pour out.

Idk these emotions

I keep wanting to cry. I can't explain. I know I didn't make a mistake. I don't feel that I did in the least. It's something that I've wanted and needed for a very long time. I have no regrets and would do it again. But I am sad. I am really happy but I keep feeling this sad feeling. Maybe it will go
Away when I am healed and moving about like I want. That was a huge part of me. Never wanted it to be who I am. But I guess in a way it was. Am I being over dramatic?

It got so hot last night. I removed the pads and just tried to keep cool. I don't want to get sweaty. I'm terrified of infection. And I'm scared to keep messing with the bandages and stuff too. I've been lying on my side. Which feels comfortable. Still the only soreness and pain I've been feeling has been on my sides where the lipo was done. The swelling that flared up yesterday has gone down.

I've started to itch a bit under my boob and on the sides. Not much to be tempted to scratch yet.

6 pounds

I went out today for the first time to see how I did driving and such. I didn't need a pillow or anything. No pain. In the car my mom randomly brought up the fact that the dr removed 3 pounds from one breast and 3 1/2 from the other. All this time id been wondering how much was taken and I didn't even think to ask her seeing that she's the one the dr and nurses spoke to.

I'm trying not to overdo it. I know how easy it can be when you're not feeling pain and you're on the go. I haven't been holding my daughter to my chest but I sit her up on my lap.. She's still a bit wobbly headed and quick to head butt lol. Next time I'll have a pillow over my breast.

I haven't been leaking or bleeding or anything but I think maybe it's too soon. From reading everyone else's reviews it seems the leaking and oozing comes later.

Breast are a bit swollen right now and still achy on the side. Itching underneath. I still have the tape around my nipples too. I'm scared to take them off.

Earlier today

Went out to Walmart and got some bras because the one I was sent home with was too uncomfortable and cutting into my underboob and it hurt even with the pads there. I was a lil dizzy in Walmart so I got something to eat from subway and left. When I got home I still wasn't feeling well. I ungauzed and cleaned myself best I could. (The sticky from the tape is being stubborn). Something weird happened when I took my bra off. I was gonna remove the tape from my nipples. ( I'm still too scary to remove the tape) I felt soooo nauseous and dizzy. I thought I was gonna pass out. I went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet hoping I just had to vomit. I had my son on standby Incase he needed to call 911 or something. I just felt like I was gonna pass out. I couldn't hold myself up. I sat there in the bathroom for 20 minutes. And I started throwing up. And then had the sudden urge to have a bowel movement. Anyway... I just thought that was weird. Anyway...
The bras I got was that $12 danskin zip front closure compression sports bra. It's padded but you can removed the breast pads. I'll wear this if and when the swelling goes down a bit.
The second bra I got was one of those $8 cozy bras. They are nice and soft and stretchy without being loose. And it still feels comfortable after i put in some gauze and pads.
I'm gonna say that my dinner contributed to the swelling. Because I've been fine. But everytime I eat ramen noodles my boobs swell up and get sore. They are very tender but nothing is leaking out.

First post op appointment

Had my first post op appointment today. It's been a week already? Geesh! Haven't had any pain meds all day. I've been a lil itchy. Dr took off the strips and gave me some to change on my own. ( meant to get some pics of the strip less boob) so I FINALLY seen my boobs without the gauze covering my nipples and strips. I have been nervous as hell to look. And tbh.. I can't wait to change these strips tomorrow and get a pic because they looked just fine. Dr said I was healing beautifully. .. This morning I put on the bra I wore to surgery over my comfy bra. I think I'm gonna keep this bra. Heheheh! Was standing in the store talking a friend and telling her how things went and a woman at the end of the line jumped in and was like "are you talking about a breast reduction?!.... Get one! I had one and it's one of the best decisions you can ever make for yourself and your body!" I was like yes girl I'm a week in! We high fived. I'm telling you... I haven't seen one person say they regret it. And it makes me feel good! I was a little worried that I would feel ashamed or something because of the stigmas on "plastic surgery" and all this "love what God gave you" but I've got nothing but positive feedback. And even if I do get some judgement... I made this choice for me. It makes me feel good. I've lived with pain and emotional turmoil for too long. If I could do things differently I would have gotten this done years ago.

Perfect circle

No changes really just wanted to pop in a pic of a nipple. I was so close to once again forgetting to take one before I stripped back up. I was going through my closet bagging up my old bras to donate and I found this maternity nursing bra i got from Motherhood Maternity and I never wore it because well.. Anyway! It's got two soft pads inside and it's sooo comfortable! My ps told me when finding a bra get a padded bra that wasn't a push-up bra or didn't have underwires. This was perfect.

Back to work

Last night was my first 12 hours back to work. Did great on one ibuprofen 800. Anyway... Look! The nipple is starting to perk up. Nomore flatness. And I LOVE this bra.

Boob update

So.. I've been back to work for the past few days. I was a bit worried but everything has gone fine. I was a lil worried about getting hot at work and sweating so I kept going to the bathroom making sure everything stayed clean and dry. The soreness on my sides have gone away... Not all the way, it's faintly sore when touched. I was off today and slept all day without a bra and it was lovely. The first time in my life I've ever slept without a bra on. Got up and done some shopping and I had a few zaps of pain inside both breast... But nothing I needed Tylenol for. I've been using this phisoderm soap to wash with. Using white wash cloths. Pat dry. And blow dry. And strip back up. Still keeping my nipples covered with dry clean gauze. (Doesn't do anything but makes me feel better.) I've been feeling so self conscious about my stomach. Isn't it crazy? boobs were center of attention and overshadowed my gut and I would be so self conscious about them i never focused much on my stomach. Now it's huge. I don't plan on dieting until after Christmas. And def not doing any kind of exercise until I'm at-least 1 month post. But anyway I am so in love with my breast. Here's some updated pics without strips.

T area

These didn't upload on my last post. The right T looks ugly but has been dry and given me no problem at all. Looks good for 14 days post. If I do say so myself

Front view

Hot tits

So I've just been chilling the past couple days. Working. Getting ready for Christmas. Getting a bit tired of the swelling. My incisions are still fine. I've been sleeping without a bra because the bra and the pads have been getting on my nerves. My breast swell and the pad leaves these dents and grooves on my boobs that itch when the swelling starts to go down. The steri strips were driving me crazy also so one day I took them off. Put pads in my bra and went to work. I did fine all night but there was a tiny dot of blood on my skin so I blotted it with a napkin and covered the spot with a mepilex pad until I got home to strip back up. The area between my breast.. Underneath. Like my stomach.. It itches so bad. My sides near my back itch sooo bad. And normally everything is fine... But when I get hot. I am soooooo un comfortable. It feels like it used to feel when my breast were big and I'd get a heat rash. On my days off when I'm in bed.. I take off my bra and the steri strips. And I feel most comfortable.

Underboob closeups

Airing out I thought I'd take some pics. Dr. Price did an amazing job. These incisions look nice.

Nothing much

The sides of my boobs are so swollen. And the hard lumps from the lipo make it feel even worse. I haven't been taking anything for pain because it doesn't really hurt. Just sore. When I pull off the strips.. I'm wondering, is it thin layers of my skin peeling off with it? Or glue? I notice this most when I peel the strips off my nipples. I still don't have any feeling in the left nipple and very mild feeling in the right. My nipples are flat. They do perk up for a few seconds and then go right back to flat. I wonder if this is because of the lack of sensation? It's really nothing that I care about. I stopped stuffing my bra with the pads. The swellings just made that bad. I take a strip of gauze and just tape it up under my boob. May be a tad extreme the way I tape back up and cover but I feel comfortable doing it this way.

Happy new year

Wondering if nipple sensation comes and goes. I had slight sensation in my right nipple.. Now nothing. Not freaked out.. Just wondering. In other news... I got this bra back in September. And was no where near fitting it. A 32dd. Push-up. I remember my mom saying not to throw it away cause I might be able to fit it after the BR. Well ladies.. I pulled this sucker out of my closet. And brought in the new year with a nice "sexy" bra with skinny straps and two rows of hooks. I have my month post appointment on the 9th. Hope he gives me the go to start scar treatment. My incisions aren't bad but this skin on my breast gets so dry. And when I take off the strips I don't know if it's my skin peeling off.. Or glue. I imagine it's a lil of both because I can see how flaky my skin is. Today I decided to go without strips or gauze on my nipples. I seen everyone talking about the itching. I haven't really been itching all too bad on my breast. Other than the top of my stomach in the bottom center of my cleavage. THE WORSE ITCHING EVER is happening on my back.. The bottom of my shoulder blade.. Kinda right where the bra snaps. Oh god... It starts to itching so bad.

1 Month!!!

Well so... It's been a month! I have my month post appointment on Thursday. Ready for scar treatment. I haven't put anything on my breast besides the soap and water that I've been using. I think my scars look great so I'm anxious to start piling my skin down. My breast are so dry. There's still some glue on my areola. I've lost sensation in my right nipple and still have not regained any in the left. Which I'm totally fine with that. Wouldn't care if I ever got nipple sensation back. Both nipples respond (perk up) to touch and temp. I still have the hard knots in my side boob under arm area from the lipo. The top area and middle of my breast are nice and soft and jiggly. The under boob area is kinda putty like.. I say putty because when I stick my finger in it... The tissue indents. So as you can imagine I have a lot of indentation from my sports bra. I am 100% pain free. Aside from the dry skin and indentation itchiness... I haven't had any issue with itching. I got hot and sweaty so I took off my sports bra to get some air... And it was sooooo weird not having to lift my boobs up to let the bottoms air out. Buttttt anyway I'm not having any extravagant changes so I'll do an update when I start scar treatment. Or if the dr says anything worth updating about on Thursday. I tried to get some pics in good lighting. My lamp makes my skin look so shiny. I opened the window to get some natural lighting but thought better of giving my neighbors a boob show.

Bummed out

I've been putting off updating. I've been a bit depressed because I've gained 10 pounds since surgery. Bummer. But anyway I had my 2nd and last post op appointment on January 12th. The dr said I'd healed beautifully and this was the worst my breast would look and they would get better from here. So he didn't need to see me again. Told me I have 18 months to get sensation in my nipples back. I don't care. I was excited about scar treatment but tbh I haven't given it any thoughts and haven't rubbed so much as lotion on my breast to treat the scars. My scars aren't bad so I can live with them. I'll try some vitamin e. I just really need to get over this drag and get myself together. I'd lost sooo much weight before surgery and to see it coming back... My own fault... It just sucks. But anyway I just wanted to post an update since its been 2 months since the reduction.

Bug bite? I hope

Boob kept itching. Pulled off my bra and seen this. I hope it's a bug bite to be honest. I haven't had ANY issues with my breast. Don't want none now. ... Also I still haven't started scar treatment. Been lazy too lazy to go out and get vitamin e
Springfield Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Price did an amazing job. He was very busy and still found time to answer my questions and make me feel good. Sent me home with minimal pain and swelling. I've been touched by an angel! Dr. Price is great and i recommend him to anyone in this area looking to get a procedure done.

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