Calf and Ankle Liposuction - Spokane, WA

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I have struggled with my weight since I was a...

I have struggled with my weight since I was a young teenager. As an adult, I have worked to lose weight and have managed to stay where I'm at for years now (about 10 pounds overweight still). However it was so disappointing to work so hard to lose 40-50 pounds and still be plagued by abnormally large, deformed looking calves/ankles. I was told by many doctors that I just had abnormally displaced fat cells. For the past 10 years I have lived in floor length pants, skirts, dresses and an inability to wear boots or anything that would reveal my ankles (skirts, dresses, shorts, capris, swimsuits) which has inhibited me from SO many things. Especially considering I lived in AZ for about 7 of those years where it is scorching hot in summer. It was really rough. Finally, I decided to have liposuction. I'm almost 6 weeks out and results have been quite dramatic. I'm well aware I have a long time before results are final, but there has been a huge improvement at this point which is encouraging. That being said, recovery has been HARD. The first week was pretty miserable in all aspects. Pain, swelling, bruising etc. Thank goodness I had tons of help from loved ones. I had to slit my compression stockings at the top because they were cutting off my circulation and had to have help removing and putting them on for the first week which was an incredibly painful process. I wore them 24 hours a day for about the first 4 weeks and then started wearing them just during the day and elevating my legs will I'll sleep. At this point in my recovery I still am quite swollen, especially by the end of the day or if I don't keep my compression stockings on. I'm also still tender to the touch and my legs feel a bit tingly. I also have very hard and lumpy spots. I know I'm headed in the right direction though and sure hope by next summer I will be showing off my new ankles. I posted because there isn't a lot of people who have had this procedure done or shared their experience. Hope I could help and feel free to ask questions.
Coeur d'Alene General Surgeon

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