41 Years Young 4 Kids 5'3" 135 Lbs and Totally Ready for my Dream to Come True! Spokane, WA

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I was not so blessed with perky boobs they have...

I was not so blessed with perky boobs they have always been narrow and have had flat nipples until i breast fed three out of my four children. Have been wanting to do this since i had my last child 15 years ago. I have sacrificed so much throughout the years for my children which i absolutely do not regret they are so worth it but now its finally time to reward myself for all my hard work. My boobs have always been naturally big until recently when i lost 50 lbs i have gained a little back which i needed as i looked anorexic but im tired of having to gain weight just to get my boobs back. I am getting silicone and not sure yet what size but will update when i go in for my preop appointment. Any suggestions or helpful tips are welcome. Havent scheduled the preop as waiting in finances but should be in the next week or two.

Boobie idols

These are some pics of what i would like mine to look like

Finances secured

So excited cuz the money for my boobs just came in i already have a consult for 5/3 will let you know more after that date did i say i was excited!!!! Lol

Scheduled my surgery

So after extensive research and thought i have decided to go with dr lundeby love him and his staff i put my deposit down today scheduled my preop for 5/16 and surgery for 6/6 so excited will post more and will add more boob idols

Preop appointment

I had my preop appointment and have decided to go with 500cc high profile with a lift im very excited cant wait for the big day. Will attach photos of me in the surgical bra with the implants.

2 weeks to go so excited!!!!!

So time is starting to go by faster Than i thought it would did go get my labs done today and got all my meds filled. My blood pressure was slightly elevated so went into see my dr he said it was fine 131/84 still within normal limits. Just hoping that since i could only go to 500 cc because i want my implant done the same time as my lift that i dont regret not doing two surgeries and going bigger.

4 days to go

Just wanted to give an update. Monday is the day 4 days to go and im so excited but also nervous. I have got my labs back which were almost perfect my iron was a little low but more than likely it was due to me being on my period but started taking an iron supplement as requested. I have picked up all my prescriptions kinda unhappy that he prescribed tramadol instead of hydrocodone only because they work better for me and since i am having a lift heard the pain is unreal. I dont want to say anything because then i feel like a drug addict but i dont do well with pain. If anyone reads this can u offer some advice? Maybe im just being over worried and maybe it wont hurt as bad as i think. I cannot believe this dream of mine is actually coming true i will post some pics the day of surgery and here are some wish pics that hopefully i look similar to when they have finally dropped.

Before pics

Just wanted to add some before pics before the big day

Today is the big day!!!

So im awake barely getting ready to leave for surgery. Check in time is at 6:15 surgery is at 7:15/7:30? Also last night of all things our power goes out and we are trying to incubate some chickens which are due to hatch thursday so we had to take them to my mother in laws luckily our power came back on at 2 am hopefully none of the food i just bought went bad. I will post pics after surgery but i will leave my final before pics here

Before pics

The big day, part 2

Went into at 615am and woke up around 10am hungry thirsty amd ready to go. Home. My sweet swwet husband bought me a coffee and hamburger and friends which I drank all my cooffee and ate some of my burger and fried. Will post more when so groggy

More pics after surhrry

Post. Op. Exam

So went to. See the dr for my. Post op appointment and he said everything looked great. And showed me how to massage my breasts three times daily in which my bbfs dr never told her she needed to do any massaging which she will get capsular contracture but thats between her and her dr

Day 4

So i am wondering if anyone has experienced any sharp pains in their armpits and if they felt like their implant was in their armpit??

Two weeks post op

So I am two weeks post op today and feeling really good. The only thing i have to complain about is the severe itching in my armpits which is still numb so I am taking that as a sign of healing. I did chose to take my bra off today just to see what it would feel like to wear a shirt with no bra and not have them touch my ribs lol Of course I only did this in the privacy of my own home. My bruising is going away but now im noticing stretch marks appear not sure why they are just appearing now except that I am dropping.

3 months post surgery

Just thought i would post some pics 3 months out again i got 500cc in each side and a lift went from 34d to a 36ddd/34g. Loving them
Coeur d'Alene General Surgeon

I have met him about 6 months ago and he is amazing. He is patient and has a great bedside manner which is important to me. The staff at shape cosmetic surgery and med spa are very kind and welcoming. I am very excited and feel completely secure with dr. Lundeby doing the surgery.

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