I-Lipo - Too Fat but Doing It Anyway! Pure Elegance, Springboro OH

Hi everyone! I've been fighting my weight since I...

Hi everyone! I've been fighting my weight since I was 14, and I've managed to lose and gain and lose and gain. I'm stuck right now at 250 lbs. I'm really not a good candidate for I-Lipo, but there was a groupon for Pure Elegance Day Spa in Dayton, so I wanted to give it a shot. I'm hoping it will keep me motivated since I dumped some money into it, and it's a really inconvenient drive these next 4 weeks. Ugh.

My first session was pretty simple. I had it today and didn't take pre-pictures, but I'll be doing 7 more treatments over the course of 4 weeks. You're supposed to see a 10% reduction in circumference, which for me would be about 13 inches total.

I am having my stomach treated. My current measurements after the first treatment are:
40" under bust
41" waist
53" hips. (including that cute little apron thang I got going on)

I'm not sure, but from what I've read, they don't really seem to do the treatment correctly here. You're supposed to be able to exercise immediately after at the facility, or get an infrared sauna, or some kind of massage. You just lay on the table with the paddles, then leave. The tech was really nice though so I'm ok with that, but it may mean my results aren't typical. About 2 hours after my first treatment today, I worked out with some good cardio and strength training for about 45 minutes, drank about 2Ls of fluid, and didn't really see any change. We'll see what happens after the second procedure!


The owner texted me telling me there was training all this week and I'd need to reschedule my appointments. She did offer to throw in a free service for the inconvenience, but not sure what it covers. Will update next week!

Body knows it's crunch time - Starting over + Microcurrent therapy adjunct??

I've been stuffing my face because I think it's nearing that time of the month, ha! Starting treatments back up tomorrow. There was a huge snafu at Pure Elegance where the owner had some personal issues, and then her staff members stole from her and then walked out. So apparently I'm also getting microcurrent therapy this time around as a free service to help improve my results! I'm really excited, and I really feel terrible for the owner, but I can't help what happened I guess. I'll be paying for the upgraded service still for my last 4 treatments. My current measurements are as follows:
Underbust - "39
Waist - "38
Hips-tire-apron-wigglyparts- 53"

I lost an inch or so from underbra and middle. I wonder if it was from the i-lipo or from something else? Fascinating. Will post again after my treatment tomorrow. Thanks for your support!

Appointment Cancelled again

Starting to feel like something is up here. I think I'm going to ask for a refund. The owner of Pure Elegance has been going through some personal crisis, but I can't figure out if she's only cancelling Groupon customers. If anyone has been here and has any insight I'd appreciate it. I've been cancelled on 3 times now, and I already have to drive 45 minutes to the clinic so this is exhausting lol.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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