Ultrasonic Cavitation - Laser/heat Fat Melting - Spring Hill, FL

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I ordered an Ultrasonic Cavitation package through...

I ordered an Ultrasonic Cavitation package through groupon (9 sessions for $109). The regular price is $350 a session I think. I was skeptical at first because I read so many mixed reviews after I purchased the groupon. I did some research prior to purchasing and thought "that's worth a try." I have a medium frame: 5'7", 146 lbs. Not a whole lot to lose, but enough where I would like my hips to be a little smaller (I poted for flank treatment area). I went in for my first session on Friday. It was surprising. I didnt measure myself after because I forgot and was in shock from the stupid microdermabrasion I agreed to do, but that's another story (ps DONT DO IT). Here's how it went. They used a little machine that surprisingly had a kick to it. It offered a small shock (not painful-just surprising) and some heat. The most bizarre part of the whole session was the noise. I read about a hundred reviews and none of them mentioned the noise associated with the ultrasonic cavitation. If you do not hear a noise when you have this done... the people doing it might be stealing your money. It was weird. A very loud, inside my head, machinery sounding, high pitched frequency type of noise. No one else could hear it but me, and the lady doing the procedure was kind enough to warn me first. Im happy she did because it was a little shocking. Overall the procedure was good... Comfortable, not painful at all, and I feel like it DID do something... What it did I have no idea. I dont weigh less... My clothes feel about the same... I am not sure if I look different. But it was the first of 9 sessions, so we will see.

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