28 Yr. 5.9 130 Pounds and Finally Getting Boobs - Springfield, MO

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Well finally after wanting one since I was in the...

Well finally after wanting one since I was in the 8th grade the time has come. I went on several consults with 9 + doctors. I'm getting them done with dr hawes from center of plastic surgery in Springfield. I'm going with mentor saline smooth and mod plus profile. Hopping to go from 32a( before my son I was a 32 aa) to a full C.

So so far , i'm more than ready I have wanted...

So so far , i'm more than ready I have wanted this since the seventh grade LOL but I noticed people like my mom and sister-in-laws Who were originally against it are now being very supportive but my friends who were supportive are now kind of starting to act kind of different about the whole thing and say things to me like are you sure you want to go through with this? .. I'm starting to wonder am I afraid of them coming out to small or too big for my 5.9 131 body.

One day post op 325 ccs

We plan for 350s but he said when I woke up that's all he could fit Was 325 and That was as big as he could get it without really pushing the envelope and At frist I was disappointed but now I'm thinking maybe that's why it's for the best I'm just glad I'm not a 3280 anymor I was disappointed but now I'm thinking maybe that's why it's for the best I'm just glad I'm not a 32a anymore. The pain isn't as bad as I thought it would be but swinging my arms outward is what's the worst

Before and after

I wish he could have gone bigger, I'm bit sad but I kept telling myself it must be for the best. He told my husband that's all he could fit in. When I woke up still high haha I kept saying yay I'm in the b club and am I a cute b?? The nurse kept saying no Hun I think your gonna be a c .

Feeling meh

1 day post op but the pain mess are making me feel like crap, mood wise. I'm gonna try and stop taking them Tommrow. I am hoping I'll feel better when I find out a cup sizes am

The pain is worse

But least I got to shower that helped, my pre op is on wensday .. Feels like forever from now. Excited to have the bra off for few minutes my mom washed it while my husband helped me shower.

Getting better

Switched bras today for a little while so I could wash my surgical bra that I'm supposed to keep wearing, witched into this purple brought from Walmart that is a 34 size medium. My boobs feel a lot better itself but the top of my right breast and my arm is still killing me from pulling something feels like my nerves are just all jacked up. I tried not to take the narcotic today and today instead eyeless send to the PSonly took ibuprofen for that inflammation other than that there's nothing we can do right now he said except waited out for another week and I see him for my postop tomorrow. I think they look great I still wish I went a little bit bigger and sad that that's all he could fit in

4 days post opp

Wish they were bigger stillbut overall I think they look nice

Feeling tad better

Still wish we went bigger. had my post op appointment yesterday now he explained to me 3 times why he couldn't fit a bigger saline impact in the pocket. He also said he is a natural ps and he says all the time he has girls come in and say I want stripper boobs and says no to them and he won't do it simply it's not work the risk to him. Now I love that but the same time too I think I wanted to end up somewhere in the middle of natural and stripper as he called it lol. I still can't under stand why all these girls skinner then me can get 350 plus and I'm 5.9 and 134 started with mixed a/ aa. I never breast fed either after my son. He explained to me about how my skin was too tight and my pocket could not fit a 300 implant and then fill. He put in 275 saline and over filled too 325 and 330. I wish we can be bit bigger. I told him I'm 95 percent love them and it's just that I feel like they need to be 105% haha. He said thare still heeling and kept saying wait to 6 weeks I think you will be a full 34c and he said I just don't think your body has the ability to go to a double d. I like that he is being very safe. Also he said my boobs look like they should at 1 week out and he is very happy and the shape and everything else. I am too but still wish they were tad bigger. He said something about an implant exchange or insicion at the nipple but the then said again j don't want to talk about it til I see you at your 6 week post opp because I feel like you will change your mind. He didn't say anything about message or scar gel really ? Is it too soon ?? I think I have boob greed. Sorry for the run on sentences and bad spelling. I dunno I feel like he must think I'm a fruit cake or something for saying I want bigger after 7 days and I go no sleep because of my baby the night before and ran late so I dint get to shower before hand.

Over a week and feeling better

I was bad to and tried on braws 34 c in Bali and Jessica Simpson : I still have the tape over the insicion. I know not smart but it was on and off.... I had too in order for me to feel better about getting this whole thing done. Getting a glimpse of seeing myself in a c cup after years of being a double A was all worth it ... Still wish ps and I can go bigger

Depression and frustration

I know I know it's not far enough out but it's breaking my heart. I want them bigger or higher. I know what he said bla bla about fitting implant in my pocket and my skin was so tight. Yes I said I wanted to be a full c. I shouldn't gone to see him one more time maybe before .. I feel like they look natural and yes they are in a sense bigger. I wanted big boobs and cleavage but I ended up with small cs and no one can tell. Too me they look saggy in my 5.9 132 body and fOur people asked me am I wearing a padded bra I'm like no I got a boob job ????????. I told him I'm disappointed in the size during my one week post op and again he explained why he did what he did. I paid 4,500 and I feel like I should be screaming with joy instead I'm like eh thare just ok. I shouldn't have to go spend another 3000 for implant exchange, of corse we can't really afford that specially with a child my husband is in the military. I said to him over and over I want to be a full c with upper cleavage or small D. Not a barely c cup and everyone thinks I'm wearing a padded bra. I'm will to pay 1100 for hospital fees but everything else it's not right I'm sorry

They look better

Still wish they are bigger but everyone says they looked nice :) not fake looking .. I think I deep down wanted far looking anyways i measured at the fruit of the loom outlet a 34c and I technically told the ps I wanted to be a full c. So will see wear I end up.. Only one person told me they look like b cup so far :( but she has natural double ds and honest to god she is one of those know it all. I'm haveing some major pain still on the right like ball is on top of my boob or big knot of pain on top of the implant. Top of it my 11 month old accidentally elbowed me on the right boob and as the day is going by the pain is worse and worse. I dunno yet how I feel.

Love them , I finally feel like my body looks even 7 weeks out

I have decided to do a implant exchange hopefully in a few months. At my 6 week he said they look great and is glad we broke up not going all the ccs I wanted because this gives my skin and pocket time to adjust. I love them even my husband says he feels bad for not letting me get them years ago. I feel very satisfied and happy with the results. if something came up and I was no longer able to do it, then so be it. The reason I am going back is because I wanted a little bit more of in between my boobs and a little bit more volume on top. I understand I am 59 and he said my chest is lengthy so mod plus and something under 300 isn't going to give me the look on going for but also my skin and pocket can't handle it in one day. I understand that there are people who go that big with the same size as me or smaller but I'm glad that I have a responsible surgeon who did that stuff me u I understand that there are people who grow that big with the same die mentions as me or smaller but I'm glad that I have a responsible surgeon who did that stuff me up. 7 weeks out at Victoria secret I was 32 d and the sales girl Who directed me to the room insisted I was a B cup well I tried it on and my nipples were spilling out . I went to Macy's n khols oh and Bali and sales girl said your a 32 or 34 b and I ended up being a 34c.
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