32 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, Tuberous Small Breasts, Anchor Lift W/ Implants - Springfield, MO

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My entire life I've had small "saggy" boobs and...

My entire life I've had small "saggy" boobs and never understood why. As a teenager all my friends had perky round boobs and mine were saggy triangles. I've wanted a b.a. since high school but wanted to wait until after I was done having babies. Now I understand why my breasts look like this and I'm ready to make a change!


Does anyone know of restrictions on getting tattoos/body piercings before or after surgery? Like what is the time frame for waiting? I need to get my navel re-pierced, thinking I should wait until after surgery for that so I don't have to take it out, but how long do I need to wait? Also wanting new ink but not sure if I am okay to do that this close to surgery date or wait until after, and how long after?

Post Op Needs?

What am I going to need post op? What bra do you recommend? Scar treatment? Self care? I'm one month out, need to start getting everything squared away!

3 weeks out!

It's getting close! I'm nervous and excited! I'm more nervous about having everything I need and knowing what I need to do post-op. I don't want to wait until the day of surgery and get sent home with a list of stuff I don't have. Where did you find out what you'll need?

Tomorrow is B-Day!!

I'm so excited I can't hardly stand it! Everyone keeps asking if I'm nervous--no way! I'm soooo ready!!
I dropped 15 lbs since my first consult and lost 3.5" off just my chest alone in that time (12 weeks). The pic attached is what little amount of boob I'm left with now. So ready to actually have boobs!!

It's done!

Surgery was yesterday morning. I ended up with 450 filled to 480, and an anchor lift. Lots of pain yesterday, couldn't hardly get out of sedation, and couldn't pee, lol. They don't let you leave until you pee so I was in recovery for like 4 hours and finally went! And I was sooo nauseated, even with the patch and zofran. I ended up throwing up last night and finally kicked the nausea! Never been so happy to puke, haha. I'm swollen and sore today, I have boobs in my armpits, lol. This bra is super uncomfortable, like a too small sports bra. I'll take it off later to switch out my gauze and try to get pics to share.

2 days post op

Surgery was two days ago. I'm trying to wean off the pain meds now. I woke up this morning around 5 and hadn't taken anything since last night at 9:30, so I was two hours past my 6 hour mark. I took two hydrocodone and then felt like total crap afterward. It was too much, made me loopy and tired and sick. I didn't take another one until around 2pm, just one. I've been up moving around a little since about 3:30--rode with hubby to go get kiddos from daycare, sat outside while they played, had dinner with them, and then sat on the couch while they played until bedtime. I ended up taking another around 6:45 bc I was feeling really tight and sore. My back muscles are starting to ache, not sure if it's bc I'm compensating by using them or the sleeping upright. I'm adding pics I took this morning. Not the prettiest sight, but this is where we are! I'm beyond elated to look down and see boobs!! ????

Blisters from steristrips

I was super itchy and couldn't figure out why, and then looked in my bra and realized I had blisters under the steristrips the surgeon put on. I called the on-call doc and she said to remove my steristrips, apply A&D ointment, and take Benadryl. I'm so worried now that my healing process is going to be messed up or delayed since I had to take the strips off so early ???? I'm not supposed to go back to see my doc until Thursday and wasn't supposed to remove the strips before then unless they came off on their own. I have to call him Monday and see if he wants to see me sooner. I also switched out of the bra they put me in to a wireless front close Victoria's Secret sports bra. It feels better because it has the molded cups and seems to have compression where I need it (under my arms where I have boobs now, lol). But I'm thinking I might switch back to the other one for sleeping tonight. I was taking a wild guess on size and went with 34DD when I ordered it a few weeks ago. Seems to be the right size for now at least, we'll see what happens as they drop/fluff. Attached pics of my incisions without the strips.

One Week New!

I had my one week follow up today. Dr Price is very pleased with progress and how things are looking.

My right breast is still slightly more swollen and hasn't regained feeling in the nipple yet, he said that's due to it having been more constricted in the lower pole than the left was. (It's always been my smaller breast.) I have complete feeling back in my left nipple, actually better than it was most recently since I've breastfed two kids!

He said I can start gentle massage now. I can stop sleeping in a bra next week if I want, not sure how I feel about that though. I have a lounge bra I might wear at night for a while... I can start walking for exercise and working out again as long as I don't do any direct pectoral exercises. I will probably do my booty program but without weights starting Monday. We'll see how I'm feeling then, but the idea of it right now sounds awful! lol

I haven't taken any Vicodin since before bed last night (almost 24 hours now) but I can still feel it in my system. Every once in a while though I get an uneasy, dizzy, drunken feeling that lasts a few seconds. I'm hoping it works out of my system soon, hate this feeling!

Doc wants me to keep silicon sheets on my incisions for a while since I can't use the steri-strips. He first said gauze in my bra to protect the incisions from rubbing on my bra, then said something else which is kind of like a non-sticky bandage, but he decided on the silicon sheets bc it will provide the support I need plus help with scaring. I'm hoping I do okay with these since they don't have actual adhesive!

Adding pics of how they looked as of this morning. The spots where I had my blisters are so gross, I wish they'd clear up! Those bother me aesthetically more than the incisions do!

Pain/Stiff after sleeping

I wake up every night from sleeping in pain and feeling very stiff, especially along the sides of my breasts. I'm still sleeping in a bra. Is it just from the gravity pulling them to the sides while I sleep? I start out propped up on pillows but somehow wake up nearly flat on my back. How long until this goes away? Adding updated pics!
Springfield Plastic Surgeon

I had my consult last week. Dr Price is very knowledgeable and also very personable and easy to talk to. He's very honest and straight forward and told me what I can expect given my current breast size and shape.

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