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Just starting my review and saying hello!! I have...

Just starting my review and saying hello!! I have my surgery date set and my final consultation this Friday--eek!! I have sooo many wish pics (some from here--thanks Ladies!) but I'm sure doc will know what to do!

As of now I'm thinking 385cc silicone unders, mod+....I also keep hearing a lot about this center incision...so curious about that!!

I am currently about a 34B (deflated from two years of breastfeeding) and pregnancy! Can not wait to have a full chest--dreams to come true!!

Final Consult, check!!

So I met with doc today for final payment, post op care, and final sizing selection--whoop whoop!!! For such a long time I thought 400cc was just way too big but to be honest all the wish pics I LOVE, are right around there (some even more!!) I also thought high profile would be wasay too much (hate that bolted on look) but--we're going with 400cc mentor silicon HP, Submuscular, with a Benelli lift on right side (thank you pregnant and breastfeeding!) My husband who was weary about going too big (bit of a shocker haha) absolutely fell in love with the size and shape. Seeing him excited made it all soo real!! Paying for everything in full added to the reality as well haha better be the best 8k of my life!! :):)

Dr. stiller was absolutely amazing. Addressed EVERYTHING, took his time, gave advice where merited....I had some expected reservations but they right flew out the window as did my Hubby's. Ahhh!! Ten days till surgery--YAAAAY!!

Pre Op Tatas

You know when doc first told me I needed a loft on one side I truly didn't believe him. I knew I had slight asymmetry and ptosis but it wasn't till I took my RS photos that I said "hold shhhhhh! Yep, lift please!"

So here they are. I have just gotten so used to them I think that I really lost sight of how uneven they are. Now the surgery has become so much more for me...ah, tears! I just can't wait to look down and see the same sexy woman I feel like on the inside...ELEVEN DAYSSSSSS!!

Four more days till BOOBS!!

So nothing really new here...just getti SOOOO excited!! You ladies weren't kidding when you said the time draaaaaaaaags by, especially this last week!! Erg!! But...I have been busting myself with last minute post op buys and getting the house clean/recovery ready! I work Monday and Wednesday so I'm praying that goes by fast!

Something left to buy..:.
-Arnicare arnica Montana gel
-tape & gauze
-a couple cheap front Zip bras (already ordered my brilliant contours!!)
-Jenny Edens Boobie butter
-recovery foods
-bendy straws
-Hot pad!

I am the queen of recovery prep so please ask away!! (You should have seen my labor & delivery hospital bag!!)

Any one have any non negotiable a with post op recovery finds?? I'd love to know!! Oh and I've included some pics of post of boobies in bras...can't wait to have the compare photos!!! Eeeek!! How in the heck did you guys get passed the waiting jitters!!??

Post Op Shopping List

I know for a lot of us, it's very important to make sure that our homes are ready for us and our hurting aching bodies! Free a ton of research and asking around I have finally completed all my recovery prep shopping! Here's some photos of my fave items and I'll I close a list as well!

•ice packs (multiple)
•neck pillow (don't go cheap on this!)
•reading or wedge pillow
•arnica/bromelein supplements
•gauze, tape, vet tape
•brilliant contours bra
•cheap front zip bras (2-3)
•Jenny Edens Boobie Butter
•unisom/sleep aid
•stool softener/ gut help (biocleanse is the best!!...feel free to ask!)
•bendy straws
•comfy outfit(s)
•magazines, movies, books
•arnica gel
•heating pad

I would also suggest (if you're anything like me) cleaning your house once over, washing your cheats, and loading your fridge with some yummy/simple recovery foods! Papaya and pineapple have healing properties...I've also included a couple recipes! Feel free to ask about anything on my list, loves!! (60 hours till surgery!!!!!!ahhh!!)

So confused!!!

Ok I KNOW I'm being picky and silly and ridiculous (and that every other girl probably goes through this) BUT...my surgery is literally in 17 hours (who's counting?;) and I can't decide on size!!

I was so sure on 350-375 MP but fell in love with the 400cc HPs at my last consult (which is what I'm locked in for at the moment!) but now I am seeing ALOT women with 450 that I can't stop looking at!! Also, I want to function as an athletic adult, I want to have another baby, and I DONT want to be oversized. I already have back issues and have seen first hand what an weighted chest can do & feel like (my poor mama!)

HELP!! I know boob greed is a real thing and 9 out of 10 women wish they had got a little bit bigger (at least). That being said I can't decide! Any insight would be so appreciated, thanks ladies! XO

I did it!!

I'm not sure how long I'm going to be able to make this but I definitely wanted to check in with everyone, especially you ladies that I've been so so supportive these last couple weeks! Went in for surgery at about 830, ran into a lot of issues trying to run my IV… I seriously look like a human pin cushion! I actually had to use an ultrasound machine to find a vein…ow!

Finally got the meds, and next thing I know they're waking me up. Ok so please remember when I say this---I'm on a prescription that blocks pain meds so the drugs didn't/haven't done much for me...for those of you that haven't done it its...yes, IT HURTS. But...pain meds should help a lot more than they helped me!!

I'll post a few pics but I'm going to sign off for now! Oh and big job is...NO nausea AND I had the appetite of an army man when i got out. I haven't stopped snacking...which is way better than the contrary. So I'll take it!! Hubby has been INCREDIBLE, couldn't ask for more. Can't wait to fill you all in On the deets ASAP, loves everyone!! I'll post first thing tomorrow!

Ps, went with the 400/425!! And doc said they were perfection!!

Day 1 Post Op!

So I've made it to day 1 post op!! A few thoughts...OUCH! Lol as I said in my previous post, i am on a medication that only allows me to feel a small small percentage of my pain meds sooo that's been pretty crappy BUT my amazing surgical team called to check in on me today and got me some stronger/ better stuff. I have my sore times thought out the day, but it's manageable now!

HARDEST most awful part of my day today was when my daughter came home from grandmas house. She's two and a total mama's girl so when I couldn't hold her she got more upset than j have ever seen her. She cried, I bawled. I finally just grit through the pain and held her...and let me tell you it was the best damn feeling ever!! I'm sure you mommies out there get it!! :(

Here are some recent photos...I have a few from the actual procedure room but I need to edit out some personals (tattoos and all that;) of course I'm looking at them thinking they're too small BUT I have to keep reminding myself they're going to change and drop and fluff and just to patient! I hope they get bigger!! Ok ladies, lots of lovins to you all, congrats to all of today's surgeries...thinking about you all!!

One week PO

Hey everyone!! So I've finally made it through sweet week one, and I'm feeling pretty good! My boobs are still very high and tight SO that being said I won't complain about size (yet;) I think they're going to end up beautiful but right now I'm wishing I had gone about 500cc rather than 400/425...

Sooo many women on this group and another (Jenny's Bust Mob) have assured me that they're going to drop and grow in size beyond what I can imagine so be PATIENT (that word and I do not get along!)...but I'm trying!

The pain is controlled with meds just make sure you stay on top of them!! Even if you feel great, don't push yourself too hard and don't skip your meds completely...wean down! I've started breast massage (such a misleading awful name for what it actually is...they should call it breast beatings or breast strangling...not massage) It's no fun but I have to admit I can feel the difference already in softness and mobility and it's only day 2. So don't skip your breast beating either!!:)

Well I hope everyone is doing fabulous...been thinking of you all!! I'd love to hear from you! XO


Hello my boobilicious ladies!! (Or soon to be;) how have you been? I'm sorry it's been a while...this recuperating business is serious work!! So much has happened...

So the pain meds made me a little crazy. I have a weird reaction to narcotics...they mess with me mentally. I can't sleep, I get super moody, and they don't barely help me with pain as my receptors don't respond the way a normal persons would. I kept taking stronger pills to try and get a better effect; but finally decided to just stop everything about a week ago. And it was the BEST choice ever!! I feel so much better physically, emotionally...I am a better mommy and can just really enjoy this process now. Ibuprofen has been plenty for me:)

I can finally play with my daughter again (YAAAAY!) She still gets me with an elbow or an excited foot here and there but I have to say it's worth it! I missed my little snuggle bug TOO much!!

I am soooo excited to see what this "drop and fluff" business does for my new tatas. I am so happy with the change as is but after seeing so many transformations take weeks or even months for some, I'm anxious to see what's ahead! Bra shopping, bikinis, working out, lingerie, my honeymoon....sex....!! So many exciting things!! I'll check back in soon, hopefully I'll have some more dropping to share with you;);)

Oh! And I still haven't seen my incisions....steristrips are holding tough!! Doc says just let them fall off so...trying not to be impatient there either...tic toc tic toc tic....

Just about 4WPO

Here are some updates photos!! Incisions looking great, girls are dropping (fluff please!!), and feels so good to finally not feeling the anesthesia or narc crappiness. Uhg. No thanks!!! Doc is talking about maybe going in to loosen some more of the muscle on my left IF the little line doesn't correct itself. Fingers crossed!!


Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been on in a while but here's a quick update! Scars are healing wonderfully, I honestly couldn't be happier with them! My right breast, your left, is healing perfectly and dropping & fluffing!! My left side however is a little bit more complicated… I noticed an odd indent on the inner side of my left breast when I flex my chest muscles and then later was told by my doctor that this was caused by muscular contracture. He also said that a simple surgery could fix it just by going in and releasing the bottom of the muscle that was causing the "shelf" he also said that after releasing the muscle in my left side would drop and fluff the same way my right side has. Still a lot of healing left to do but very excited to see some progress! Hope everyone is healing, feel free to ask any questions!

Oh! I also developed some Mondors cords under my left breast a few weeks ago but was told there wasn't much I could do about it. After massage and heat application for a few weeks leaf seem to disappear on their own. YAY!
Dr Geoffrey Stiller

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