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I will be getting my BA on 11/25/13. I'm 5'6" and...

I will be getting my BA on 11/25/13. I'm 5'6" and 135 pounds. The planned size is 500cc over muscle. I am starting to get a little nervous that it is too large. I'm hoping that is a normal reaction this close to surgery time! I will have to pay the balance by Wednesday, November 9, 2013. No going back after that!

Time to Pay Up

I guess November 9 is Saturday, not Wednesday! Whichever, I have decided to just go ahead and pay up tomorrow. That way the should I or shouldn't I game is over!!! I have three more weeks and today I felt like that was no time at all. Other days if feels like it will take forever!!! I have bought some clothes to wear home after surgery and for my follow-up the next morning. I've already been working on getting things done at home so it's nice while I can't do much.

The other thing that is really stressing me out is that I have an injury and haven't been able to work out either. I know I won't be able to do much for 4-6 weeks after surgery. I'm worried about what my weight will be by then!

Paid In Full

OK, paid in full. No backing out now!!! Three weeks to go!!!! How do you find your before clothes fit after? I'm really nervous to buy any work clothes before surgery, but also think I will need some new clothes for after. I want to wear clothing that doesn't scream Hey, boob job over here!!! My co-workers know I am having a medical procedure done, but I didn't say what for.

One More Monday

One more Monday without the boobs!! Some days I haven't thought about it at all and other days I just keep thinking things like, there is only one more Monday with these boobs. Then I worry about what if I hate them and wish I could go back. I don't know why I think that. Every day I look at cute tops and swimsuits and cant WAIT to buy some that look cute without padding! I hope everyone else that is close is getting excited and will post lots of information for the rest of us that are still waiting!!!

Dr visits galore

I have been trying to get my to do list DONE before D-day (because I'm hoping for a D cup :) I have been to the dentist, dermatologist and last night to see my general practitioner. I've got a strained hamstring in my right leg and fluid build-up behind my right ear. I was kind of freaking out because I am within the two week window of when they want you to quit taking any extra meds. I called the office this morning and they were ok with me taking both medicines for my ear. THat's a relief. I went after work to see about the PT on my leg. Busy until Thanksgiving. That's the week of my surgery so that's out. How long afterwards do you think I would need to wait for Physical Therapy on my leg? I scheduled one for two weeks later, but told them there is a chance I might have to cancel. Another month without exercise and I might not even need it anymore :( Also, I have a weekly chiropractor appt. How long do you think it will be after surgery before I can schedule that again? I also talked about the sizes again. Told me to come in anytime or to try the rice sizers and let them know my decision on surgery day. The office lady, Fonda, is so super nice. I will have lots of questions for after surgery. I'm planning to write them all down to give to my hubby because I feel like I may not remember the questions or the answers! On a funny note, I had a dream last night that I "snap-chatted" my new boobs right after surgery to a cousin that knows about the surgery, but because I was drugged I posted them to Facebook instead! I think hubby will also be in charge of my phone ALL that day too, lol!! Next Monday is pre-op day!!!!


Wow!! It's really almost time. One more morning to sleep in. Well, sort of and then I will wake up to surgery day. Seems unreal since I scheduled my appointment way back in September. I'm trying to make sure everything is done today!! Laundry washed, everything on my bed washed and made, suitcase packed, etc. Tomorrow night I will head to Springfield to a hotel and when I wake up the next morning, it will be surgery time!! I am the first one on the day so I have to be there at 6:30. Follow up will be Tuesday at 9 am! I'm hoping to have my husband take some before and after pictures to post :)

All done

It's a done deal girls!!!! I got to the Surgery Center about 6:30, filled out some paperwork, got my vitals taken (yep, gained a few pounds from this not exercising thing :( ), taken straight back to "my" room, changed, IV hooked up, talked to the Doctor. We did stick with the 500 cc. By 7:30 I was out of commission and in surgery! Next thing I know I am waking up and wanting water! Had some ice chips and talked to the nurse a little. I think I was back in my room by 9 or so. While I was in there I had a couple backs of crackers and a class of water. Eventually, I got dressed (with a little help from the hubby) and walked down to the bathroom. Once I came out, they had the wheelchair at the door. I hopped in the car and I'm in the hotel room now. I'm a little sleepy since I didn't really sleep much last night. So far I think Im just still pretty numb. I'm not really having ANY pain. I popped two Extra-Strength tylenol as soon as I got in the car. Once back here, I had another bottle of water and a bagel. My hubby just left to go get my pain pills. Hoping I can keep that to a minimum! I think I am going to be just fine with the 500 cc. They do not look too big right now!! Will post pictures eventually. I'm just too lazy to hook my phone to my computer :)

Done deal!

Day after

I am still feeling pretty good. I am a little slower when I get up and down, but it goes away after I am up for a few minutes. I also was able to take everything off and shower this morning. The hubs had to wash my hair for me. I can left my arms, but it felt funny. Actually, it took me a long time to decide to take the bra off. I was afraid if I took it off, they might fall off, lol! I still haven't taken anything besides Tylenol. Dr. Meystrik gives you a numbing medicine during surgery that is supposed to last about 3 days. I hope that gets me through the worst of it! I should have taken pictures before I got in the shower because the bra on and off thing is a real chore! Next time I shower, I will get pics. Also, I'm supposed to wear the surgical bra night and day for a couple days. then I can find a bra that is comfortable and supportive to wear. My next checkup will be December 17. They are very high and firm right now. I know that takes time, but I'm already looking forward to it! Also, some members have asked what kind I have. They are 500 cc Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile Gel by Mentor.


Its Thanksgiving Day and I give thanks for new boobies in tank tops!! The left breast seems to be more swollen than the right which I'm a little concerned about. I don't know how much of a difference I should worry about it. I have never taken anything stronger than Tylenol so it's not painful. I am going to post a few pics without the bra. It seems like it is more obvious in the bra though.

9 Days PO

Wow, that seems crazy! I'm still having little aches and pains, but feel pretty much back to normal. I was thinking about all the things I worried about beforehand and now looking back could have not wasted time worrying about!! The size is perfect. Could I have gone smaller and been happy, yes, probably. However, with my wide shoulders and height the 500 are perfect. The doctor knew exactly what she was doing! All my clothes still fit. No big shopping spree necessary, although I am looking forward to that eventually. Probably more for Summer clothes though!! Also, I got worried about people just knowing at work so I told a few people and now wish I hadn't. In my work clothes, I am not obvious! It's really none of their business and I should have left it that way. They were in no way negative, but I still wish I had thought twice about telling them. They more than likely would have never noticed!!!! One of these day, I'll get more pictures up.
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