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Well, I'm ready to leave the IBTC, and graduate to...

Well, I'm ready to leave the IBTC, and graduate to womanhood. I've had small breasts my entire life- and after realizing that I love the gym, I've become even smaller. I would like a full D cup, and so I've chosen to go with 550cc's...I just realized I don't need to justify my choice for larger breasts to you all! What a concept!

2 weeks out

Blood work today, prescriptions picked up. Let's go!!!

Boob Goals

Wish boobs!

8 days pre-op

Just got my confirmation of what time to be at the clinic on the 3rd...I'm guessing that means my blood work came back and I'm not fighting off any illnesses! Yay for being healthy!
And now, after reading through tons of profiles tonight (and reading about a botched BBL, poor girl)????, it seems like every profile where the girls are nervous about having gone too big pre-op have said they're happy with their Post op results. I am also in the OMG what did I do pre-op phase and worried im going too big...but- I did try on the sizers, and I did like the cc's...I just wish I was 7 days post op already! (Or 1 day post op...high as a kite and pain free)! LOL


One week out and I'm not sleeping anymore because I'm so excited and nervous!!!
(Oh, and I never thought I'd be the one awake at 10pm googling pictures of boobies!!!) haha!

4 more wake-ups...

Shopped for my post surgery items today- gauze pads, ice pack, scar cream, vitamin E oil, Benadryl and alcohol wipes. I'll have a notepad and pens by my bed, and some chap stick. So...yeah, let's get this show on the road!!!

To lift or nah?!

I'm one day out and wanted to kill it at the gym tomorrow...is it a horrible idea to do some serious chest exercises??? I know I'll be really sore from the workout- and the implants the next morning...but I'll be on pain killers- what do you think??? Good idea? Bad idea?


I've posted my "befores." Can't wait to post the "afters!"

Recovery Day 1

Wow, so much pressure! I've got 550cc UHP. Not too much to say right now, just so sleepy!

So so itchy!!!

Of course it's itchy, I've got big'ol bags of silicone under my skin...but It never even crossed my mind that it would be, and now I am contemplating some anti itch cream, but I'd be limited to a tiny bit of cleavage to rub it on!! LOL
Confession time: the first thing I did once my husband left and I laid down on the operating table...I started crying. It was all hitting me at once what I was about to go through...but God bless the staff. They were absolutely amazing and held my hand and talked to me until I fell asleep. They said almost everyone cries though, so I shouldn't be embarrassed. And I wasn't, they were just amazing.
I woke up in the recovery room...and that was relatively confusing because I don't recall them moving me.
And last but not least- I've had two strange boob ickies...I had a muscle start twitching, and I could feel the implant move! And then I went to reach for water and felt almost a buzz...i think it was the top of the implant squishing around. I had my hubs feel my boob when it was twitching, I told him it was a boob baby. Haha...on that note my drugs may be making me loopy. ????
Anyone else turn into a crybaby on the operating table??

Second day!

I was told I could shower, so I took off my bandages...I don't have a drain tube though--?? I thought the drain tube was fairly common? So far the pain really has been minimal, I've just been taking ibuprofen . My boobs look a little strange, (especially with all the sharpee drawings) but I think once they fluff they'll be perfect.

72 hours!

I finally felt comfortable enough to shower! I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't holding them the entire time though- I felt like they were going to fall out. (>_


I believe this is day 5...maybe 6 and I finally feel somewhat normal! I woke up on my side, and was almost terrified to move, thinking that I had done something wrong to my breasts...nope. They didn't hurt even in the slightest. Which is also awesome because today was my first day back to work. I was able to put on a shirt, pants and shoes without any pain. I still took some Motrin just in case, but I honestly think I could've gone without. Today is my follow up and I'm anxious to start my massages and (hopefully) get this irritating strap removed!

Day 5, again

Had my follow-up appointment this afternoon. He said I looked great and I'm healing very well. it may take a while longer for the swelling to go down, but all-in-all he seemed happy with his work, and I'd have to agree. He did awesome.
I'm also thrilled that I no longer have to wear that damn band around my chest. That thing was awful!!!
Started the 3 times daily boob squishing exercises...I loath doing them. It feels disgusting and it's so tight and swollen and uncomfortable. Butttt...it's better than getting CC, definitely.

One week

Hi girls.
Truth time...Just about every time I sit down, I'll try to get a deep breath in, and won't be able to. This has happened every day since I had the procedure done, it's a terrifying experience...I hope I am alone with this because I wouldn't wish that feeling on anyone. Today is the first day it hasn't caused me to have a (almost to the point of passing out) panic attack. I can't describe it any other way than what I would expect an asthma attack to feel like... I know it's because of the tightness, the added weight, and because I went under muscle...it has still been absolutely terrifying- and I'm so happy that it's stopped. Just wanted to put that out there in case any other girls are feeling that- just know it will go away, and you'll start feeling normal again soon!!!
Other than that- a new pain has begun...it's a stabbing feeling in my nipple, I think it's because I'm getting feeling back- but if that's the case, I don't want it! Lol. Anyways, here's a day 7 picture. ????

Update from September 12-

I can tell one breast is settling faster than the other, but whatever. It's not too obvious, and I know it's part of the healing.


Pain is almost gone, breathing is normal. I can't figure out how to shave my armpits though- because of the way my muscle is pulling at the front...I lift my arm and with that muscle and side boob...yeah. I'm becoming French. I still get random shooting pain throughout both about 5-10 times a day, but I'm still only taking one 600 mg ibuprofen.

I've lost count!

It's been about 2 1/2 weeks, they still haven't dropped, and my skin is still really tight. Is anyone else this far into healing and still feeling like its only been 2 days??? The pain was always minimal really...(looking back I say that haha) so I'm still good there, but I don't see much change in their appearance??? I did have my second follow up today, he is still very pleased with my healing, although I did have a suture migrating out of my skin that he noticed and pulled/cut off. I get nauseous really easily since the surgery and that almost sent me full pukey. And last but not least my tape or glue, whatever it was is finally gone! I thought about using my Scargaurd that I bought, but was wondering if any of you are using a scar cream, if it looks like it's working? I'm apprehensive because I didnt ask if I should or could start using it...

Still waiting

One month post...still tender...still haven't dropped...but I have boobies- so I'm really not complaining!


It has been so long since I've updated my profile! I'm sorry! Changes are pretty slow, although I'm sure they'll appear drastic between this photo and my last posting! They are finally releasing a little, but I'm still unable to do most of my upper body workouts. It's torturous. I'm hoping by the 6th month I'll be able to return to normal. Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

3 months!

Just another progress pic. They are definitely settling, although I know it will still be a while before they're completely healed.

Working out

So, I used to be an avid gym rat- 3-4 times a week and dripping sweat from lifting, mixed with cardio. I maintained my running after the surgery- (double up on sports bras and you won't even notice them) but I have only gone to the gym twice now to begin lifting again, and I CANNOT do ANY push ups!!! I used to be able to do diamond push ups balanced on a medicine ball in sets of 10- and now I can't even do a single push up!!! I feel so weak and pathetic. It's so disheartening. And as much as I love my new chest, I can't help but feel I've allowed myself to get lazy and use the excuse of "new boobs" to keep me away from exercising, and it sucks. It is killing me inside knowing what I gave up for a bigger chest. My husband tries to remind me that it will take time to get back into it- But hearing that kills me knowing how many years it took me to get where I was- and it's just gone.

Quick pics

Just a few pics at my 4 month mark!

Month 5 post op!

Back to my old self, muscles and push ups and all! Any questions, just ask! :)

1 year!

Still amazing, definitely worth it and would ABSOLUTELY recommend Dr Lundeby!

Dr Lundeby is amazing! His bedside manner is great- and he is very knowledgeable.

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