Are my 7 Year Implants Really Making Me Sick?

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I've never wrote a blog or review, but I feel very...

I've never wrote a blog or review, but I feel very passionate about this subject. I am 32, recently re-married and a mother of a 10 year old daughter. I had 400-420 cc Mentor augmentation under the muscle about 3 years after my daughter was born (around 2009). Before pregnancy I had very perky B-C cups. During pregnancy they grew to a D, but somehow stayed perky UNTIL after my milk came in. I did not breastfeed so in order to dry up I had to let my boobs engorge themselves with milk. They literally grew bigger than my head! When my milk finally dried up I was a saggy deflated D. I remember complaining about 'rolling' my boobs up into my bra. I was SO perky before my pregnancy. I could not stand the fact my breasts could touch one another or somehow seep out of my bra. This is when I decided I would get a lift, but my doctor had another idea. Breast Implants.

I'm not sure how I let my doctor talk me into something I didn't want, but don't feel guilty if it happened to you because it happened to me! I'm sure the price difference of 10K for a lift and only 5K for implants was a determining factor. I was only in my 20's and this seemed like a million dollars at the time. My doctor (who is EXTREMELY highly ranked in my area) said my breasts would stand right back up with just a small 300 cc implant. Seems like a good plan so I scheduled surgery.

Lets just jump to awakening from surgery. Doc is standing over me and says he had to go "a little bigger" to achieve the lift I wanted. He filled my breasts to 400 and 420cc's. That's OVER 100 cc's than planned. I won't even bother going over how the nurse ripped out my IV so I could sneak out because I was vomiting from the surgery and she said I'd never get out of there if we didn't do it this way. I did end up getting sick for about 11 days post op, so now I'm glad the nurse pushed me out the door!

Instant regret. Somewhere around day 2 or 3 I removed the bandages and see my new boobs. HUGE. I have hated them since day 1. At my first appointment I asked my doctor if he could remove them. He said yes, but give them a little longer to settle. It's 7 years later and here we are. I own 50 bras, all of which I HATE. Not one damn bras fits me properly. My shoulders ache, but more importantly.... I am sick. Constantly. I hurt. Constantly. I haven't seen a doctor yet in fear they will diagnose me with fibro or chronic fatigue. I am healthy! I work out, I eat healthy, I take supplements. I'm HAPPY!!! I am not a depressed person at all. I live in a beautiful home with a damn near perfect husband and have a wonderful child. I do NOT want a doctor to tell me I'm depressed or some other crap because he can't get to the bottom of my sickness. I KNOW in my gut my implants are making me sick. It's hard to even get a breath when I'm working out. I haven't spoke with a surgeon yet, but I have been doing tons of research about full explantation and capsulectomy. More than anything I just wanted to vent and contact others who are having the same symptoms as me. If anyone has any insight I would love to hear it. I do plan on having my surgery sometime in February or March (when my schedule allows). I'm working on posting more pictures. My profile picture really does my saggy DDD's justice, but they are more saggy than they appear!

Before Pictures/Weird armpit skin

After looking at my pictures they don't look as big as they feel. At least to me they look somewhat normal, but I think I've looked at them for so many years this is my normal. I'm a 32 DDD and sometimes bigger depending on if I've gained a few lbs. (I own multiple sizes of bras). Taking before pictures and posting them makes this much more real. I don't even engage in any kind of social media so if you can imagine this is a huge step for me. My husband would probably freak if he knew I blogged, but some things are meant for privacy between women. Anyone had a explant and lift with boobs similar to mine? Also, has anyone had saggy armpit skin after having implants put in through that area?
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