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Hello everybody, I am in my mid 30's and decided...

Hello everybody, I am in my mid 30's and decided to take the plunge and start my Invisalign treatment. I have a gap in my front teeth and an over-jet (pretty obvious from the pics, huh). I was never too unhappy about my teeth. I just decided to make some improvements. After reading many reviews from other RealSelfers, I'm ready for the Pro's and Cons. I work in sales and wanted to give you guys some feedback from my experience.

It started on February 10th with a consultation. My dentist advised me that I would make a good candidate. I also completed a cleaning and one filling. My next appointment was the following day. I completed one last filling and received my impressions.

The impressions were not a big deal. They put clay in the trays and took a couple moldings. It took a couple of attempts because of the size of my mouth. I guess it was medically confirmed, I have a big mouth! Any-who, the impressions are done and my Clincheck is scheduled for tomorrow.

I will keep you posted on my progress!

Clincheck Results

I went to view my Clincheck results yesterday. I have 23 trays and they should arrive in around two weeks.

Tray 1

The trays have arrived! I went in Monday to receive my trays. They placed a total of 11 attachments on my teeth. They had a difficult time with one attachment. I have a crown on one of my pre molars. The attachment would not remain adhered to my crown. I have a follow up appointment next Monday, to address the attachment and complete an assessment. Other than the attachment, everything went relatively smooth. The appointment lasted around an hour.

I practiced taking the trays in and out, before I left the office. The best way to describe the sensation is "pressure". The trays fit pretty well. I had to do a little modification to the bottom tray. There was a jagged edge on the bottom molar. It scrapped my tongue and was a little uncomfortable. I used a nail file to do a little adjusting. The trays fit perfectly now.

My speech has been affected. I have a slight lisp with certain words. I read aloud at night and practice in the car. Everyday gets better. You just have to find a method of enunciating that works.

My teeth are a little sensitive when I eat. The biggest change I have to get used to is, food! I pretty much signed up for a new diet with Invisalign. My snacking is pretty much over with. I guess losing a few pounds while the trays do their work isn't a terrible thing.

I have a bag that I keep all my hygiene stuff in (pic posted). The only thing not pictured is my Efferdent. I soak my trays every morning for 15 minutes. I had to develop somewhat of a new routine with Invisalign.

All in all, so far so good! The first few days are probably the most challenging. I'm looking forward to settling into my new routine and seeing some results!

Tray 2

One down and twenty-two to go! I saw a little progress from tray one. The gap is slightly smaller and the pain on tray two is definitely more noticeable. It took a few hours to kick in. I popped a couple OTC pills and I'm cool now. I will probably take the advice on changing my trays at night. The routine is real but, I'm getting use to it. My next appointment is on 4/28, for tray 4. My IPR is scheduled right before tray 5.

Tray 3

I moved to Tray 3 on Sunday night. This was definitely good advice! There was no pain at all. I haven't had to file any trays, since tray 1. My speech has pretty much returned to normal. I'm using Crest 3D White Luxe, it seems to help with the sensitivity. I'm using the same cleaning method with Efferdent and soap.

My bite feels a little off. I'm hoping this normal.

Tray 17

My apologies for skipping a few trays. My experience has been pretty smooth so far. My cleaning routine has stayed the same. I must admit that my thoroughness has slacked from time to time. I have had a total of three IPRs and there is really nothing to them.

I still keep my tray holder with me at most times, it's the easiest way to keep up with them. I definitely do not have any regrets and would recommend Invisalign to anyone.

The trays have become more and more natural. It maybe kinda weird when its time to let these things go. Sounds crazy...I know.
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