32 Yrs Old, 2 Kids, Tuberous Small Breasts, Anchor Lift W/ Implants - Springfield, MO

My entire life I've had small "saggy" boobs and...

My entire life I've had small "saggy" boobs and never understood why. As a teenager all my friends had perky round boobs and mine were saggy triangles. I've wanted a b.a. since high school but wanted to wait until after I was done having babies. Now I understand why my breasts look like this and I'm ready to make a change!


Does anyone know of restrictions on getting tattoos/body piercings before or after surgery? Like what is the time frame for waiting? I need to get my navel re-pierced, thinking I should wait until after surgery for that so I don't have to take it out, but how long do I need to wait? Also wanting new ink but not sure if I am okay to do that this close to surgery date or wait until after, and how long after?

Post Op Needs?

What am I going to need post op? What bra do you recommend? Scar treatment? Self care? I'm one month out, need to start getting everything squared away!

3 weeks out!

It's getting close! I'm nervous and excited! I'm more nervous about having everything I need and knowing what I need to do post-op. I don't want to wait until the day of surgery and get sent home with a list of stuff I don't have. Where did you find out what you'll need?
Springfield Plastic Surgeon

I had my consult last week. Dr Price is very knowledgeable and also very personable and easy to talk to. He's very honest and straight forward and told me what I can expect given my current breast size and shape.

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