31 Years, 109lbs , 4'11", 34A, 375/400cc 2 Kids - Spokane, WA

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Well, surgery booked. Originally I was going with...

Well, surgery booked. Originally I was going with 350/375 cc but doc said if I wanted a full mid c I could go a little bigger. So to be safe went with that. Hope it's not too big, but I was worried 350/375 would not give me enough. Keep in mind I have little or no breast. Also lots of skin from my 55lbs weight loss in 2011 and two kids.

Preop Sizers

Nervous because I'm seeing ladies say that 400cc is big but on others it's smaller. I'm short and petitish but my doctor said these are ok if my goal is a good mid "c". Trusting my doc, he's board certified but of course we all worry somewhat about size right?


Kourtney Kardashian is only 5'0" and she's my boobie role model!

Oh this is hard...

Ok ladies this was hard. Here are my breasts. And God they are horrible to look at. But I'm debating on two sizes. Would love any help. I'm 4'11 107lbs and 34a/aa


Well I've decided to go with a smaller option. 350/375 instead of the 375/400. Everyone says it's only a small amount but it felt like a big difference when trying in rice Sizers. Perhaps because I'm smaller and more petite. Went with what felt right and of it's too small I'm ok with that. I told my husband if be horrified if they were too huge. Too small well, I can live with that. Besides anything is an improvement from me now! I saw my surgeon yesterday and he was very supportive. So now only a few days left! Countdown begins! ......

Preparing for the big day.

Getting excited and nervous. Making a little list of items to bring with me to he hospital so I don't forget. Chapstick, warm socks. My surgery outfit, meds, wallet, what else? Any suggestions? Also weird question but do u go in naked? I'm on my last days of "flow" and didn't think to ask.... The weirdest stuff is popping into my head.....

Night Before

Got my surgery time and getting all my things ready to go before tomorrow am. I'm actually tired and hopefully I'll get some rest. Put the kids down and ready to get in the shower and wash! Time passed so slowly and now the hours are flying by!

Surgery Done

Pain was not terrible, but hospital was so cold my back and neck hurt from tenseness. Surgery staff was amazing, doctor was amazing. Home and resting will update soon!

Progressing along

Morning sitting up proves to be the most difficult part. Once I'm up they settle and are not as painful. Squarish in shape but I know they'll drop and fluff some.

Drains out and band on

Today was my follow up appointment and doc pulled drains on-- ouch!Got a chance to see them with out bra and really excited! Band held a lot with pain by keeping them in one spot especially when I get up from laying down. Arm movement is better everyday and looking pretty good!

Things are looking great!

Super excited about my progress! Implants are moving downward and looking more natural everyday. I'm in love. Pain is all but gone with mornings being the most painful. Doctor removed steri-strips and is letting me know shape and firmness will get better. Is it wrong to say that I don't even care I'm in love already?!

Went and played Dressup!

Totally didn't buy anything I swear! But had to take a photo and send to the hubby. :) I have never felt more confident or more beautiful in my body. It has changed they way I feel, my confidence, and I am beyond excited to get dressed. I texted a long time friend who's always had great breasts and told her I now secretly hated her for always being able to know what this feels like! (Joking) she enjoyed that.
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