40H Breast Reduction Soon - Springfield, MO

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I have always had really large breast. Most of my...

I have always had really large breast. Most of my family does. I am doing this for me. I am doing this because I want my neck and back to feel less pain and stress, because I want to feel less self conscious about my breasts. I am doing this to be able to be more active without pain or discomfort . I am doing this to hopefully fit into clothing better. Also It would be really nice to be able to buy a bra without ARMOR in it. I would like to be able to buy a nice pretty bra for $15-25.00. Right now I spend $46-70.00 per bra. It never seems to matter how big or small I am I always have huge boobies. Even when my rib size was 36 inches I wore a size "F-G" . I am activley loosing weight before the surgery which is not easy by any means but I am doing it. I would like to loose 15-20 more pounds before my surgery. Easier said than done but well worth the effort. I have all summer off work so I plan on relaxing and recovering.

Just found out my Plastic surgen is planning on...

Just found out my Plastic surgen is planning on removing 700mg from one side and 800 from the other. If I am a "H" now I wonder what cup size I will be after.

I mean grams....lol.. I would like for my ending...

I mean grams....lol.. I would like for my ending breast size to be a full "D" to a "DD" . I wonder if 700 and 800 will be enough removed to accomplish that.

My surgery is nearly six weeks away. I can't...

My surgery is nearly six weeks away. I can't believe I am actually doing this for myself. I have wanted and dreamed of this for years. There are soooo many memories that revolve around my being so busty. I sort of feel like I am shedding a major part of what made me who I am.

It is sort of sad.... SORT OF. I am removing the part of me (My breasts) that got me picked on by other girls in fith grade. The part of me I tried to bind in 7th grade after reading that some forigne countries use binding to prevent growth. The part of me I cried over at 17 because I could only find ONE prom dress in the whole town to fit my bust and my then small waist into. The part of me that first drew my wonderful husbands attention for the first time 14 years ago ( still going strong ) and the part of me that fed my two wonderful babies. It is sad .... sort of to say good bye to that part of me.

But I am so ready for the next new improved part of me. I can't wait to wear things I never felt comfortable in ! Like a swinsuit with no bra on underneath it ! I can not even emagin how wonderful that will be. Or how about a v-neck top that I am not accidently spilling out of :O) Or what about a blouse ... with buttons. lost of tiny buttons. Or better yet, reliefe of tired ackey muscles all over my upper body all the time and the thought of being able to sit up straigh. Whoow.. cyber sister watch out.

Reading all these posts about how wonderful everyone is doing post-op and how much reliefe they feel is inspiring. I can't wait to be on the flip side. I want to thank everyone for being so honest and brave and posting all the their pics and expieriences to help others. I really appreciate it. It is really helping me keep focused on the end result.

When I start freeking out about the bad things that could go wrong I get on here and chec out what other are going threw, and for some reason knowing I am not the only one having a freekout moment or a fifty questions is very helpful.

I went "window" bra shopping again ! can't wait. My PS told me not to do any shopping for bras or tops till about 3 months post op. :O( That is soooo far away. I am going to do my best. How long does it really take before I can wera a underwire bra ? How long before I can really know what size the new girls will be. I have the entire summer off work to sit back relax and recover. I am so excited!

Is it just me or does anybody else feel like...

Is it just me or does anybody else feel like hugging thier kids without a bra on is damaging to thier psychological well being. ...lol... I can't wait to feel comfortable enough to wrap my arms around people again. :O)

This week has been better for me. I am less...

This week has been better for me. I am less worried and more excited. I am working on convincing myself that I will live through the actual surgery :O) and I am have found gardening a major stress reliever. Needless to say my yard is looking better and better every day. Although now that I have spent so much time planting in my yard and making it pretty. I am wondering who will be taking care of it for me after my BR ? How long will it be before I can garden again ?

I had a major freak out Friday night. I started...

I had a major freak out Friday night. I started asking myself some creapy questions like "Am I really going to let a complete stranger remove most of my breasts ???" The anwser come Sat. morning was "OM...Yes, Yes I am !" I don't know why sometimes I get so wound up and worried and other times I have a total feeling of "I got this , No problemo'. !"

Sat I was in such a gung-ho mood. I went on an hour long hike and then "Window-shopping :O) " for 4-5 hours. ..lol.. I drug my daughter along too. We had a great time. We were out looking at what I might be able to wear after surgery. I refused to buy anything though. Even though the pants I had on are clearly too big for me. I have lost 16 pounds now. I have definantly hit a small platue. So with that loss my clothing is getting to big.

So to confess .... I just took some measurements. Under my bust was 38 and bust was 49.5 and above bust was 40. My 44 H bra is too big now. The band slips and slides more than a kid in summer camp. I know I really need a 40-42 band on my bra now but with surgery so close I am refusing to shop for one that fits me right now. Even my hubby says my pants and bra no longer fit me. O' well. I guess I will just look bad till surgery and then I will redo my entire wardrobe and look Amaizing !!!!!!!

I am so excited. I do agree that my clothing looking so big on me makes me look a bit frumpy. But why would I purchase so close to surgery ? I hope everyone is doing well out there. I am feeling great so I am off to exercise !!

I am trying to be patient. :O) 4 weeks and 4...

I am trying to be patient. :O)
4 weeks and 4 days till surgery :O)
or 31 days (Not counting today or surgery day.)
EXCITING stuff ! I am having the hardest being patient. I can't stop reading about BR and looking at before and after pics. I really need to get a note pad and get my last minute questions down. I also need to get a list of recovery items from my PS. I really don't want to be doing anything last minute. I can't wait to be on the flip side.

I thought I would take some before pictures of...

I thought I would take some before pictures of myself. EEEEK !!!! Wow. I wish I was smaller. I am really affraid getting this BR will make me look fater. I am really concerende that I might look pregnant. :O( . I have a lot of tummy chub to loose still :O( If I don't ever get out of this weight loss rut I am going to go nuts. I am holding steady at 15-16 pounds lost. Glad to have lost any at all but my goal was 22 pounds and with 4 weeks left I am not sure I can make it. anyone have any weight loss boost ideas ? I really need to knock off those last 6-7 pounds. Please help.

Tonight I am reall nervous. So nervous I could...

Tonight I am reall nervous. So nervous I could almost vomit. I feel like I am waiting on a pregnancy test result. :O) LOL... This BR is going to change me and that scares the crud out of me. I hope I will love it. The 25 of May is only a few weeks away. EEEAK !!!!!!!!!! NERVOUS !!!!!!!!

I went to get refitted for a bra today. I am now...

I went to get refitted for a bra today. I am now officialy a size 40 H. I started at 44H . I did have two streachy 42 size bras that used to fit me but not nothing does. I was going to buy a new bra today but they were not on sale, and I am NOT spending $48.00 on one bra to only be able to use it for 26 days :O( I am not very happy about this. Usually Lane Bryant will have some on clearance for $19.99 but not this time. POO! O well. I started my spring cleaning today. I threw out a lot of clothing that I will be glad to never wear again. Encluding a the black bra that I always wore under my swim suit. :O) Glad to see that thing go.

Some ladies I know actually want my striped bra in the pic for a breast cancer project :O) I will be glad to donate that too. It is kind of a bummer though. I just bought 6 new bras in Feb. and I do not fit a single one. I have always paid well for bras that fit and it is irratating ( and painful ) to wear a $75.00 bra that doesn't even fit. I can not wait to be able to but a $10.00 bra :O) I am so glad my insurance company is paying for most of this. I am going to call my PS this week just to touch base and see if there is anything I should be doing or not doing. Plus I really need them to give me a list of items I should buy for recovery. That will give me something to do.

I called the PS office and spoke with the office...

I called the PS office and spoke with the office manager. She said I really will not have to get a lot of stuff for post op. HMMMmmm. No supply list to keep me busy. She also said that there will not be any dressings for me to replace. She said he puts them on and than they stay there till two days before my post op that is when I am to shower for the first time. OM !!! YUCK !!!!! my post op will be 11 days later :O( that can not be right !!!! 9 days in the same bandages ..... no SHOWER ??? My PS does not use drains and only uses disolvable stitches so there is no reason for me to go in at 3 or so days she said. But 11 days after BR seems a little far for the first post op appointment. My surgery is May 25 and I was told my first post op was should be June 5th. I emagin if I have any problems I will be seen sooner but I am a little concerned 11 days is a little far. If my boobies are covered up for the first nine days how will I know if there is infection or anything else going on ?

I guess that also means no pics till after then. My hubby said "You are not going to be removing the bandages the PS put on just to take pics., every time those bandages come off you might risk infection" Does anyone know if that is true ? Does removing the bandages risk infection ? I plan on following what ever instructions my PS gives me but I was just wondering.

I am also wondering when did all you ladies out there let you guy see the new boobies. My hubby is terribley squeamish . I am not sure he could handle seeing them right away. Plus I have herd the first two weeks are the scariest to look at , plus with my post op being so far out I will miss most of those scary sights. Expeshially if I really have to keep them covered in the bandaged they put on me fot the first 9 days. Is that even Hygenic ???? I guess I will have to sponge bath. I am going to the corner salon to get mt hair washed . I am going to let my girls help with the drying and styling. I wonder how great I will look after my 7 year old daughter gets her turn to help me :O) She is going to have a blast.

I decided that I need to read up on the basics of...

I decided that I need to read up on the basics of wound care. It can after all, only help. I got a packet of papers in the mail from my PS office. It was filled with what not to eat or ingest in the last two weeks. It really was a HUGE list. Mostly meds. Also there was info on pre-regristeration for the surgery center. So I guess I need to do that soon. Two weeks and counting down now. I still have not parted with a single bra yet. I guess I will save that for after. I am planning my freezer meals for after surgery and spring cleaning as much as possible to help keep my mind busy. I was given a new sight to check out by my PS.


It is not as easy to navigate as this one, but It is another source of info.

Eight days to go and I am feeling great. My...

Eight days to go and I am feeling great. My allergies are cleared up and I am less stressed. I went out and purchased a few after surgery tops :O) . I have STILL not purchased any new bras or gotten rid of any old ones. I will do that after surgery. I tried to call and pre-regrister but the surgery center said they were not ready to take my info yet. So I guess I was trying to pre-regrister too early. All in all I think I am pretty ready.

My PS was very informative in my pre-op so I know alot about what to expect with surgery for the most part. Dr. Geter told me my boobies would look squareish for a while and less full at the bollom of my breast. My PS said I might hate him after surgery and have a crying fit and worry that I made a bad choice , He said not to worry though that they would drop and settel in and round out over the next six months and once thay did that I would like him again ;o) ...LOL... My PS told me that it is normal for large busted wemon to feel flat chested after surgery but he assured me I WOULD NOT BE.

I have a friend who has a friend (Who is also a nurse) :O)...lol.. That had a breast removed due to cancer. Dr. Geter performed her surgery and also her reconstruction and my friend said the new breast looks fantastic !!! So I am taking this as a good sighn. If a nurse would pick him.... I want him too. Since choosing Dr. Geter I have met a few people who know someone who has used him, and all I hear are raving reviews. So after all the stories and my own openion of him I am certin the procedure will be wonderful.

Dr. Geter told me the most important thing was for me to be realistic with my ideal out come. Which I am. I don't care if they are not perfect or scared. I do not care if one is a tad bigger. I only care that they look ok and wind up smaller and back on my chest where they started...lol.... I would also prefer that they still have fullness :O)

Today I feel excited and on top of the world. I...

Today I feel excited and on top of the world.
I do have one question though.

At the start of the year I decided to get healthier and so I went from consuming a toxic amount of salt to eating no added salt, no salt and low sodium foods only ( this actually was easy to do for me). also I started watching my sugar intake and snacky carbs. I really cut back on those too. I was consuming a ton of coffee too. I don't mean one regular cup of coffee either. I mean the tall grande extra charger Mocha ,caramel, and vanilla gas station coffee. YUMMY. so anyhow I used to do that all the time. but now I don't partly because of my question. So my question is I had a naughty coffee yesterday an then 2 regular cups today :O( and I felt a little flutter in my chest...... I used to have that sometimes after drinking a lot of caffine. Now I am a tad worried with surgerie next Friday. Do you guys out there think I should call my Family Dr. ? I am not going to drink anymore coffee before surgery cause now I am a bit frightened. The flutter was very light and only lasted a second.....Hmmmm.

Called my Family Dr. and she said the amount of...

called my Family Dr. and she said the amount of caffine I had consumed was enough to cause my flutter. She was no at all concerned. I avoided caffine all day and I am feeling great today. I will still bring it up before surgerie but I am very certin as well that it was the caffine. I called and pre-registered :O) I am so proud of myself. I am going to spend the weekend cleaning and preparing my house for my surgery. I am even making some meals ahead and freezing them. Plus I still need to but the after care stuff.

I am feeling ready. I went out and purchased a...

I am feeling ready. I went out and purchased a very nice post-op bra. The only thing I do not like about it is that it clips in the back. O' well I still love it. It only cost me $7.99 too. WOW . I think it is more like a sleep bra. I will be able to use it at SOME point so I am happy.

2 nights and 1 day left and although I am nervous...

2 nights and 1 day left and although I am nervous I am not scared . I am SOOOO ready for this to be over. I am excited and very happy to be getting this done.

Finally got to talk to a nurse today in about my...

Finally got to talk to a nurse today in about my pre-op stuff. She was wonderful. Her name was Joyce. Joyce told me that the reason I had not been contacted sooner about Items I would need post-op is that the post-op nurses send me home with everything I will need for wound care. :O) WHO KNEW !!!! WOW !! I am so glad. What a relief :O) So all I need to do now is

Fix and freeze a few meals
clean my room
Put all the items I might want like remotes, magazine, book, hand loation, baby wipes and ECT. on my night stand
charge camera battery
charge cell phones and
lay out clothing and pillows for in the morning
:O) and then VOILA !!!! I will be done :O)

Chat to you all on the flip side

I MADE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!! I got up at 5:00 am....

I MADE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got up at 5:00 am. Arrived at the surgery center at 6:20. Went to my room at 6:30. And then the orchestra skilled people all did their parts to get me ready. First a nurse to check all my info and and medical history , she also had me take a preg test. ( negative of course) Then a man came in directly after my neg. preg. result and he numed my arm and put in my I.V. drip. As soon as he left the anesthesiologist came in and went threw all my medical info as well, then he talked with us and made sure we had no questions. Then a few more people came in one right after the next until at 7:00 am when Dr. Geter came in .

Dr. Geter was happy , informative and full of great info. He answered all my questions before I even asked them ! He was FANTASTIC and knowlegable. Then he moved on to marking my breasts. He drew and measured each line carefully. Dr. Geter drew and measured one line on breast A and then drew and measured the same line on breast B , he did this untill every marking was done and he was was finished. He was very gentle and drawing all the marking took no time at all. I was completely ready for surgery at 7:15. The OR nurse came in and put some drug in my IV and I was talking to her as she wheeled me out of the room at 7:25 am and I was awake for about 10 secounds. Next thing I knew I was waking up in post-op.

Post op: I was in the recovery room for about 1 hour. I felt dizzy and my incesions felt like I had a rope burn. I was at about a 6 on the pain scale. They gave me pain meds and something for the dizziness. Then I went back to my room. My hubby was there and I was so happy to see him that I got teary for a moment. More pain meds and more dizzy meds and then Dr. Geter came in to check on me. He said everything went fantastic and that he removed a total of 3.8 pounds of breast tissue. I ate a few crackers and drank some tea, 2 hours later I was headed home. I got home at about 3:00 pm. Just as they said I had a surgical bra on and they gave me extra dressings. I purchased an extra bra in post op just to have it when I needed it. I was told it would cost about $15.00 dollars.

So far recovery has been easy. I am moving slow and gentle but My pain is very little. I am probley a 2 on the pain scale. I came home with Tylenol3 and some antibiotics. I was told to shower on Sunday and let my boobies air dry. No more bandages after sinday unless I am having drainage. I was told to let the boobies get some air time for up to 4 hours. I was instructed to wear the bra around the clock otherwise. And my next post-op appointment is on June 5 TH.

As far as how I am emotionaly doing .... Fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you to everyone who has chatted to me on here and given me much need suport.
P.S. no, I have not peaked at the new boobies.

As of this morning I am still doing great. Pain is...

As of this morning I am still doing great. Pain is a 2 still. I fell less like I have a rope burn under my breasts and more like actual incisions. I am not in pain but I deffinantly feel like I had a breast reduction. I have drainage from yesterday on my surgical gauze and bra but nothing new as of today. All the spots are in the same place as after surgery and they are all the same size. Hope that is good. I do not have drains in and as far as I know everything went and is going just as planned. I am going to ask for meds to help with dizzyness. I get dizzy when I stand. I am not eating full meals yet and have not had a BM. I am drinking a ton of iced tea and have started consuming apple juice and apple sauce. I was told those along with coffee help relax and soften things to make it easier to go. I am not eating much so who knows when I will feel the need to go. But when I do I would rather it be softer than not. I know that is too much INFO. but I have herd it is a fact.

I slept reclined but NOT laying down last night. I have a chase lounge that is in my livingroom. The lounge legg part can be removed and used as a leather ottoman so all I had to do was sit back and let my hubby push the ottoman up to the chair making it the chase. This was easier than trying to hold my weight with my arms to turn and move to lay in bed. it is not comfortable to bring my hands together in front of me to wash my hands so I am still having help with washing. I will try to upload my pic of the markings Dr. Geter made. I know he made more after I was under anasthesia so of course I do not have pics of that.

I am still needing a lot of help to get around. My...

I am still needing a lot of help to get around. My IV pain meds from the hospital are fully gone now but I still am a bit groggy. I am guessing it is because of the Tylenol 3. I am taking one pill every 4 hours and only once did I take the maximum of 2 pills. My pain is low still and I am a tad worried about removing my surgical bra to shower tomarrow. I was told to shower with my back to the water and use mild soap and to let the water carry the soap to my new boobies. No touching the boobies with my soapy hands. I was told to shower and air dry for a while then put on a fresh surgical bra a little gauze in it back on. Makes me nervous !!!!! I am worried my seams will pop. :O( Plus I am worried they might look so bad that I get ill. I am going to peak in the shower but I don't really want to.

I must confess I took a shower like I was directed...

I must confess I took a shower like I was directed to by my PS. However it was very tramatic for me. I had a full blown panic attack while undressing and I nearly fainted. Once I actually caught my breath and stoped crying I made it into the actual shower where I vomited a little. Now mind you I have felt wonderful and my pain has been incredibly low. I do not even have ANY drainage going on so far. A massave wave of sinsation started it all. My breasts were so large that I really did not used to feel much and as all the gauz was falling away from my new boobies I felt every thing and completely freaked out. I was not in and pain, just really scared.

Here is the new boobies. I am back to doing woderfully and my discomfort is a 1... at most.

SENSATION !!!!!!! That is what is going on so far...

SENSATION !!!!!!! That is what is going on so far today on day 4. BILLIONS of little sensations. I feel every little thing in my breasts. My nipple sensation ( both sides ) is more than it has ever been. I feel everything. :O/ and I am so glad. Although the sensations can be overwhelming so I am keeping them covered with guaz. Does anyone know If I am supposed to shower every day now ? last night I actually got 3 straight hours of sleep :O) . I am headed to the shower soon so I just took two T3's instead of one. I hope my shower today goes better than my first shower with the new boobies yesterday went. That panic attack was awful.

Today is recovery day 5. I am feeling tired still....

Today is recovery day 5. I am feeling tired still. I made it threw my second shower yesterday. I still required a massive amount of help but I was more relaxed and less stressed.The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. My hubby insisted that I allow him to wash my hair for me so after dinner we went on the back porch and I reclined on a bench and he ever so gently washed my hair. He did a fantastic job. Not one drop of soap or water anywhere on my clothing. I told him I had found his calling in life. :O) LOL

I forgot to mention on the 27th after my tramatic first shower , I air dried and put on a fresh post-op surgical bra which only lasted about one hour before poping at the seams. SO (after that horrid shower) I had to go threw waiting for the first bra to wash and dry and also the rewrapping :O( I was glad for that day to be over. I finally got to talk to my PS office taday and they said just to bring in the faulty bra and they would give me a new one. :O) That makes me happier. My camera spazed out and wiped my sim clean this morning so I lost a lot all my post op pics. :O( Hope this is the worst thing that happens to me. Lessoned learned though. Back up my pics :O) So because I had to retake my pics for today I decided to post a few.

I must be a SPAZ !!!!!!!!!! I have been on...

I must be a SPAZ !!!!!!!!!!

I have been on Tylenol3 since comming home from surgery on May 25th. I tried to go off it twice but both times I decided I wasn't ready and so I went back on T3. Well I took my third shower yesterday ( Horrid again ) and so because of what happened in the shower I called my PS. They told me to STOP the T3, So now for the third time I am off T3. :O/ I am not in any pain at all and no discomfort. I feel pretty good now actually. I feel more awake, and I actually made it into my own bed last night where I slept ALL NIGHT. So apparently going off T3 this time was a good thing.

Now let me tell you what keeps happening to me in the SHOWER.
So ,,,, My first shower was a major overwhelming panic attack. I am nearly fainted. I vomited and I had a rough time.
My second shower was "OK" But Mostly because I DID NOT look at anything and my hubby was very quick about helping me wash and get out of there ASAP.
Yesterday my third shower went exactly the same as my first shower minus the vomiting. So It was HORRID.

I was standing there for my third shower yesterday waiting for my hubby to get the water to a good temp and I felt "OK". But then he helps me out of my zip up gown and he plays with the water again. This time as I wait I can feel myself getting woosy. Next he helps me out of my bra and underclothing and BAM ! I look down as I step into the shower and FULL force dizzy going to faint ! I am then rushed from the shower to the next room and there I am set to recline ina chair. My hubby dries me off ( Not that I am really wet cause my shower only lasted a half secound :O? and then I just relax there for about 15 minutes. At which time I get up (NO LOOKING DOWN) and take a speed shower. I did just fine this time.

So apparently I am a SPAZ !!!!! I do not understand. What is the deal ? I am so happy to have this done... is it possible that I am so weaked kneed by looking at my frankin boobs that I get thrown into a full force anxiety attack. I know I it might sound crazy but I let the new boobies air dry and I am so hyper sesitive now that I can actually feel the air in the room if someone walks by. My Ps said there were a select few that wind up hyper sensitive but he never mentioned it to this extream. Could it be that I am having a sensation overlaod in the shower and that gives me a anxiety attack ? What would a person even do to help with that ?

ADVICE anyone ..... PLEASE :O/

Dark spot on my left nipple and shower update, I...

Dark spot on my left nipple and shower update,
I am going to start with my shower update. First I started with 3 times yesterday I disrobed and just took a moment to look at my new girls and let them breath.
second,I took my shower at night instead of first thing in the morning , I undressed 10 minutes before my shower to give my self some time to just breath and take it all in ,I made sure the shower was ready before I got there, and we kept the bathroom door open to keep the room cooler

My shower was fine . No anxiety. I am so happy. I am going to repeat this method again today.
On another note. I have a dark spot on my left nippel. I think it has goten darker but not persay bigger. If you look really closley you can see it on other pisc. but I am posting a really good pic of it . I called my PS this morning and they want to see me today at 4 pm. I will let you all know what they say. I hope it is no big deal. I am not really worried.

I just got home from my Ps office and THANK GOD my...

I just got home from my Ps office and THANK GOD my little dark spot on my left areols was no big deal. :O) What a relief. Dr. Geter said it was just a spot from pricking a vain when he gave me an injection during surgery. He said it will go away. He said my incesions looked very nice and that I looked like I was healing very wonderfuly. I told him again about my shower anxiety attacks and said he had done a good job preserving all my nerves so just to keep doing what I was doing and that in a few months the sensations would calm down. He said It can be an extream feeling when a person who is used to having large numb breasts wakes up with smaller very aware breasts. He said I was doing everything great so far and to keep it up. I really recomend My PS to anyone near Springfield MO. Dr. Geter has really made this expierience wonderful so far.

I KNOW !!! way too early to get a new bra but I...

I KNOW !!! way too early to get a new bra but I did it anyways :O) I went to JC Penny and purchased a "Bali Comfort Revolution Wire Free style number 3463". Price $ 25.00 . side "D" . This bra fits like a dream. Soft and flexable. Supportive and comfy. Just what I was needing. The best part is this bra does not rub my incesions.

Also some one on here posted ( and my post-op nurses recomended) using pads in your bra for drainage and padding. I am using this idea. Pads are WAY better than the gauz idea. The gauz was sruck to me on day 3 when I took my first shower and removing it nearly made me faint. I switched then to "Stayfree Ultra Thin Overnight" (with wings but I rip them off). These pade are really long, really thin, wide, and VERY comfortable to me. I use one under each breast. They cover the complete bottom scar and most of the scar going up to my areola. I do not have drainage yet but my breasts are crazy sensitive and my lower incisions are very tender. This trick helps me. I love that the pads have tape so you can just lie back place them where you want them and then press the bra in place. Ta Da then you are done. No fidigiting with gauz moving or falling out and they do not bunch up either.

I was out and about today for about 4 hours. I am exausted now. WHEW ! I need a nap. Hope everyone is doing well.
I have found this to be a very rewarding surgery so far. I really encourage any reader thinking about this to get a consultation. It was nice today to go into a store and actually try on bras that were too big. Nice to have more than one rack of bras to choose from. Nice to not be biggest busted person in the place. Nice to try on tops and really feel like I look great. Not to mention I actually can see my feet now !

My youngest daughter came up to me the other day and gave me a hug and it was so wonderful to really feel her. She was for the first time ever hugging my ribs, not my bust :O) It actually made me cry. She loved my boobies but I hated them always being in her face when I hugged her. I love the way hugging feels now. I can actually get real hugs now.... O' AND I was trying to cut veggies this morning when my hubby commented that my boobies were not there rubbing on my four arms like they used to be ! I feel soooo much better about myself now. I am WAY happy. Thank you to everyone for all the wonderful support.

I am just updating some pics. Everything is going...

I am just updating some pics. Everything is going great with me. I tried to do a littel in my garden yesterday but it was just too soon so I stoped. I was swollen and sore because of it last night. I am finding it hard to just NOT do anything. I am just under the 2 week post-op mark. I am on day 13 if you count day one as surgery day May 25th. Showering is just fine now. I actually took my first shower all by myself last night. I had to be extreamly careful while washing my hair but I made it threw it :O) . I can not even begain to tell all you pre-op ladies how wonderful it is to have my new boobies. I am going to list some of the bennifets that I have had so far.
My neck pain and stiffness are GONE
My back pain and stiffness are GONE
no digging bra straps
no sweaty breasts
no heat rashes
no floppy boobies when I turn over laying down
No giant boobies laying on my arms and pulling on my chest when I am laying on my back :O)
I can see my feet.
my clothing fits RIGHT
I now wear a 40D-42C NOT a 40H
in genral I just feel lighter (3.8 pounds to be exact !!!)
My breasts are not the first thing that touch my family when we hug
I look slimmer (but I notice my belly more)
My boobies fit into langerie for once
My breasts are off my ribs and up where they belong :O)
Did I mention I can cross my arms now !!!!!!!
I don't touch my breasts at all now when I clap my hands
I am not getting ANY awkward stared or looks at my breasts when I am out. I am just seen :O)
I am no longer the biggested busted person I know
I am no longer self concious.

If you are pre-op reading my post :

There are a lot of great bennifets that I have missed but these are the things I have noticed the most in the past 13 days. Emagine what other bennifets I will find in the next year. I do not regret this decision even for a moment. My Husband was reluctant and not wanting me to get this done till he met with my PS. Now I think there are times when he is more excited than I am about how I look. He tells me non stop how much lighter and happy I look. He complaments my figure all the time. He even has noticed the difference in how people look at me while we are out. NO staring. We are very happy and I know you will be too. This sight has been Fantastic for support and just airing out my feers and emotions and I can not tell you how very much I value all the support and info there is here. Hope you like us too. Good luck to you.

Wow, Ladies let me tell you. If you are pre-op...

Wow, Ladies let me tell you. If you are pre-op don't walk , run . This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. "Everything" (hint.. hint) is better now. I fell so happy. lol. I don't even feel bad about spending the money anymore. I feel great about it. I look great, I feel great and wow do people notice. I have even enspired a few ladies I know to think about a BR for themselves. One of the things I like best is right now I have absolutly NO SAGGING. I am 2 days under 3 weeks and looking great. Recover is going about as expected. My incisions are healing well and my new boobies are tender and REALLY sensative . The sensativity thing bothers me the most. Do not get me wrong, I am extatic that my PS did such an amaizing job but wholy COW batman !!! These nippels are stiff and alert at the slightest thing. I went grocery shopping at the store and it was unbearable to be in the meat, milk, juice and freezer departments. So thank goodness I has my daughters along to get that stuff that we needed. Also driving is ok now still brings on soreness. I try not to drive still but a family has to eat.... and go to the movies :O). After all we have been home for nearly 3 weeks and we have had NO fun yet. So the kids and I snuck off to the movies while hubby was at work. I am posting a few pics but I pretty much look the same as last week.One more thing . I got my final bill yesterday and the total bill reads :

23,471.00 Before any provider discounts .... OUCH
then after provider discounts are taken off the total bill says :
10,561.95 Of which my insurance company covered :
8,663.47 Leaving me owing a grand total of :

So my total bill owed for my BR is $ 1898.48 which is only 98.48 over what I guessed it would be so we are extreamly happy with that amount. Gool luck for every lady who is Pre-op and get well to all who are Post-op. The money is deffinantly worth it :O)

My breasts are still very tender and sometimes...

My breasts are still very tender and sometimes flat out sore. I am wondering just how long this sorness lasts. Most my scabs are gone now . On the T-junction on my left breast where the scab just fell off I have a tiny spot that is leaving little yellow freckelly spots on my bra. I have not had any drainage so I am wondering if this is normal drainage or what ? It is a very tiny spot and I don't think it is infected , but I am going to watch it. I am stuck in the Bali Comfort band bra :O) I actually had to go out and purchase a second Bali Comfort Revolution Wire Free style number 3463 bra because this bra is so comfortable. I live in these bras now. Anyhow. I am doing great I am still sore. Hope everyone else is doing great too.

Called the PS this morning because I have a tiny...

Called the PS this morning because I have a tiny spot on my left T-junction on the bottom scar where the scab fell off that was leaving tiny yellowish dots on my bra and I had a tiny spot where a stitch had worked it's way out some . The stitch poking out was causing the scar to not close in that one tiny spot. Soo anyhow, The PS nurse pulled out that one stitch and then she found about 5 more :O( I was very nervouse because I thought it was going to hurt but apparently My scar line is numb :O) because I did not feel a thing. Thankfully. It took about 3 minutes total. They looked at my healing incisions and did not say anything about the tiny area where the scab had fallen off. They said everything looked like it was healing like it should. So I guess I was worried for nothing. My next appointment is July 31. So far I am so glad I had this done.

OK. Today I am one day under 4 weeks. I think my...

OK. Today I am one day under 4 weeks. I think my healing is going really well. I do have another stitch that has poped out and needs to be removed again but other than that I think all is going great. I am starting to notice my breast setteling but I hope that does not mean that major sagging is in my near future. I would just cry. I really need some post-op pics ( 8 and more weeks out) of size D boobies to look at. Is there anything a girl can do to keep them perkie. The other day I came across a sight that said testing had been done and bras cause breast to sag more !!!!! It said wearing a bra all the time causes the tendons in breasts to atrophy and thus sagging accures more severelly. :O( Not happy about this. I wonder if there is any real truth in this. The sight said to only wear a bra when outside your home if you want to retain good shape and high perkie breasts. It said a womans breasts need at least 4-5 hours of free time while awake and active. ... SHOCKED... I am SHOCKED. Can this be true ? Why would bras not come with warning labels then. : " Warning.. wearing a bra for extended periods of time causes excessive sagging." Hmm I am going to ask my PS about this one.

Other than waiting for things to take shape everything is getting back to normal here. I am not sure how much longer I can take it easy though. My hubby is still pampering me and I am letting him. I really needed the break from work and chores but to be honest I am really tired of just sitting here. I have managed to get out and drive a few times now but I still feel sore after getting out and about. Also my stamina is still low, I think that came from sitting on my bumb for too long. Is it ok to get back on my tredmill now ? My PS just told me to keep taking it easy till my next appointment July 31st but surely he did not mean for me to continue to be stagnant till then.

Anyhoo !!!!!!!!!! Healing is good and I feel Fantastic. Everyone on this sight has been amaizing and so supportive. This sight is fantastic. I am so thankful to everyone who shares the before and after pics. They really are a helpful tool. Happy recovery to all post-op ladies and good luck the the pre-op op ones.

Well 5 weeks has just past. I updated my pics. I...

well 5 weeks has just past. I updated my pics. I am crazy happy. I went to a birthday party on June 30th for a friend of mine and wore a yellow dress with NO BRA !!!!! Yup you read me right NO BRA !!!!!!! I know I am shocked too. I tried the dress on with every bra I had and I was just more comfortable in the dress with out a bra on. So I said "Why not ? For the first time in my adult life I can get away with it...... " so I did...ha ha ha ha . I even bragged to my friend about it and she laughed. I am feeling fantastic and healing fantastic. I can not believe I was so worried and anxiouse about getting this done. This has ben the most liberating thing in my life. Everyone is noticing now and I am really feeling wonderful. I am wearing things I never EVER would have before and basking in all the looks I am NOT getting. I am completely thrilled. Now I get looked at because I look nice not because I have huge breasts. H.A.P.P.Y. that is me. I really hope everyone out there is feeling as great about this decision as me. My husband commented the other day that he wished he had the means to get this done for me 10 years ago. How sweet he is. He won't stop trying to take me shopping . :O) He was so aginst it to start with... funny how things turn out. Friday night my daughter had a friend stay over and so Sat morning I was in the kitcken making breakfast. When I was done we all sat down and ate. Near the end of the meal I started laughing. The kids ( 3 girls , two of them are 12) looked at me and I said .." Ha ha I just made breakfast and ate breakfast for the first time like ever with out a bra on... !" My 12 year old daughter turned pink and said "MOM !" and her friend just laughed with a weird look on her face and said "I am happy for you". It was great. I love damaging my kid...lol...Don't worry the friend is a kid who is here ALL the time, so she is used to us... :O) ANYHOW !!!!!!!! FREEDOM at long last. for those pre-oppers..... Don't fret about your up comming surgeries and for gods sake don't walk ...RUN into surgery and yell ME FIRST, ME FIRST, I CALLED IT.....ME FIRST !!!!!!!!!!!!

Well. Finally an update on me. I have been doing...

Well. Finally an update on me. I have been doing awsome. I still have very visable scars on the bottom of my breasts but the ones running around my nipples and down to the bottom of my beasts are fadding. I still have not used any scar creams but I am thinking I will. In fact it is on my grocerie list. I am just so affraid the scar cream will streach out my scars. I have herd of this happening. My breast are full , perky and better than they truely have ever been. I have so much more confadince now. I went from a size 2x top to a XL. and . I still need to loose belly fat but other than that I feel and look great. I get complamented all the time by my close family and friends and other than that even though I have lost 4 pounds of boob people I havent seen in a while don't seem to notice.... or they are to polight to mention it. I ran around the gym... yes I sad RAN.... around the gym with my daughter age 8 last week and it was comfortable and even FUN..... I can't believe how my life is changing....... I will update with pics soon. Oh ya and I am a tad 4 months post op.

So far I am very pleased with my outcome. I know...

So far I am very pleased with my outcome. I know lately my breasts have REALLY softened up and the swelling is completely gone. I think my breasts are finally at thier permenant shape and I can finally wear underwires however I never do. I still live in my Bali comfort bras. Now that I have these great new boobs and I can finally see all by cubb I am working on loosing some of it. In the past Breast reduction was always something I REALLY wanted but never thought I would be able to have done. I am so thankful that I did. I know there are wemon out there that are struggeling and trying to get approved for this procedure and my best advice is " Hang in there" this is SOOO worth it. Keep your goals and expectations simple and you will be as happy as I am. My new breasts are not 100% symetrical but they are 100% more comfortable and 10 thousand times easier to dress.And for the first time ever I actuslly own a $ 3.00 bra. Hang in there ladies. and good luck.

I for got to mention that I am still a C/ D cup...

I for got to mention that I am still a C/ D cup depending on my band size. :O)

2 years later and after my third pregnancy

Deffinantly worth it. It has been two years now. I have even had a baby since my reduction. Yes I breast feed but only 25% of my babies food is breast milk. I am happy with that. At least I can breastfeed. My breasts are a DD at the moment but I am 4 months postpartum and nursing so I am OK with their size. I still love my smaller breastsbreasts. Best thing I ever did.

photos 2 years and one be by later

Rodney K. Geter

I give Dr. Geter FIVE STARS !!!!!!!!!!.. Dr.Geter is a Fantastic PS. He took time to anwser every question my husband and I had about breast reduction. Dr. Geter was very realistic with possible outcomes and very informative with possible side affects. He even told us about the post-op emoyional side that goes with breast reduction. Dr. Geter was very warm and happy and professional. His staff is wonderful too. We arrived at the surgery center at 6am and every person we saw working there was wide eyed and happy to see us. Every one was working like a beautifuly directed orchestra. Just one happy helpful face after another. The surgery support staff did thier job in what seemed like minutes, yet at the same time they made us feel like they had all the time in the world for us. They were the nices crew I had ever met. I appreciated that even though it was a Friday everyone was really there and not dreaming about the weekend. I really recoment Dr. Geter and his staff. Dr.Geter is really a wonderful plastic surgen. I am now pain free with a better self image. Dr. Geter really had his work cut out with me. I wore a size "H' cup bra and he told me after surgery I would be a "D" and his words came true. I like that the most of all. He is extreamly reliable.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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