I'm at the Very Beginning of my Tummy Tuck Journey - Spring Hill, FL

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I'm at the very beginning of my tummy tuck journey...

I'm at the very beginning of my tummy tuck journey. I have dreamed of getting a TT for so long ,over 15 years. Now is the time for "ME". I was searching the Internet for something else and this site popped up. That was 3 days ago and I've been on here nonstop. I am so happy I found you all. Your stories have given me the courage to turn a dream into reality. I feel so connected to you all . When you are looking in your bathroom mirror at your belly you feel like you are the only one with this unwanted Burden. It is exhausting , the energy you put into hiding this thing. You have written the things I have thought for so long. Hiding it from you husband , never letting him touch your belly . not swimming or even putting a bathing suit on cause someone might see "it". I want to be done with it.

So What questions should I be asking the PS I meet? Is there anything you didn't ask that you wished you did?

I can't believe it's been two years

I can't believe its been 2 years since my last post. Life has been so crazy.

Even though it's been 2 years I've been busy, never loosing site of my goal.
1st - I needed to save some $.

2nd - I needed to loose the weight.
I worked really hard and saved,    Hope I have enough.
The weight loss wasn't easy either 60 lbs so far. I feel so much better with all that weight gone.  However with weight loss comes all that loose skin.... Oh so attractive.
I'm happy I lost the weight but now I'm dealing with even move skin issues. When I first posted 2 years ago I only wanted a tummy tuck but since the weight loss , I think a mommy makeover would better suit me. I was a 38D and now. I'm 34-36B they really deflated.  I'm not looking for any over sized breasts. Just a little fill up so they don't look 1/2 empty.

My husband says he doesn't want me to get "fake boobs".
I don't consider them "fake".
I'll listen to his point of view but ultimately it's my body and my money.
Any body eles have to deal with a husband not to happy about the whole thing? Did they come around?

I'm hoping to be free to get this surgery within 6 months .
I have a very demanding job and have to work quite a bit. While I wait  I'm getting as much ready as possible. Maybe save some more$

I have 3 PS to consult . ASAP
I'm looking in the Tampa and Orlando area (any suggestions ?)

I have my consult question list ready. Which I'll post later.

I'm working on a supply list of things I'll need after the surgery. I'm sure the PS will give me a list  as well. All the great ideas and suggestions from all you ladies who have gone through this journey before me Is priceless. It will help make things run smoothly. I will also post this list
Soon. Will be taking before pics soon.

she said "Only Movie stars do that not normal people."

Even though I'm a grown woman I have to admit that I was afraid to tell my mom that I'm planning to get some surgery done. As I expected she also wasn't too happy. I can't get a break. She's afraid I'll die during the surgery. Then she said Only Movie stars do that not normal people. Hahahaha. She's 86 years old. I showed her the "real self" site and how we are all able to see these surgeons work .Talk to other patients. Really research before getting anything done.

Found this @ Target

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